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Proposal for a marketing campaign which I think would be really cost efficient

First, sorry in advance for all the grammatical errors, English is not my native language. To give my silly username a bit of reputability, I have a masters in marketing and economics and 15+ years business experience.
I've read a few suggestions about the marketing approach on Reddit and here is my take.

"Making videos about NANO and showing its strengths"
I like it in general, but in the end that video will become an AD and ADs always have this fishy scent which users generally don't really like. NANO videos are a cool way to introduce new users to NANO, but I'm not sure if it's cost efficient enough. Myself, I always close ADs because I don't know if it's legit or scam. If I'm an average internet user who isn't into cryptos and I start watching that AD it would most likely sound like Venmo/Paypal to me (especially if this AD was played on the market that has a functioning economy), I don't think I would fully grasp the decentralization advantage of NANO and would end up closing the AD while we as advertisers would end up paying for nothing.

"Litecoin's approach"
Some say that we need Litecoin type of marketing (UFC octagon sticker + NFL clubs accepting Litecoin). While it would be cool to have any type of marketing, I don't think that this type of marketing is financially efficient and we have to be VERY financially efficient because we do not have a treasury fund and we have to rely on our donations which have already proven to be a problem for us. If you check Litecoin's daily confirmed transaction number you will notice that UFC campaign which was few months ago haven't done much if anything at all when it comes to daily transactions number: https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/litecoin-transactions.html
This type of marketing is expensive and it's not really building the usage of Litecoin since other types of payments work just fine in the USA. Think about going to UFC event and seeing that Litecoin sticker, it has just a subliminal impact (brand awareness building) on people seeing it, but none of those users or a very few will buy Litecoin because of that sticker and even less will use Litecoin in western market after buying it.
With NFL club accepting Litecoin, the same thing, no one or a very few people will buy Litecoin because now you can pay your NFL game ticket with Litecoin. Why making that additional step of buying LTC with fiat to spend it when you can just spend fiat using credit cards which work just fine?!

My suggestion is that we need to go after daily confirmed transactions numbereal usage of NANO/real world adoption which also means more BUYING PRESSURE on the free market, more demand. Here is how I think we will be the most efficient at it.

First of all I think we need to focus on remittances market in poor country, there is a real usecase for NANO, a real need compared to Litecoin campaign in USA which doesn't really boost usage because no one needs Litecoin at the moment (maybe if USD collapses it will be another story).

Lets use Venezuela for example. The situation there is so bad that people are starving to death. They've literally killed and ate zoo animals a long time ago and now many are eating rotten meat leftovers out of trash cans to survive (yes, it's that bad, check on the Youtube for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MGbyLUCw5k).

Average monthly salary is around 10$ while you need 100$ to survive the month. Many Venezuelans depend on their friends and family members outside of Venezuela who are sending them money to survive. From what I read, most money to Venezuela comes from Colombia and Spain (please correct me if I'm wrong) and since most of them cannot use banks the new remittances business model emerged in Venezuela. Users on social networks who have money and bank accounts in two (Venezuela + Colombia for example) or more countries have started their remittances business offering a remittances service for a FEE. Here is where NANO comes into play to skip this fee and to skip the need to meet with a stranger!
To read more about remittances market in Venezuela, here is the recent answer from Venezuelan itself https://www.reddit.com/btc/comments/cb7qw1/ama_destroying_myths_about_the_use_of/etdpvza/

As we already figured out, because of economic disaster life is cheap in Venezuela, with 100$ we can feed a person 1 month meaning that also you can get a cheap marketing

Let's target Venezuelans with big social media reach (hundreds of thousands of followers or even millions), make deals with them through NANO center and by using our Venezuelan trusted member and pay them out to do a 4 video campaign (as a package) which would include:
- video of them explaining basic stuff about NANO
- video of them explaining why remittances with NANO (no fee, no intermediary)
- video of them showing the whole remittances process (their friend or relative buying NANO with CC and influencers receiving that NANO within seconds to their phone wallet)
- video of them spending the NANO to buy groceries (I'm sure one of the shops accepting DASH/BTC which are mostly used in Venezuela today will be happy to accept NANO as well)

My guess is that with this approach, we would get many users who would contact their friends and relatives outside Venezuela and ask them to start using NANO for remittances simply because it makes sense and it's more efficient than any other way.


- As I've already mentioned above, when I see the AD I simply close it and I guess many of you do the same simply because I don't know if it's a scam or not. Influencers have followers who TRUST them which is really important.
Cost efficiency
- I think the ADs are no match to the potential reach we would be getting through influencers for the same amount of money which of course depends on the negotiated price we would be paying for the campaigns.


1) Reputable intermediary between the community and groundwork deal executor
- Ideally this campaign would go through NANO center which has the reputability to collect our donations.

2) Person from Venezuela
...who is willing to be our extended hand and make us a deal with the influencers. Once the donations are collected NANO center would connect with a NANO member in Venezuela who could then contact suitable influencers and setup the deal. Ideally we would already have a Venezuelan who is a member of NANO center, do we?!

3) Money
How much would this cost? Honestly I have no idea, we would have to ask to find out, but as the situation there is so bad I think the price would be really cost effective to us considering we would be getting REAL ADOPTION which is maybe the biggest NANO's problem at the moment. There is quite a lot of work required from an influencer to do, from recording, video editing to going across the town to spend NANO. We need to be aware of that when negotiating the fair price with influencer. Also we need to pay our Venezuelan connection who would be doing deals with influencers.

4) Scripts
- We would need to create the script for those 4 videos and outline exactly what we want to happen in those videos

5) Influencers
- Research and find potential influencers

6) Metrics
- Along with comments/and likes bellow the campaigned videos, confirmed daily transactions on NANO block lattice type of metric to show us if the campaigns are successful or not would be really helpful. Looks like we don't have it at the moment, the closest is https://nano-faucet.org/stats/ which I find too confusing for my average brain. I know this metric is not the most precise one due to spam but spam usually creates spikes and what we would be looking for is a long term trend line something like red line in this Bitcoin example: http://prntscr.com/oe933nThis is not essential for this campaign, but if someone could build this it would be useful for NANO in general as well.

Yes unfortunately, but we can take a careful approach using milestone payments. Having a really trustworthy Venezuelan connection is the key IMO.

When it comes to influencers, to mitigate a risk of getting scammed we can pay the influencers after every video instead of all at once. Also, our Venezuelan connection will have to explain to the influencer that there is a huge community behind this idea and that they can expect many more campaigns to follow if the first one proves itself to be a success which should help with not getting scammed.


Usage of NANO, adoption!
- Every remittances transaction will create a few more transactions
1 - buy NANO with fiat
2 - send it to Venezuelan friend/relative
3 - Venezuelans spends it to buy food
4 - merchant will eventually have to sell NANO to get more supply or IDEALLY he/we could close the whole circle and find a supplier who would accept NANO himself or some merchants (who can) would be start saving money in NANO due to it's deflationary property.

On top of that people would continue to use it on and on in the future simply because it's the most effective way. Remember that with higher transaction numbers you will eventually get more exposure to media and other users and a bigger value of the network itself. Don't forget, NANO foundation lives from NANO and we need a good NANO price for the team to continue making great updates to the protocol. Also bigger NANO price in USD = more campaigns that we will be able to fund in the future while spending the same amount of NANO.

If this method really is the most cost effective for users I really don't see a reason why those first users who came out of watching influencers videos wouldn't recommend their friends to do the same process for remittances!

- If we would be able to get this rolling, many Venezuelans would end up having NANO on their mobile phones, looking where to spend it. They would approach grocery stores and ask to pay with NANO and eventually get us merchants through a simple market demand mechanism. DASH and BTC are mostly used in Venezuela today and we need to thank them for doing the hard work for us introducing merchants to cryptos and having them more likely to accept the more superior payment protocol, NANO.


