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Why We Are Here

With the bear market ensuing it is now more important than ever to remember why we are all here in the first place. Here is an Op-Ed from CryptoGlobe you might enjoy...
We are here because we know something is very wrong in the world. We know that the international monetary system, based on the US dollar, is profoundly corrupt. Why? Because it allows one country to print paper money out of thin air and redeem it for energy and other valuable goods and resources produced by other countries. Thereby enabling the people of that country (or more precisely a small segment of the people in that country) to live at the expense of the rest of humanity. This rigged printing system debases the US dollar after it is spent by the small but powerful few who control its supply. This act robbery is called inflation and year on year it systematically robs all nations and people who have to hold wealth in the US dollar.
We know this absurd privilege is jealously guarded – hence the almost permanent wars in the Middle East and the ceaseless mainstream media propaganda of ‘Terror’ that accompanies the drums of war. This despicable system can only be described as a protection racket. The fact that this system is all encompassing – excluding only a very limited number of jurisdictions – is frightening dystopian nightmare.
We are here because we regret a system of financial repression that enslaves most of humanity by requiring them to accept worthless paper promises issued by their respective elites in exchange for their daily hard work. Or requires them to borrow at extortionate interest rates this same worthless fiat.
We are here because we regret the fiat money system. A system that prints money at will – gifting it into an extremely small group of financial institutions for them to exercise control over us. A system that prevents saving, that creates an artificial illusion of scarcity when we could so easily have a system of abundance, based on sound money.
If only we could overthrow the small coterie of corrupt elites – the ungodly alliance between the money-printing cartel (the banks centred around the BIS) and the military-industrial complex (the mercenaries of death centred around Washington and the Pentagon).
What gives them the power to control us? Money. Their control of money and the political narrative around money. Their use of our sheep-like behaviour in meekly accepting their worthless paper promises. Their use of the welfare state to buy acquiescence, to issue small bribes on a continuous basis in order to maintain the calculus of consent. Our craven willingness, imbued from birth and relentlessly drilled into us every day at school, to accept the boundaries of consciousness set by the state and surrender all faculties of critical thinking.
Hence bitcoin. Hence crypto. Bitcoin (and its ancillary protocols) is devised to be everything that fiat money is not. It is deflationary where the existing system is wildly inflationary. It is an anchor in a safe harbour whilst the existing system demands that we should be permanently at sea and should never find rest. It demands personal responsibility and self-actualisation while the existing system encourages childish selfishness, endless self-indulgence and a culture of entitlement. It is permissionless and free where the existing system is weighed down by command and control and the Kafkaesque tyranny of “compliance.” It is non-political and decentralised whereas existing currencies are political and are thereby used as a means of financing war and suppressing dissent.
We aim to cast off the fetters of fiat and save humanity from the existing system of slavery which masquerades as progressive liberalism. We aim to dispossess the banks and the mercenaries of death. We aim to be free.
Welcome to the revolution.
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