BTC, Bitcoin Cashout - safety checklist for noobs

DISABLE JAVA There's java zero day exploits being discovered all the time. One exploit still hasn't been fixed. You should do this permanently with your browser java is an exploit factory. IE you can't completely disable java so don't use it.
INSTALL NOSCRIPT ADDON or whatever shit script blockers Chrome/Safari use because Chrome is still lacking the required infrastructure for selective script disablement and object blocking so noscript isn't available, but inferior clones are. Whitelist only sites you need, like so it doesn't automatically load harmful scripts on untrusted sites.
GET AN ENCRYPTED PASSWORD SAFE Don't use any solution that 'encrypts in your browser' because it will need java and we disabled java remember?
MAKE NEW GMAIL ACCOUNT JUST FOR TRADING Make a random account name + password that can't be guessed.
Store them in your password safe so you don't forget them. Never reuse that password on any site. ENABLE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.
Note that 2factor ID sometimes doesn't work if your phone time is off. You get 30 seconds to type in the code, if off by 10 seconds derp run out of time. Set your time manually if the shitty telco time server is off
MAKE BTC-E ACCOUNT Use impossible to guess passwords from password generator + throw in your own random letters. Save in password safe. Do not pick a name anywhere close to being your email username.
ENABLE 2FACTOR ID Click Profile, then click 'Edit' - confirm your email. - enable "Withdraw only with request on E-Mail"
DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS IN THE TROLLBOX!!!! No matter how innocent the link looks don't click anything in the chatbox. Hackers are dropping links full of java zeroday, redirectors that look just like btc-e login page and phish for passwords, all sorts of bad. Trollbox is also prone to misinformation being that it is a trollbox. Avoid.
If you chat on there, expect every PM sent to you will be from a hacker trying to mine information or get you to click a link. Assume every link is an exploit attempt. Notice how it displays your name, if you picked same name as your email, they can go to work on both by trying to break into your gmail account. This is another way how people get their coins stolen. Hacker takes chat name and tries it on gmail/hotmail/yahoo. If they get in because you didn't set up 2 factor expect to be robbed of coins.
DO NOT ENABLE API Unless you know what you're doing, do not enable this. Liberty Reserve disabled their API by default because of so many drained accounts.
DISCLAIMER Of course, be aware the exchange is in Russia or possibly Bulgaria and if anything happens the owner could just disappear, but this is highly unlikely. Why would you walk away from a money machine. Remember bitfloor (US) lost all it's customers bitcoins once, CryptoXchange (Australia) stole from users and disappeared, Bitcoinica (China?) stole or lost all the coins, and bitcoin-24 (German) has just lost their bank account and owner MIA. All exchanges carry risk no matter what country they are in.
You can fund btc-e through cash deposit in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Australia with which are authorized exchange listed on the site. They sell btc-e vouchers and Okpay. So does for wires and other methods.
If you want a really secure platform (you fear your comp is probably already infected with hidden java zeroday botnet) then download any linux live distro and make bootable USB or burn to CD. I recommend Liberty Linux and just use the non private browser (disable java and javascript!), NOT the Tor browser you don't want to trust SSL over Tor and risk a malicious exit node capturing traffic and running sslstrip on it or feeding you a MITM attack with spoofed certs.
If you want to know why watch this, nothing has changed since this talk was given:
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pleas donate no scam!!!

It is heavy heart that i am write this post, as it is not something Iam would ever writings.
Earlier this month, a close friend to the bitcointraders community took own life after having battled with depression for a long time. By request of his families, i am (the people behind this post and initiative) are not making his name known at this stage, and for now – will simply call him “Mr. A”. he was the younger than I am, and still had so much to give. Most of you in this community knew him yes.