1) Feedback
I put some thoughts and time into writing this (as I should for holding a lot of NANO), I'll leave it here and first and most important if your feedback because if NANO community in general doesn't like this idea, then it makes no sense to proceed with it since it won't be getting enough funding. With your feedback we can also improve this proposal.

2) NANO center approval + Venezuelan groundworker
If the community likes the idea and the feedback is good we can see what folks from NANO center have to say about it, and to see if we even have a trustworthy Venezuelan member who is willing to make this proposal into a reality.

3) Detailed scripts for videos
- I've mentioned 4 important short videos that I think are all needed for 1 successful campaign so that we offer the followers of those influencers the whole package explaining the whole process and answering "Why NANO?" through those videos (of course his can change if you guys give better idea of what we need from the influencer). Scripts need to be detailed with time stamps explaining exactly what we want inside the videos. If we have a green light from first 2 steps I will start this script building process through Google documents and invite you guys to help me build those.

4) Finding and choosing influencers We can create a topic to find the most suitable influencers in Venezuela, Venezuelan members needs to help us with this!

5) Donations With the community and NANO center behind this proposal, Venezuelan connection ready to do it and scripts ready for the influencers the next step would be to reach into our wallets and donate enough money to be able to fund out first deal.

6) Negotiations, budget building Once the donations start dripping into NANO center's wallet our Venezuelan connection can start reaching out to the chosen influencers and see what's doable with our budget and proceed from there.

7) First campaign Do our first campaign, evaluate it and see if it was cost efficient enough and if yes, improve the whole concept from the experience that we will get from the first campaign and proceed scaling further.

To show that I'm serious about this proposal, I promise to donate the first 100 NANO to this campaign if the NANO center gives us a green light for this proposal. Without NANo center's green light, I think this proposal doesn't have much chances of success.
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Massive List of BSV Apps (please comment for new ones or updates/errors etc...)

🔗 means app lives on-chain. i.e. the app/content is hosted on the blockchain, something we take great pride in with BSV.

Block Explorers




Financial Services

Gaming & Entertainment


Onchain Storage

Search Engines

Merchants & Services

Freeview Video / Radio / Podcasts

Tried to list prominent channels, open to all ideas but don't want channels with 3 subscribers and 2 videos. Show your Proof of Work!

Streamanity Video Channels

TODO. Think it is important to separate Freeview (Youtube etc..) from Streaminity, for new people to the space who don't have BSV.


Credit: For initial list http://agora.icu and some jim-btc webscraping ;) Pastebin here (to easily reply to any reddit post about lack of apps): https://pastebin.com/qyzf8z2c
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 194 - Guest Post: Don't Underestimate Dogecoin

Hey all! GoodShibe... on vacation! (sort of!)
Please enjoy this post by Guest Writer Sku and tip them well ;D)
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When a few people suggested to me that I should write a guest post for GoodShibe, I was quite surprised. I didn't consider myself the type of person who is a good writer, or was even the type of person people wanted to listen to. I remember reading the first of Wolves and Weasels post, just about 6 months ago. Never did I think it would still be going now, half a year on, and that I would be writing it. This has surely been the forefront Dogecoin daily blog for the entire community, and in Dogecoin's bright future it will be looked back on fondly. It is therefore special for me to be a part of it.
It is people like GoodShibe who have been a pillar of this community, and kept us going through the good times and the bad, through complete dedication to Dogecoin every single day. But it is not just the GoodShibes who make Dogecoin, it is people like you and me. I am just a normal guy, who stumbled upon this whole crazy community in December through Reddit, and had no idea what I was doing.
I picked up a few scraps from faucets, and my interest grew from there. 6 months later, and I'm writing an article about it. Dogecoin is powerful, because for too long, altcoins were only popular among an inner circle of enthusiasts, and it is truly Dogecoin which has blown the community wide open for anybody to get involved in, myself included.
Looking back as well these past months, thinking back from what /Dogecoin was like when I joined, we have changed so much, but for the better. When you look at the top 10 coins, Dogecoin is now 7 months old, and has earned a permanent position on that list. Despite the decline from a speculative bubble, we have held strong with a huge $20m market cap, which, if you told me in December i wouldn't believe. Back then everyone was talking about if we would hit $5m cap, because LEL DOGE ON A COIN TO THE MOON. It seemed completely ridiculous that Dogecoin was taking off, and I don't think anyone truly believed in it longterm at that point.
But then something happened. You guys happened. You came here in droves, and you built a huge thriving community which rivaled anything ever seen in Cryptocurrency before. Together we built the foundation for this coin to still be here, to still be so strong, and still be a contender as a top Cryptocurrency seven months down the line. How many other seven month old Cryptocoins still have a community of this size, and a market cap of $20m USD? What happened to the flood of copycat meme coins of January and February? We are not the new kids in town any more, we have rooted ourselves firmly into the altcoin scene, and we are here to stay for a long long time.
A lot of trolls bemoan how the community is not as active, and smaller than it once was. While this is somewhat true, I have a few counter pointers to this:
Community is what makes a coin, and we have that. What point is a currency if no-one is there to use it, just speculative investors pumping and dumping? Dogecoin seems to be up there with Bitcoin and Litecoin as the 3 major accepted Crypto currencies accepted by retailers. And that is because these 3 coins have normal people using them, and spending them. Pretty much every other Crypto is 100% speculative at this stage, but Dogecoin is already going further than most to build usage, economy and community.
We had our speculative bubble, and like every other coin it came crashing down, but unlike almost any other coin, we are all still here, supporting this huge $20m USD market cap coin. Look at any other new coin that had a crash like ours; the community has simply vanished.
I also briefly touched above on coins moving from bad hands to good hands, and this is really great news. We have mined almost 88 billion coins by this point, a huge number, and a lot of these coins are moving into better hands, long term investors, and members of the community. But, it will take 17 years before we mine another 88 billion coins. We have mined such a large amount of coins in such a short amount of time, that a lower price was needed to move those coins into long term hands, such as you and me.
This is where Dogecoin will get it's value from. True believers, long term investors and community members are now holding on to a large majority of all the coin which will exist for years to come. And this time time, we won't give it over as easily to daytraders, short term investors and the like, because the people still holding are in this long term. The bad hands will have to fight over a lot less coins, as we hold all of our stockpiles as investments, tip them out to new users, and start building our own usage economy.
Maybe one day we can cash out a little for profit, but we will have worked hard to build what we have. We are not get rich quick scammers, we are doing it the old fashioned way, it's slow, and it's hard work, but we know the results will be much more rewarding.
At current prices, we create 35btc worth of new coins everyday, most of which are mined by multipools, and dumped straight to exchanges. 35btc every day might sound like a lot to you, but consider the following statistics. Given current pricing, here is the amount of new coins being produced daily by the 2 big players as things stand:
Bitcoin: 3600btc (100x Dogecoin)
Litecoin: 390btc (11x Dogecoin)
So at Dogecoin's current price level, we are producing very little new value everyday compared to the other big players. And these big players will be producing an enormous volume of coins everyday for years to come, whereas if we still are at a 40sat price level in January, after block 600,000, we will be producing just 14.4m Dogecoins a day, just 5.6btc, 643x less than Bitcoin.
Litecoin doesn't halve until August 2015, and Bitcoin late 2016, and even then, they will still be flooding the market with huge numbers of coins for decades to come. This is where Dogecoin is different; the flood of coins for us is coming to an end, and is already largely over. The community has proven staying power. Given these factors, do you really think Dogecoin will only be worth 40sats in January, as it becomes harder and harder for the market to get it's hands on coins?
As I mentioned in my last post, the great thing about the speculative crash, is that it's a great time for everyone to jump back on board, to buy a worthwhile number of coins at excellent value. You will be buying outside of a speculative bubble right now, at a fair market evaluation which has not been overly inflated by pumpers and speculators. There will still be short term ups and downs, but the long term outlook has never looked brighter. We have grown as a community, fought back the great summer dramas of 2014, and are stronger than ever before. There never has been a better time to jump into Dogecoin.
Maybe one day you will be writing a 1653 word essay on Dogecoin too. Which brings me to the end of mine. Thanks if you stuck with me all the way to the end, and I hope that it inspired you today, to truly look at what an amazing thing this community has done together.
It's 8:28AM EST and we've found 87.89% of our initial 100 Billion DOGEs -- only 12.11% remains until our period of Hyper-inflation ends! Our Global Hashrate is up from ~46 to ~48 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is down from ~708 to ~616.
I Hope you enjoyed today's Guest Post by Sku!
Note: To tip them directly:
+dogetipbot @Sku xxx doge verify
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A Non-Comprehensive List of some Passive Beermoney Sites

