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Since there seems to be declining traffic on Pokershibes I sort of wanted to make a post here to give some positivity and introspection towards the community. If you're thinking about playing on this site, currently play on this site, or have played on this site but do not any longer, this post still applies to you.
The price drop of dogecoin is having a negative affect on Pokershibes and it honestly shouldn't. To dispel something that people have been saying lately - doge is not going to die. People who say that literally have no idea what they are talking about. The price may continue to drop, but it will always be worth something. There is 87,000 subscribers to /dogecoin and it is still a very popular coin. Also very important to note that with AuxPoW being enabled soon - it means that not only is there a large active community for the coin, but the developers are still here for the long run and acting towards the best interest of doge.
Now here is the list of people this has actually affected at Pokershibes:
And here is the list of people this doesn't necessarily affect:
Yet the majority of people leaving are ones who have little to no doge. With the volatility of the price right now, they have less to lose and more to gain. And multiple people who have a networth of Ð10,000 or less want to jump ship. Literally pennies to their name in cryptos and somehow the price of doge matters enough to them that they want to stop playing on the site. People who are fixated on making tons of money - whom imagine one day their pennies will turn into dollars. And those dollars will turn into hundreds of dollars, and so on. Yet they have no patience or foresight into the future at all. Nor do they care about what the past has taught us.
How damn envious are we of the people who had bitcoins before they blew up? How many people talk about how much their lives could've changed if they had just purchased some bitcoins when they were only a few dollars? And likewise, all the stories we hear about on Seals With Clubs (for those unfamiliar, a bitcoin poker website) when BTC was still cheap and people grinded out a bunch of coins while they were still dollars only for it to explode? No one knew for sure that BTC would explode. It raised and dropped in price a ton. As people made hundreds of thousands of dollars, they also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just like doge is experiencing now, there were times when people would try to convince each other that "bitcoin will never rise in price". Or that it would "continue dropping". We all know now the people who made the real money are the ones who held on. Bought in low even when everyone told them it would never go high. Played poker despite the volatile nature of the coin. So why exactly are people leaving the site who never even invested a small amount of money into doge in the first place? I'm not saying that dogecoin will ever go to the moon or be $10 per 1000 coins. But ask yourself this - what coin is most likely to triple by the end of the year? Dogecoin, or bitcoin? Honestly think about that for a bit.
So my conclusion is this: if you don't have a lot of money, or just play poker for fun... there is no reason this current price drop should affect you. The fact is you're not a poker pro, you don't have a large bankroll, and you will not be grinding the equivalent of $1/$2 in a month's time. This will not become your new 9-5 job and having any other expectations is unhealthy for you. If the price of dogecoin is making you reconsider playing on Pokershibes and you own less than Ð100,000 you need to rethink your position and how you're spending your time. As the price dwindles, this is the perfect time for people who enjoy poker to jump in and play the freerolls and build a bankroll from the micros. The price may go up, it may continue to decline, or it could eventually become stable. No one knows for sure what the future has in store for dogecoin. Just know that there is an opportunity present with nothing to lose and you could possibly benefit greatly from it. And most of all - play poker because you enjoy it.
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Dogecoin will reach over $1 by the summer of 2020

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