It hits close to home as I, others within my irc channel and others within this community have battled with the depression for a number of years, or have losing people to it, or have seen people losing what little bit sanity they have left as a result.
this is person was truly a wonderful friend to people. always life, always bouncy… iam never would have realized what he battled with. then again, people no understandings. iam never had enough time to talk to him, so iam always have to cut conversation short. I was suppose to win some bitcoin in a bet from him once, also he never pay so iam laugh considerably at the time.
i am and a number of other people (who will be making themselves known in this thread), are starting a fundraising initiative to raise money for mental health awareness and support. One charity in particular that stands out is mind ( ) – that absolutely amazing work. i am personally suggested Mind as they are charity that pulled me out of a very place that shady, and if wasn't them, i am would not be here today. i am and the others involved, will be reaching out to every contact made, and trying to raise awarenes of this campagn by any and all mean necesary.
i am going to make it easy for people to donate by any mean necesary. Card, bank transfer and even cash donations, webmoney, payza, okpay will be coming shortly.
we have no set target for this fundraisan, but we are want to smash through all previous limits; that’s one thing we are do know. i am have started by donating $20,000 to the bitcoin adres. i am intend to donate more, but will be using that to match other donations to encourage people.
every penny counts. Let us do what we can to prevent a reppeat of this tragedy. let's us do what we can to do change things.
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Informative post about Feathercoin

Seeing how this Subreddit is lacking any sort of info on Feathercoins and the lack of community support we have, I have decided to start a post that would inform newbies about Feathercoin and seasoned vets on the best places to trade.
It is a Crypto Currency that was started by Peter Bushnell. It is a clone of Litecoin (This coin was inspired by Bitcoin). The Feathercoin network generates coins at a decreasing rate. It will generate about 336 million coins which is 16 times more than that of Bitcoin and 4 times more than that of Litecoin. Currently about 25 million coins have been generated.
Network hashrates, Pools, Solo mining:
Currently a mid end system comprising of 7870 or 7970 will get you abot 400 to 700 kh/s. That means that in a given day you will be mining about 7 to 13 Feathercoins on current difficulty level. However If you mine alone that is solo mining, the probability of you finding a block is hard and it may take a while before you make a coin. To counter this people have started making pools to increase the chances of finding blocks. There are many pools that allow you to have multiple workers so you can setup multiple systems and mine at your leisure. Currently some of the popular pools are:
For a full list of mining pools:
It is highly recommended to join a pool to make mining profitable. Look at the pools posted above, look at their fee structure, their payout and make an informed decision on which pool to join.
Hardware and Mining:
Feathercoin utilizes scrypt based mining that is you can use your GPU (the Graphics card inside your system) to mine them. AMD Cards are highly recommended as they output higher hashrates as compared to Nvidia. To give you an idea of the difference a 7870 ghz edition mines at about 375 kh/s whereas a Nvidia 780ti would mine at about 224 to 300 kh/s. If you are seriously considering in investing in this venture it would be best to buy a rig that supports 6 GPU's and buy either the 7950 or the 280x as they have considerably higher hash rates and are affordable to say the least. Something one should be aware of is that mining produces a lot of heat as your system is basically running at full capacity and therefore needs a lot of cooling. People usually build rigs in the open (no case) and use household fans to cool them. Also another thing that is common is to use PCIe risers as they allow greater spacing between GPU cards and effectively help in dissipating heat. Mining uses a lot of electricity so it is best to use a schedule to mine or if electricity is cheap then 6 7950's running 24 hours a day would cost you about 12 to 18 dollars in electricity a month, maybe more depending on where you live. The software to use for mining are Cgminer (, guiminer scrypt ( and cudaminer for Nvidia cards. I would advise against Cpu mining as that is not profitable and will simply weigh you down. Invest 250 to 350 dollars in a good AMD GPU and you will be mining much more effectively.
There are many places where one can trade Feathercoins but only a few of them offer FTC/USD exchange. Btc-e ( Is one of the biggest cryptocoin trading exchanges, it does not offer USD exchange for Feathercoins as of yet but allows you to exchange for Bitcoins. Crypto-trade (, this trading exchange allows you to trade against the USD making it more favourable to miners however there is currently a lack of volume for FTC as of writing. Other exchanges like Cryptsy, Bter and coins-e are all good but they are heavily dependent on Bitcoins and Litecoins for now.