Non-Comprehensive because it's certainly not a complete list; I'm sure there are more I don't know about!
Hello fellow Beermoney earners! For the past few months I've been searching for ways to earn money passively (or as passively as possible). This guide will not cover any kind of Bitcoin/Dogecoin/etc. Mining, faucets, etc. Thus far, I would say I've been pretty successful. I'm not rich and I'm not making hundreds, but the methods I'll outline below are pretty much little/no effort beyond getting set up. I'll provide payment proofs to any of the methods below if you ask for them, if available. I will mention but not elaborate on the common/already well known methods, as we already get enough of that and I won't contribute to the spam. The following sites are in no particular order. I'll also happily answer any questions, but I ask that you at least explore the site and try to find things before asking me what to do.
NOTE: I know I'm going to get at least one person saying "Not worth it, power bills, electricity, global warming, illuminati, etc. etc. etc.". I'd like to stop that person right here and tell them that yes, in theory, this could cost you more in power than it could make you. If you don't pay for your power, then it's irrelevant. If you DO pay for your power, then you can use these methods only when your computer would normally be on and the problem pretty much goes away. If your computer is always on anyways, only the CPU-renting methods will likely have any impact on your power bills (if any). I would rather not debate this. If you feel that it's not worth it, you're welcome to not try any of these.
INTERNATIONAL NOTE: I believe that all of these except for Qmee, Perk TV and Bing Rewards, are international, at least partially. I could be wrong, and if anybody knows I'm wrong please let me know and I will make edits as necessary.
eBesucher ---- Non-ref is a passive surfbar site, and one I've been using the longest. Simply open a surfbar tab and let it go. eBesucher also created a small program called the "Restarter" that will monitor your surfbar tab in whatever browser you choose and restart the browser if the surfbar stops (due to frambreakers, shitty site scripts, etc.). Other than that, it requires no input. Run this in whatever browser you don't use; it works in Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. If you use Firefox, it also comes with an extension that will monitor your surfbar and give you double points when you hit a framebreaker site, but I've found it doesn't work as well as the Restarter at fixing the surfbar when you run over faulty scripts. eBesucher requires no attention checks and is 100% automated. You can also get a few cents for reading mails sent to your in-site Inbox (or actual email inbox if you choose). Minimum payout is 2 Euro, PayPal (and some others) accepted. Payout is manual.
4PTP ---- Non-ref is a Pay-to-Promote site, one of the only ones I've found that pays anything worthwhile. Simply send traffic to your link (however you'd like to do that, such as HitLeap (which I will mention below)) and you'll rack up points which convert to cash every 6 hours. Note that this site DOES accept traffic from traffic exchanges, etc., but be aware that your promote link is a very "intense" site; there's a lot of frames of activity and some traffic exchanges may not like that. Beyond Hitleap, it might take a few tries to find one that works. Minimum payout is $2, to PayPal and others. Payout is manual. NOTE: It is normal for a large amount of your traffic to not be counted. I don't know why this is, but it might be a side effect of traffic exchanges (or things like AdBlock, no java, etc.). Also NOTE: 4PTP might be rejected by Hitleap. If this happens, just wait a little while and try again. I had it rejected after working fine for almost a month, and I just resubmitted it a day later and it was fine.
Ysear.ch ---- Non-ref EDIT: They WILL eventually ban you if you don't use HitLeap premium, so if you don't have it, I wouldn't recommend this anymore. is a link monetizer (like Adf.ly). Shorten links, have people click those links, get money. Normally that would be a very slow process, but Ysear.ch works with Hitleap (again, I'll explain below). I want to note that while I and some others have been paid, you might end up banned, especially if you don't have a Premium Hitleap account so you can use randomized or directed traffic. Be aware of this. When using Ysear.ch for Hitleap, make sure your shortened ads are "Framed Banner", not "Interstitial" (under More Options, when shrinking your link). Payouts are automatic on the 6th of each month. I think the minimum is $2.50.
Hitleap ---- Non-ref is a pretty well-known traffic exchange site, so I won't go too much into it (PM me if you need more info, though). Submit your link(s) from sites like 4PTP and Ysear.ch and run the Hitleap Viewer as often as possible to rack up minutes, which will automatically be spent on directing traffic to your links. I personally use 15 seconds for all of my links, but I imagine you could get away with 11 or 12; adding a few seconds helps make sure the site loads. Upgrading to Premium can be worth it, and lets you add more links and spoof the traffic source. Your choice.
LinkCollider is another traffic exchange site. (Note: I didn't include a referral link because I don't think it matters unless someone buys something.) This one is a bit different from Hitleap, but works in pretty much the same way. Submit your links (up to 3), and then do activities such as autosurf, manual surf, "Like" FB pages, Retweet things, etc. to build up coins which are automatically spent on having your sites viewed, Liked, Shared, etc.. I personally turn off all social media for my links, since I'm pretty sure it will be wasted compared to just getting raw views to your website. The interface might be a little confusing at first, but it only takes a little exploring to get the hang of it.
Qmee ---- Non-ref is very well known in this subreddit so I'll be very brief for the couple of people who might not know- Download extension, click ads that show up when you search on Google, Amazon, eBay, and Bing, and cashout to Paypal. No minimum amount. I have found that your earnings decrease over time if you click the ads and do not interact with them, and/or click a lot of ads for the same search. Try not to abuse the system by obviously searching for things you have no interest in, as I think the system is actually kind of smart and might pick up on that. I could be wrong though. This method is not 100% passive but requires very little effort.
Slicify ---- Non-ref is a CPU rental service. Download their control panel (and Oracle VMBox, which comes with it) and your computer will automatically have its processing rented out. Save yourself the time and check that your computer can operate virtual machines (Slicify can help you determine this). You get paid for every hour your computer is being rented, from .01/hr and up. When your computer is being rented, it will likely take up a lot of memory and processing (though you can customize how much of your system's resources you're renting out) so if you want to do stuff like play games, turn this off while you're doing it. You can also set up a schedule so it will only run when you wouldn't be using your computer anyways. Minimum payout is $5, manually to PayPal. If you have access to multiple computers (I strongly recommend desktop only unless your laptop has excellent cooling/ventilation), you can run this on multiple machines.
GomezPeerZone ---- Non-ref is another CPU renting application. You can run it concurrently with Slicify, though if both are going at once it will probably eat a lot of resources. A major note here is that you are not earning with GomezPeer from day 1. You have to be approved, and this takes an undetermined amount of time, during which you need to run the software and you lose your earnings each month. Once you do get approved, you'll earn automatically and get any earnings you made in the month you were approved. I believe payouts are automatic, to PayPal. You can also run this on multiple machines at once.
MQL5 Cloud Strategy Testing Agent (no referrals as far as I know) is a minor CPU "renting" service. Download their program, sign up with MQL5, and then open up some testing agents (the download site will provide instructions). You won't make much with this, maybe up to 60 cents a month, but it is 100% passive, non-invasive, and takes up little/no resources. Payout is to Paypal, no minimum but it does take a small commission. You can run this on multiple machines.
ScreenwiseTrends Panel (no referrals) is similar to Synapster in that it tracks your browser usage; this one is run by Google who is already monitoring everything you do and every piss you take anyways. You get $1 per week your computer is active (plus $.50 for a tablet and $.50 for a smartphone, if applicable) with the Chrome extension. Payout is at $25, so this is a slow earner. Like above, if you're not cool with being monitored like this, feel free to skip over it.
Perk TV ---- Non-ref is a video-watching app similar to Swagbucks TV available on iOS and Android; Perk also has other apps you can use for rewards. This has gotten the rounds on the subreddit recently, so I'll be brief: Watch app trailers and earn points. PerkTV automatically loops the videos endlessly, no attention checks needed. Minimum payout is a $2 Amazon giftcard at 2500 points. There's a lot of other gift cards at the $5 level if you so choose. You can get $5 to PayPal for 9000 points but it is really not worth it. At all.
Some would consider Apptrailers (iOS, Android) to be passive, if you don't mind pressing "OK" and "Play" every 30-45 seconds for half a cent each. I did do this for a while, like when watching Netflix, but I prefer the video apps like Perk TV and SBTV now. You're welcome to do this.
Peko (iOS) is also passive, kinda-sorta. It's a weird little app that pays you to play a silly little game with people. You can idly spam the "Peko me!" emote in the Scramble Match room until you get "Peko'd", play the games, and then cash out at the minimum of $10. I did this a lot; cashed out about 6 times, and then got absolutely sick of it and stopped. I might pick it up again, but it's what I would consider passive in theory.
Bing Rewards I also do Bing Rewards using a bot. If you don't know about Bing Rewards, check out the "Most Commonly Posted Beermoney Sites" sticky and sign up from there. It's not 100% passive, but it's close. The bot I use and recommend is "The BingR", made by a reddit user whose name escapes me, but it's an excellent bot that acts very human-like and even automates the daily bonus activities and mobile searches.
Swagbucks I also also use the SBTV app and do the auto-running Swagbucks Activities on a second computer or browser (with Chrome, you can run the activity and then minimize out of the browser and it will still run; this doesn't seem to work with Firefox). If you don't know about Swagbucks, also check out the Sticky. This is also not 100% passive, but it pays pretty well. The auto-run activities have a white circle with a blue arrow and play button in the lower left-hand corner of the picture. These will run on their own and require no input beyond clicking. If you can't get them to run while minimized, you'll need to keep the window open with your mouse in the active part of the screen.
I'm always looking for new passive income streams; the less work, the better! If you're going to recommend a surfbar, it can't require any attention checks and preferably it should run in-browser and not on top of windows like some require.
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[megapost] NYANdeas

