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What happened to Bitcoin... - YouTube Stephan Kinsella, Paige Peterson (MaidSafe), Murdoch Pizgatti (DontComply.com) Private Law in a Libertarian Society – Interview with Stephan Kinsella Stephan Kinsella - Nobody Owns Bitcoin (PFS 2019) Stephan Kinsella - YouTube

Bitcoin. Stephan Kinsella is a practicing patent attorney, a libertarian writer and speaker, Director of the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom (C4SIF), and Founding and Executive Editor of Libertarian Papers. My Amazon Author Page. Search for: Follow The Podcast/Twitter. Subscribe via iTunes. Follow with RSS! Subscribe via Stitcher. Follow @NSKinsella. Archives. Archives. Tags ... Stephan Kinsella, Nobody Owns Bitcoin (PFS 2019) by Stephan Kinsella. on October 7, 2019. From the recently-concluded Fourteenth Annual Meeting of the PFS, Bodrum, Turkey (Sept. 12–17, 2019). For others, see the links in the Program, or the PFS YouTube channel, including the growing PFS 2019 YouTube Playlist. Additional media of the proceedings will be released presently. Additional ... Stephan Kinsella, Intellectual Property lawyer, and libertarian advocate joins me in this episode to discuss: His story with bitcoin Money as Sui Generis Good The imprecise application of Lockean property theory Why you can't own bitcoin, but it probably doesn't make a big difference anyway The harmful effects of patents and copyright 'Internet Censorship' as it relates to property rights and ... Lawyer and libertarian theorist Stephan Kinsella joins the show to discuss the middle chapters of Hoppe’s Democracy, The God That Failed—in particular dealing with “desocialization” of collective property, immigration, and free trade. These are the most controversial and widely-discussed parts of the book, and Kinsella provides a fascinating analysis of property vs. wealth, the ... From the recently-concluded Tenth Annual Meeting of the PFS, Bodrum, Turkey (Sept. 10–15, 2015). Also available on the speaker’s podcast here. For others, see the links in the Program, or the PFS YouTube channel. Other lectures, presentations, and panels will be uploaded presently.

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What happened to Bitcoin... - YouTube

In this debate, the question of whether or not Intellectual Property has a place in the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain will be on the table. Stephan Kinsella is an attorney in ... Stephan Kinsella is a registered patent attorney, a libertarian theorist and lecturer, Director of the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom (C4SIF), an... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Bitcoin Tips: 14eU4wUeT8WU58Ut2LEVCrfWQevZCKiY1f The second hour of Declare Your Independence from July 26, 2015 at PorcFest XII - Featuring Stephan Kinsella, Paige ... It’s been 7 MONTHS since I’ve made a video talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency…but after seeing Bitcoin drop near the $3500 mark, I had to come out of m...