My thoughts
Feathercoin is fairly new and its gaining momentum, once big exchanges start listing it against the USD, the venture will become more profitable. For now it is advisable to mine as many as you can and sit on them till value improves or if you have a mining rig that is mining at 22000 kh/s (this will get you about 500 feathercoins a day) then mine the shit out of them and trade them for Btc for profit although I would recommend against this as it it reduces the value of feathercoin. Many exchanges allow you to deposit money via international wire transfers however the minimum is 2000 dollars so keep that in mind before investing real money into this venture. There are alternatives like paypal and okpay that are also accepted but not a lot of people have accounts on those so signup for a website that suits your situation.
One last ting we all need to do is spread awareness about Feathercoin, It is a miners coin and the difficulty right now makes it so much more interesting to mine. I will update this page with more information and will answer questions if any to the best of my knowledge. Happy mining
My FTC wallet deposit thingy address : 6v1VuL41xGuLG1Bd8usJsuUEkZyac8jKbe
EDIT : I realized some of you might have NVIDIA GPU's and are hesitant on getting AMD. Never fear for there is a solution. If you have a motherboard that supports two or more GPU's that is you have more than one PCIe slots than follow these instructions:
If you intend to game on your system while you are mining then put the NVIDIA card in PCI slot one and buy an AMD card and put it in slot 2. Now install the drivers in the order Nvidia first reboot and then Amd second reboot. You do not need to plug in HDMI to your AMD card just leave it as it is. Now download gpu miner scrypt and select from the list your AMD card and start mining, its that easy. At night if you want to squeeze in more kh/s then run cudaminer and let it mine alongside your AMD. The best part about this is that you can be mining 24/7 on your AMD card and you will not experience any system slow down while gaming or watching movies. Remember to have atleast two workers workers created so you can mine parallel. If you already have an NVIDIA card then just install your AMD card and install AMD drivers and reboot and run guiminer scrypt. At times you might run into the issue of guiminer not starting, just delete it and re install it and it should work fine in 98% of the cases. This is for those who do not want to invest in a completely new system and would rather use their existing system. You can use cgminer as well but remember the order in cgminer starts from 0 not 1 so if NVIDIA is in slot 1 then it is -d0 -g0 and AMD will be -d1 -g1
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the biggest money mistake i made in my life is sending money to my account
lured by the low commissions to fund my bitcoin trading account in
i sent usd2000 to on early nov. 2013
it is now 30 days and counting and they still have not credited my account of my money - they told me on Nov. 19, 2013 that they need to verify something with the bank, etc...
what this cost me is missing out on the explosive price move of bitcoin this month of nov. 2013 (i do not know yet if this will cost me a $2000 lost)
i already gave them a scanned copy of my wire transfer (on Nov.11) and this usually fixes things with wire transfer issues but no, i still do not have my $2000 after 22 days of sending out my wire transfer
i feel my money is now in limbo, i have repeatedly made support ticket emails and i am not getting answers to all of them, 0.5 out of ten tickets they will make a lousy answer that will not help me
i am being ignored , not even an acknowledgement or any kind of a human reply from most of my support tickets
if i make a new support ticket, okpay will delete/close that new support ticket and inform me by auto reply that i already have an existing support ticket for my issue (can you believe that!!!) - i know for sure the support ticket closure was made manually and the reply is a template reply
okpay ignores their paying customers - i am not used to this - being ignored at the same time being a paying customer, a customer who sent money to his account - this never happened to me
their phone number +44 20 8123 2193 will give you an auto reply that there is no one there if your lucky enough to get an answer
okpay is quick to answer inquiries from customers who have not yet sent money, once you send money, your at the bottom of their priorities, and you will be lucky if they answer some of your emails/support tickets
their address is a PO BOX number (i wish i saw this in advance), they are registered in the british cayman etc.. island
now i am at their mercy if they will give me my money to my okpay wallet or ignore me and pocket my money
i wonder if there is anyway to get back at this company and to get my money back
i did promise okpay i will spread the word of the worst customer service on earth that is in
so which other sites should i tell my story?
cnn and bbc should make a story about - the worst customer service in the planet
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