We've come a long ways and I'm at a point where I've decided I'm going to really pursue this with everything I've got in terms of energy and devotion. I've got a prior commitment hanging over my head towards the end of this month, but once I resolve that, I'm planning on spending a couple months really digging into NYAN and seeing what I can do. So far we've just chipped away at the edges, but already we've seen some pretty impressive results. Just a brief recap of our successes first and then I'll talk about my ideas.
We've gone from 1-3 satoshi to 10-30 satoshi prices. Not bad. We've got two new block explorers up in response to the previous one going down. We've got an irc channel and active community members both here and there. And we've got me, the crazy bastard who's locked up 25% of the available supply and is planning to do everything he can to build up NYAN to its proper greatness, and got tipnyan going and did a major giveaway with it. Oh, and we survived a dump of ~10% of the available supply quite comfortably. Probably other stuff I'm forgetting about right now.
So, what next? Well, a lot of stuff. This is just a huge dump of ideas for discussion and inspiration. It's not necessarily ordered, although I'll try to have it go roughly from simplest to most complex. These are by no means promises or guarantees. This is just stuff I think would be cool.
Some of this isn't a "implement this", it's more of a blog post prompt or general concept.
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Want to help ReddCoin? Remember to be nice to newcomers!

Hi /ReddCoin!
Want to help ReddCoin? Remember to be nice to newcomers.
Look at the current road map. With PoSV growing out of its infant stages, with the Social Tip Platform coming in a few months, along with the Social X whitepaper, Android/iOS/web wallets, Social Broadcast, etc., there are going to be a lot of people lurking /ReddCoin.
Some of them are going to be asking questions. A lot of these questions are going to be questions you already know the answer too, but you have to remember that newcomers will be asking these questions because they don't know the answer to them.
Be nice to them. Don't tell them, "the search button is right there." Don't tell them, "search this sub, there's been a lot of posts about this already." Don't tell them anything like that. This is horrible customer service. ReddCoin can't be the Social Currency if its community isn't social.
But I'm also a realistic person. It can get really tedious to type the same things over and over again. So what I've done is typed everything out for you already. I've preformatted the text as well.
So if someone new asks a question that's in this thread, all you have to do is refer to this post (or refer them to this post in general), and then copy and paste the answer. All the formatting is already done for you, so it's that simple!
Want to test it out? Copy and paste random entries below and enter in the comments below to see how easy it is! Feel free to change any grammer, words, etc. Tailor it the responses to your style! As long as people's questions get answered, :).
Do you see a broken link, typo, or incorrect information? Want to add in another question and answer entry? Let me know! Tips will be given!
Just Joined ReddCoin. What Do I Do Now?
Copy and Paste:
Hello and welcome! First: 1. Have you seen ReddCoin's [Official Video](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlYJ0sNVVpg)? 2. Have you downloaded yourself a [wallet](https://www.reddcoin.com/#Wallets)? 3. Have you gotten to know ReddCoin's algorithm, [Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV)](https://www.reddcoin.com/papers/PoSV.pdf)? This is an algorithm that is exclusive only to ReddCoin! 4. Have you visited ReddCoin's [Official Website](http://www.reddcoin.com) to see all the [great features](https://www.reddcoin.com/#Features) associated with ReddCoin? 5. Have you visited ReddCoin's [Official News Site](http://www.reddheads.com/) to read all the great articles written by fellow community members? 6. Have you watched all the awesome ReddCoin [related videos](http://www.youtube.com/usereddki/videos)? 7. Have you purchased some ReddCoins directly with Paypal on [WeSellRedd](http://www.wesellredd.com) or traded some BitCoins for ReddCoins on [Cryptsy](http://www.cryptsy.com)? If you've done all that already, then you're pretty much a ReddCoin veteran by now! Stick around and contribute to [/ReddCoin](http://www.reddit.com/ReddCoin)! 
What is Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV)?
Copy and Paste:
**What is Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV)?** Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV) is a brand new algorithm created by the ReddCoin Developer Team that is exclusive only to ReddCoin. It encourages both ownership (Stake) and activity (Velocity). PoSV hopes to solve many of the issues that traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithms currently suffer from. Here is more information regarding PoSV: * [White Paper](http://www.reddcoin.com/papers/PoSV.pdf) * [FAQ](http://www.reddcoin.com/papers/PoSV_FAQ.pdf) * [Guide](http://agroff.github.io/posv/) 
Where Can I Get A ReddCoin Wallet?
Copy and Paste:
**Where Can I Get A ReddCoin Wallet?** There are two types of ReddCoin [wallets](https://www.reddcoin.com/#Wallets): The standard QT wallet and the ReddCoin-exclusive [Social Wallet](http://www.reddcoin.com/news): QT Wallets (v1.3.1.2) | Social Wallets (v1.1.1) :--------:|:--------: [Windows](https://github.com/reddcoin-project/reddcoin/releases/download/v1.3.1.2/reddcoin- | [Windows](https://github.com/reddcoin-project/reddcoin/releases/download/v1.3.1.2/reddwallet-1.1.1-win.zip) [Mac](https://github.com/reddcoin-project/reddcoin/releases/download/v1.3.1.2/reddcoin- | [Mac](https://github.com/reddcoin-project/reddcoin/releases/download/v1.3.1.2/reddwallet-1.1.1-mac.dmg) [Linux](https://github.com/reddcoin-project/reddcoin/releases/download/v1.3.1.2/reddcoin- | [Linux 32](https://github.com/reddcoin-project/reddcoin/releases/download/v1.3.1.2/reddwallet-1.1.1-linux32.tar.gz) [Source Code](https://github.com/reddcoin-project/reddcoin) | [Linux 64](https://github.com/reddcoin-project/reddcoin/releases/download/v1.3.1.2/reddwallet-1.1.1-linux64.tar.gz) 
Where Can I Mine ReddCoin?
Copy and Paste:
**Where Can I Mine ReddCoin?** ReddCoin can no longer be mined directly. ReddCoin switched its algorithm to [Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV)](http://www.reddcoin.com/papers/PoSV.pdf) and it can only be minted now, not mined. There are two ways to, "mine," ReddCoin: 1. Join a ReddCoin MultiPool such as [HashCows](https://hashco.ws/) that will mine other coins and exchange those coins for ReddCoins for you 2. Join a BitCoin MultiPool such as [WafflePool](http://wafflepool.com/) or [MultiPool.us](https://www.multipool.us/) and exchange your BitCoins for ReddCoins 
Where Can I Buy More ReddCoins?
Copy and Paste:
**Where Can I Buy More ReddCoins?** * Buy ReddCoins directly with PayPal on [WeSellRedd](http://www.wesellredd.com) * Purchase BitCoins on fiat exchanges such as [Coinbase](http://www.coinbase.com) and exchange those BitCoins for ReddCoins on crypto exchanges such as [Cryptsy](http://www.cryptsy.com) 
How Can I Get More ReddCoins?
Copy and Paste:
**How Can I Get More ReddCoins?** There are seven ways to get more ReddCoins: 1. Buy ReddCoins directly with PayPal on [WeSellRedd](http://www.wesellredd.com) 2. Purchase BitCoins on fiat exchanges such as [Coinbase](http://www.coinbase.com) and exchange those BitCoins for ReddCoins on crypto exchanges such as [Cryptsy](http://www.cryptsy.com) 3. Join a ReddCoin MultiPool such as [HashCows](https://hashco.ws/) 4. Join a BitCoin MultiPool such as [WafflePool](http://wafflepool.com/) or [MultiPool.us](https://www.multipool.us/) and exchange your BitCoins for ReddCoins 5. Visit all the ReddCoin faucets on [/ReddCoin](http://www.reddit.com/reddcoin)'s sidebar 6. Contribute on a social network with a current ReddCoin TipBot such as [Reddit](http://www.reddit.com/reddCoin/wiki/tipbot_reddit), [Twitter](http://www.reddit.com/reddCoin/wiki/tipbot_twitter), or [Twitch](http://www.reddit.com/reddCoin/wiki/tipbot_twitch) so other users can tip you ReddCoins 7. Sell your products or services for ReddCoins 
How Exactly Do Tips Work?
Copy and Paste:
**How Exactly Do Tips Work?** You load up the wallet associated with your intended tipbot with ReddCoins and then type in the appropriate commands to tip intended users. Here are the guides for the current tipbots: * [Reddit Tipbot](http://www.reddit.com/reddCoin/wiki/tipbot_reddit) * [Twitter Tipbot](http://www.reddit.com/reddCoin/wiki/tipbot_twitter) * [Twitch Tipbot](http://www.reddit.com/reddCoin/wiki/tipbot_twitch) There are also specific tip plugins for your browser: * [Google Chrome](http://goo.gl/vMu3gH) * [Mozilla Firefox](http://goo.gl/0lVTyZ) Here are the Special Tip Commands (you can label your tips as snacks, drinks, and other things!): * [Special Tip Commands](http://www.reddit.com/reddCoin/wiki/tipbot_special_commands) 
How Do I Start Minting ReddCoins?
Copy and Paste:
**How Do I Start Minting Coins?** 1. Download a ReddCoin [wallet](https://www.reddcoin.com/#Wallets) 2. Transfer your ReddCoins to your wallet 3. Unlock your wallet (Menu: Settings -> Unlock Wallet) 4. Leave your wallet online. You're done! **QT Wallet**: * On the bottom right corner of your wallet you will see a bunch of icons. An arrow inside a gray circle means not staking. An arrow inside a green circle means staking. If the arrow's inside a gray circle, unlocking your wallet should do the trick. If it is already green, then leave your wallet on and you're good to go! **Social Wallet**: * On the bottom left corner of your wallet, you will specifically see the text **Staking** or **Not Staking**. If it says Not Staking, unlocking your wallet will do the trick. If it says Staking, then leave your wallet on and you're good to go! 
This is just a collection of recent questions/threads I helped answer in that inspired this post:
ReddCoin's Official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
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www.chopcoin.io - The new interactive Bitcoin game!

Hey Guys - check out our new Bitcoin-Game: www.chopcoin.io - the new experience of online gaming with bitcoins! Chop'em all and earn your coins by eating the others and becoming the largest Player on the server!
Update 09/03/2015: Paid playgrounds one player protection added. (If only one player joins the playground, he get the full payment back)
Update 09/04/2015: All paid playgrounds are without fees for one month.
Update 09/05/2015: Faucet playground added! The faucet play type is special, it is free to join by everyone, but you can still win something! With this play type, a few top players win a fixed amount of coins at the end of the round. To keep it fair, there has to be a minimum number of 5 players before the faucet pays out any coins.
Update 09/07/2015: Free playground has been closed as he is unnecessary because of the new faucet playground. We added a "refer friends" system! Go to your account overview tab and check out the new link.
Update 09/17/2015: We added a lowroller playground located in the USA. Good luck!
Update 09/18/2015: Play with your own skin and let everyone know how cool you are! http://chopcoin.io/learn/skins/
Update 09/19/2015: From now on we offer a changelog you can find here: http://chopcoin.io/changelog.txt
Update 09/21/2015: We increased the refer friends bonus to 5%
Update 09/24/2015: Signature campaign started: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1188442
Update: 09/26/2015
Update: 09/28/2015
  • The servers recently received a large patch to optimise the game.
Update: 09/30/2015
  • QRCode generation is now possible on the deposit tab
Update: 10/01/2015
  • Game options are now stored on the client by means of localStorage (when available).
  • Link to block explorer added to transaction details page. Click on it to see the transaction info.
  • Links are now filtered in chat.
  • Statistics page added
Update: 10/02/2015
  • Some optimisations in regards to drawing.
  • A universal framerate limiter is added to the client.
  • "Simple Mode" (for low performance pcs): what this does is force nodes to draw as 'simple', which means no borders and no collision effects-that is, all nodes will just be circles now, except for the virus which retains its shape (but will have a fixed amount of 16 points). Next, it disables skins on all nodes. Finally, it sets the max framerate to 30.
Update: 10/10/2015
  • Nickname is now also stored in local storage (when available)
  • Accounts are now locked for 15 minutes after 5 failed login attempts.
  • Email validation has been added to account registration.
  • The mobile version version got its much-needed update.
  • Multilanguage ui added. We will update all pages in the upcoming days.
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Just made my first electrum wallet. What else should I sign up for? blockchain? coinbase? Also some other beginner questions

Just made a wallet with Electrum on my pc. Wrote down the seed, read a shit load of websites, watched youtrube videos. Now I have a few questions that best answered by a human in English instead of the moderately confusing bitcoin slanguage often used on the help sites.
Online wallets. (Coinbase/Circle/Blockchain), Do I need them if I already have Electrum. If seems like I might, if that is true, which online wallet do you recommend?
What are Blockchain and Blockr.io?. It seems like they are just ways to track transactions.
Should Electrum be offline?. Say, on a computer without internet for security? If so, how would I transfer btc to Electrum without internet? Not sure it's possible though as I believe it needs internet to update the blockchain to validate the transfer...
I would like to dip into bitcoins anonymously just for the fun of it. Thoughts on Helix Light, Bitcoinshuffle, Sharedcoin or Bitlaundry? Do these work? Should I just use random public keys?
How do I avoid transactions from linking together reference even when using random public keys
Public Keys. From what I can figure out, the keys in Electrum are my permanent public keys (like a physical phone number) and using random ones would be like using a burner phone forwarded to my original number? Is this correct? How do I obtain fresh/random public keys? Is there no such thing? Do I just need to have multiple bitcoin wallets?
What is a faucet? It seems like faucets give away free btc's. Why would a site offer this?
Should I use Cold Storage or Paper Wallet?
Thanks a ton!
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    5. Reminder: Bitcoin's immutability is not only not a bug, but its main feature. Scalability comes secondary to it. (44 points, 20 comments)
    6. Bitcoin Price Gets Ready to Factor In Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Approval (43 points, 24 comments)
    7. Paxful - a global leader in peer-to-peer bitcoin technology - has launched a new widget, allowing anyone to buy bitcoin worldwide instantly with over 300 ways to pay. (41 points, 34 comments)
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    3. Bitcoin isn't 'real money'. Google, you need to work on your search results. (85 points, 38 comments)
    4. Coinbase, please fix your merchant invoices on iOS 10. They haven't worked properly for months (while BitPay's work perfectly). Details and screenshot inside. (35 points, 5 comments)
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    1. Just paid 23 cents on a $3.74 transaction. When does it end? $1.00 per transaction? $2? $5? I don't wanna stop using this peer to peer currency, but I'm fast being priced out of it. (896 points, 1017 comments)
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    2. "See, bitcoin is down 9.75% over the past month...I told you it crashed..." says my wife (72 points, 64 comments)
    3. EthereRum by South Florida Distillers, the worlds first rum distilled from mining heat. Stayed tuned for more details. (39 points, 21 comments)
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    3. Balaji Srinivasan (21 CEO) just deleted his whole tweet history. Heading to the FDA? (137 points, 69 comments)
    5. Bloomberg: 'Blockchain' Fans Will Have A Rude Awakening In 2017 (25 points, 2 comments)
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    9. The ECB Explains Why Central Banks Can't Go Bankrupt (19 points, 7 comments)
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    1. [AMA] I'm the woman who got pepper sprayed wearing the "Make Bitcoin Great Again" hat. (796 points, 938 comments)
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    2. So this just happened (31 points, 101 comments)
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    2. Donald Trump is Considering a Bitcoin Entrepreneur to Lead the FDA (220 points, 137 comments)
    3. Japanese Internet Giant GMO Announces Entrance to Bitcoin Wallet Market (156 points, 14 comments)
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    1. bitcoin.com loses 13.2BTC trying to fork the network: Untested and buggy BU creates an oversized block, Many BU node banned, the HF fails (543 points, 428 comments)
    2. Segwit talk by Pieter Wuille. 25 minutes talk time (145 points, 21 comments)
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Project Bitvoid [Now Live]

Who I am
My name is Julien Croy, I am a student blogger from the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island. Writing about Bitcoin and internet security is one of my favorite interests, every weekend I find something new to write about. The majority of my free time I spend finding out new things that are happening in the Bitcoin world, messing around with various security software, Linux and of course taking care of my websites www.bitvoid.net and www.jcite.com.
Bitcoin and Me
I first discovered Bitcoin in the beginning of my freshman year of high school in 2011. At the time, Bitcoin was just another cool fad for me, the main reason - I hadn't discovered that I really enjoy everything about the internet. The main reason I never got into Bitcoin in 2011 was because it was fairly hard to get into,especially if you were a minor or didn't have the technical skill needed to mine. Of course you could buy Bitcoin at a few exchanges, but being a minor meant the only way I was going to do that was with my parents help. Of course they didn't want to have to give any information out due to it almost having no publicity and almost considered a scam. I understand why, even today I'm extremely reluctant to give out my SSN and bank account information to a Bitcoin exchange because so many of them end of getting hacked. If I can keep my information to a minimum, I have less to lose if one does get hacked. Eventually I did get myself some bitcoins, I spent a few hours waiting for the blockchain to sync up and watched some ads on a bitcoin faucet. But it was all for nothing, a little while later I lost my wallet and the coins it contained. At the time I thought it was no big deal, now I always make sure I have backed up my wallet. Now a few years later, I read about Bitcoin again and decided to learn a lot more about Bitcoin. After finally finding a exchange that seemed good to use, I was able to get my hands on a small percentage of a bitcoin with Coinbase. Now i'm using Circle and checking all the Bitcoin related news that I can.
When I first got into Bitcoin, it was just a cool way to make money (Buy low - Sell high). Now as I learn more and more about it, I have begun to realize the huge potential it has. This is one reason I write about Bitcoin ( other than the fact that its an awesome piece of technology). I also write about anything related to because bringing awareness about security can increase the safety of everyone on the web. One example of this is people keeping large amounts of bitcoin in exchange hot wallets. Hot wallets are often insecure and its generally not a good idea to keep a large amount of money in hot wallets due to that. But many people don't know this and end up losing money, this hurts Bitcoins reputation overall and causes large amounts of people to lose money.
What I need Hosting for Bitvoid Hosting for a year - $49.92 Cloudflare Railgun CDN for a year - $12 Domain Name for a year - $10.99 Total Cost for one year - $72.91
I decided to add Railgun to my hosting plan as my host has a great deal with Cloudflare’s Railgun, which usually costs $200 a year. Railgun makes my website faster, causing less loading time for my readers. Speaking of my host, iWFHosting they accept Bitcoin for all of their services, so if this project is funded fully; I'll be able to send it straight away to my account with them with minimum fees (which I always enjoy). Funding Bitvoid will free up funds, allowing me to buy more Bitcoin related hardware wallets and tech (which I always review). Lastly, any donators will receive honorable mention on my donation page. Before I made a similar post - but I forgot to make the project live, now it is live!
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■ Colored Coin / Bitcoin Test Bed @ a physical weekly fair - Let me know if this proposal makes sense... If so, we can really push this forward. =)

Hi Everyone!
I've been helping out the NYC Bitcoin community host meetups since 2012 and seen it grow from 5 people showing up at the first meetup to what it is today.** (https://www.google.com/search?q=xcubicle+bitcoin)** I'm currently working on the next phase to increase Bitcoin adoption by merchants targeting the less tech savvy merchants with physical locations.
For those that have been to a Bitcoin event/conference/satoshi square, you'll notice that there arent many merchants selling anything besides mining hardware. You can't even buy food/drinks with your Bitcoins as most food vendors  wont take it. I hope to help change this and push this idea forward as we have a test bed here in NYC which we can replicate around the world if we can figure this out. I'm currently working with the hester street fair (www.hesterstreetfair.com) here in NYC to convert every sunday for the next 5 months into a Bitcoin fair event. Below is my proposed solution to making this work by utilizing the public blockchain for data tracking. I guess it's the first color coin type of implementation in a physical space.
Fair Promo Banner: -- http://i.imgur.com/CaiUUm5.png --
What is the Hester Street Fair? The Hester Street Fair is the only outdoor community market located on the Lower East Side of NYC, specializing in handmade goods, creative products and artisanal food. HSF is a launching pad for small, independent businesses and artists. Hundreds of vendors rotate over 60 spots every Sunday to create one of the most dynamic outdoor events in New York City.
How is Bitcoin involved? We would be the first Bitcoin fair in NYC to have a group of merchants and food vendors accepting Bitcoin in one spot. We also have teamed up with Xcubicle who has helped incubate the Bitcoin community in NYC since 2012. They will help to organize Bitcoin related events that involve speaker sessions, community meetups, and public education in this space.
What makes this unique? We plan to merge a typical local vendor fair with a feel of a Bitcoin social community gathering. We’re taking a grassroots approach on increasing Bitcoin adoption by integrating a new technology into something that currently exists.
How are you going to increase adoption rates? Adoption rates increase as the general public understands how the technology works and gets a test bed to try it out at a fair like this. Our approach is targeting the vendors that has products/services that do not take Bitcoin yet. Those vendors that choose to accept Bitcoin will receive an additional % revenue from every Bitcoin transaction tracked via the blockchain public ledger. This creates an incentive for vendors to learn the technology and adopt it as it would provide an additional revenue. Now as for consumers that use Bitcoin, we would implement a similar strategy where users would receive a % rebate discount when spending their bitcoins as at a verified vendor at the fair. Due to the mass numbers of consumers at a fair, we would limit the number of sign ups each day and have those that wish to participate register their bitcoin address with us to track their spending.
Where are the funds coming from? Typically at large Bitcoin conferences/events sponsorship money is used to pay for the expensive venue. In this scenario since the space already exists we would use sponsorship funds and community cowdfunding in creating this market discount/rebate structure. In a sense its funneling sponsorship money back to users and vendors of the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Satoshi Square 2.0 - A section of the space will be dedicated for those that wish to barter for Bitcoin. We plan to enhance this trading setup by implementing the Mycellium App’s Local Trading feature** (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=462235.0)** where users can offer buy/sell prices via their in app interface. For those that are new to the platform or those that don’t have the application installed, we will have a trading booth where buy orders can be placed through an intermediary. Sellers within the vicinity will be alerted via the app when a buyer meets their requirements. This is different from the typical setup as users would involve having to stay around the same area when a buy/sell order is made and wait for a matching sale. The in app mycellium local trader feature creates a new dynamic to this event.
Xcubicle Bitcoin Meetup - In addition to the fair, we will coincide an afternoon Bitcoin meetup at Xcubicle’s space in a socratic circle discussion (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=xcubicle+bitcoin+). Prepared topics will be lead by a moderator that can vary from the basics to advanced depending on the level of the audience.
Bitcoin Social Networking - For those that wish to participate in the social networking event which will happen near the satoshi square booth, we would coincide it with or after the meetup. In order to make it a friendly environment for networking, we would require guests to RSVP ahead of time or sign up on the spot to receive a networking tag indicating they are there to network.
Physical Bitcoin Faucets - There will be Bitcoin faucet kiosks or a person at the fair where users can receive free bitcoins/litecoins/dogecoins. These physical faucets will be crowdfunded by the community. (More details soon)
Bitcoin + Altcoin Info Booths - There will be bitcoin/altcoin info materials for new users looking to learn more about cryptocurrency. Each booth will have an attendee helping new users setting up their wallets to be used at the faucets or at the trading square.
Product/Food Vendors - Vendors will be from around the city that range from selling food and products for bitcoin. Xcubicle will be educating vendors on how to accept Bitcoins in a fast paced environment.
Vendors - Vendors that choose to adopt bitcoin will submit their public address for us to track  and receive an additional % revenue based on the total Bitcoins collected from the start to the end of the fair. There will be a maximum earnings cap for each vendor to prevent abuse of the system. Since all transactions are tracked on the public blockchain ledger, we can distribute the % bonuses accordingly.
Users - Rebates for users that purchase services/products in bitcoin from a verified bitcoin vendor at the fair will be reimbursed a % of what they spent. Due to the fact there are more consumers than vendors at a fair, there will be a limit cap for those that wish to participate in this rebate program. The limit cap will be enforced via a registration process at one of the booths. Users will have to submit their public bitcoin address for tracking. Name and email is optional for those that wish to stay anonymous as the only thing needed is their Bitcoin address to provide the rebate.
  • 7AM - Vendor "Luke's Lobsters" logs into Bitpay and generates a Bitpay receiving address so he can convert incoming BTC into USD.
  • 8AM - Vendor "Luke's Lobsters" submits his Bitcoin Public Address used to receive Bitcoin payments at the fair to participate for the rebate.* 9AM - User "John Doe" arrives at the fair and heads to the registration booth and register's his Bitcoin Public Address that he will be using at the fair for cashback.
  • 1PM - John purchases a lobster roll sandwich from "Luke's Lobsters" table. He opens up his app and sends payment from his registered address with the fair.
  • 9PM - End of Day -- We look at "Luke's Lobsters" public address via the blockchain to see how much money he received through out the day and send an additional 3-10% to that address
  • 9PM - End of Day -- We look at "John Doe" public address for the day to see how much he spent at a verified merchant address and issue a 3%-10% cashback
I believe what I have here solves the two big issues with Bitcoin adoption and usage:
  1. Vendor adoption - As a business owner myself, we want our fiat dollars at the end of the day to pay our suppliers. Sure there is Bitpay that solves the issues of converting it, but not every physical shop owner wants to give out there TAXID information to make that happen. I'm talking about mom/pop shops that are just cash only. Now the way I believe this issue can be solved is by reversing the fees, instead of charging a 3% fee like how credit cards do it, we give the vendors a 3-10% back in what they collect in btc. This makes vendors choose now: Do I collect cash and not get extra revenue? Or do I collect these Bitcoins and get an additional 3-10% on top of what I charge? Combine this feature with Bitpay we now have a huge incentive for vendors to sign up. Once vendors are used to the Bitcoin system, we can scale back on the btc kickbacks and everyone wins!
  2. Bitcoin Users - Let's be frank here. Majority of Bitcoiners are hoarders. To solve this issue there has to be some sort of discount to pry those bitcoins out of users hands. By implementing a cashback type of feature like how credit cards do it, we would make users decide on a choice of either paying in cash at regular price or paying in BTC with a discount. Now for those that bought on the high $1000+ price point, we can't expect them spending as it would seem like they are spending 2x-3x that amount. To solve that users would just have to buy some btc off of someone at the satoshi square before they use it. The physical Bitcoin ecosystem is now complete once we combine the satoshi square with a merchant fair together.
Hopefully I didnt miss anything and it all makes sense. If this works out, it can be replicated around the world at other merchant fairs. We actually have a meeting with Bitpay to discuss how to get this to work smoothly with their system. As for sponsorship opportunities, we're writing up a package currently. It's going to be awesome! =)
We hope to get this up and running in the coming weeks once we iron out all the logistics and funding issues.
Feedback would be great as this isn't fully perfected yet and looking for community feedback or possible bugs we didn't account for.
submitted by box1820 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Understanding Bitcoin Properly

Bitcoin is a what you can call a new type of online currency, a crypt-currency. This crypts-currency was propose in the late 90's by a group known as cypherpunks who mainly discussed about cryptography and security and among them was, for a currency that would be totally anonymous and free from the control of large banks and governments. around the late 2008 this guy named "Satoshi Nakamoto" wrote a rocking paper describing this concept of a a P2P payment system that would use the concept discussed by the early cypherpunks.
If you don't know why some intelligent folks are excited about the Bitcoin concept, you should take the time to understand. Bitcoin is a new form of currency that is accepted worldwide and can never be debased by politicians trying to get re-elected or countries trying to pay off huge debts. In a world in which the value of paper money is constantly ravaged by inflation, that's a very attractive attribute. Also, the world is very much ready for a "global" currency. Bitcoin satisfies that need.
Bitcoins are like cash in that they aren't tied to your identity, and transactions made with Bitcoins are irreversible and untraceable. But they're like credits in a manner that they aren't physical. Bitcoins are a peer to peer system.
What Bitcoin allows you to do is to send money to people, make purchases, just like real cash, only difference is this is online. Bitcoin in most ways behave like hard cash . you can give it to person to person, you can loose it, and destroy it.
Well, Bitcoin address is different from any other address system you may have encountered before, A bitcoin address consists of two addresses the public address and the private address. Like the name suggests the public address is public and can be distributed to any one and every one without any fear. the private address is the one you keep very private and secret and dont even tell that to any one at all. You keep it so secret, that no one can access it.
A bitcoin address is a hash of a public portion of a public/private ECDSA keypair and they looks like this:- 1La9GFB8sNRko99jP2N5AMQYPvmsDoVbKb. Bitcoin is in its infancy, a free market currency whose price or value is determined by the demand and supply. A multitude of factors could in theory affect Bitcoin prices, nobody in the current scenario can conclude that only a few factors affect Bitcoin, I will try to explain only “a few” that have had a considerable impact on Bitcoin prices recently, many more may be yet to be known.
Like gold prices that fluctuate due to a variety of factors, some of the factors which have been observed till date are listed below:
Media Exposure
The initial growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem and prices was attributed to media articles, familiarizing it to more people. The world’s supply of Bitcoins is essentially fixed, but because people in the media keep talking about it, demand keeps rising. This leads to higher prices—and as prices go up, people who currently hold Bitcoins develop greater and greater expectations for the currency. Today, the excitement around Bitcoin is still confined to a tiny segment of the population — technology aficionados, monetary idealists and speculators. The potential for exposure is large.
Eurozone Crisis
A direct correlation between the Cypress bailout and Bitcoin price was observed. Some of the investors in Europe moved their investments into Bitcoin around the time of the Cypress bailout. This resulted in a huge cash flow into the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Demand crisis: Like any currency, Bitcoin is traded on exchanges, Bitcoin holders hoard their stash, which further reduces supply, which in turn boosts the price and sparks yet more media attention—and the cycle continues till profit selling takes place like in any currency.
Fear of Govt intervention
There is nothing illegal about Bitcoin . Cash is as anonymous and not tied to identity. But could government grow increasingly interested in defending its paper-money monopoly? We've already seen hints of this. But because the market is already huge and global, there will be growing attempts to control it, tax it and regulate it.
Trading Exchange outages
Trading exchanges like MTgox which handles almost 70% of trade have seen trading halted due to DDos's, but such events are seen to be temporary and the a price fall due to a DDos is usually recovered when trading resumes to normal levels, leaving only a temporary effect. Smaller exchanges have been hacked due to insecure design of the sites . The interim crashes could be sharp and scary. The Bitcoin algorithm, system and framework itself is preternaturally sound. As with any new creation, there are glitches and vulnerabilities that still need to be worked out in trading exchanges.
Vendor acceptance
Bitcoins remain very much a niche payment method. In accepting the currency there is a small circle of large Internet companies’ participating in the system. Others include WordPress, which will sell you everything from Web hosting to CSS packages in exchange for Bitcoins. WikiLeaks and 4chan are part of a growing list of online organizations that accept Bitcoin donations. As vendor acceptance improves the value of Bitcoin as a currency improves.
Free market currency
Being in its infancy, Bitcoin will see wild price swings till it becomes established as a currency. The market is still in a price discovery stage and is expected to stabilize at a certain point, where its value and place as currency is usable in daily life.
You can use Bitcoins with people and business that accept Bitcoins. as a new currency there are not many brick and mortar stores that accept Bitcoins, but there are online services that may be purchased with Bitcoin. and like any new currency the growth is slow but then number of people and businesses accepting Bitcoin is increasing exponentially.
The Bitcoin algorithm was presented as a scientific paper and peer reviewed like any other scientific paper, the paper was widely accepted and is the sole fundamental of Bitcoin. The algorithm of Bitcoin has been designed so that it is resistant to quantum computers which have not been built as of yet.
All currencies are backed by gold or similar assets. Lets look at gold. What is gold backed by? What decides the value of gold? Demand and supply. What decides the value of Bitcoin? Demand and Supply.
Like gold the amount of Bitcoins is limited, only 21 million Bitcoins will be ever produced. The value of Bitcoin can be equated to how the value of gold is estimated. So the "fundamental" value of Bitcoin can only be estimated the same way the fundamental value of, gold can be estimated — which is guessing at what someone will be willing to pay for it at some time in the future. The whole premise of Bitcoin is that only a finite amount of it will ever be created. This is in stark contrast to standard currencies, the supply of which is continually increased.
Fiat paper currencies are a relic of a past age. It has proven to be a spectacular failure, giving rise to inflations and unending booms and busts. As technology progresses, markets look for an alternative. A single global digital currency is certainly in our future. Bitcoin is just the most successful example of that so far.
Bitcoin can be easily used for international transfers without paying commissions to third parts like banks and cutting down transaction times for bank wires from days to hours for a Bitcoin transaction.
It is always prudent on your part to view Bitcoins objectively and arrive at its value in your life. In my view, Bitcoin is the Internet, applied to Money. We need to remember that Bitcoin is not a stock, a company, or even a regular commodity. It is a technology. That technology is a payment system that is evolving into a real currency. Right now, its most spectacular use is in transferring funds from one person to another. It's as easy as sending a text message on a phone. We live in a digital age. We need a digital currency.
Using Bitcoin:
In order to use Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin Wallet is just like your wallet where you keep your money. Wallets come in the form of softwares and web wallets.
Software wallets are simply installed on your computer. With these standalone clients, you are responsible for protecting your money and doing backups. While using these wallets, you need to bewary as some viruses are designed to steal your wallet files and the hacker can easily eat up your Bitcoins. So, I don't suggest these.
However, some software wallets are also released for smartphones. In these types of wallets, there is no need to backup the files as all the data is stored in the servers.
Examples: Bitcoin Official Client, Multibit, Bitcoin Wallet (Mobile), etc.
Web Wallets are the best and easy to use. They are secure as the data is not stored in your computer, it is stored on secure servers. However, it is very important to choose a good provider. Recently, a Web-based Bitcoin Wallet provider, Inputs.io was hacked and the hacker stole everything. This resulted in loss of millions of dollars. I suggest you to choose Blockchain Wallet or Coinbase. CoinBase just raised $25 Million.
I'm using BlockChain wallet here:
  1. First fill out the form at https://blockchain.info/wallet/new.
  2. After registering on BlockChain Wallet, login with your details.
  3. After logging you will see your Bitcoin address.
  4. This is your auto-generated Bitcoin address. You can use this to receive payments.
  5. if you are not satisfied with one address or need more. You can generate more addresses at "Receive Money" tab. First click on the "Receive Money" tab then click at "New Address" button.
How to earn:
  1. Purchase some Bitcoins at low prices and then sell them at high prices.
  2. Website Revenue: Earn from your website by adding non-annoying ads. These ads are very simple and clean. This is the way I earn Bitcoins. I'm talking about Anonymous-Ads - http://a-ads.com/.
  3. The other way is by using Bitcoin Faucet. But, these faucets are useless as the pay amount is very extreme low. You need to visit Faucets every hour and enter your address. They'll send you a payment in few hours.
Spending your Bitcoins is easy:
There are hundreds of retailers that accept Bitcoin. If you want a domain or hosting, go to NameCheap.com.
Here is a list of websites that accept Bitcoin: http://www.bitcointrading.com/forum/spen...-bitcoins/ but there are many more available.
You should also join the Bitcoin Community at http://bitcointalk.org...
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