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Hi peeps ! 😀
I Just talked with Big Investors about Exchange Token. Bibox are very VERY interesting right now !
No doubt Exchange token are still undervalued and became the new hype for the following months ! So Ride the wave 📈
We talked about Bibox, KuCoin, Binance, Huobi, Bitmax etc... but only Bibox has all the green flags we wanted to fully support and invest big capital ! No worry we love Binance too but we look MarketCap and undervalued exchange token with great potential first 💰

Here all the reasons why we're thinking Bibox will x100 (yes x100) from now the coming weeks/months :


So as you can see, BIX has more way to grow than any of its exchange tokens competitors like KuCoin and Huobi. Bibox is a top 5 Exchange with the #1 EOS volume on exchanges.
More BNB marketcap will grow, More BIX will grow more too ! that's near x100 BIX price GUYS !






#7 - ARIES WANG - Bibox CEO 💪





Thanks for reading my post, don't hesitate to join the official Bibox Telegram and the Bibox Hodler group to know more about the project and ask some questions, we will be here to help you 💪 Gz to all of you who read this post & enjoy the ride 🌕

Official Bibox Telegram :
Bibox Hodler Group :
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03-02 20:43 - 'r/Bitcoin recap - February 2019' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/SamWouters removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1840-1850min

Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the 26th monthly Bitcoin news recap.
For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
A recap of Bitcoin in February 2019
Adoption * [bitcoin can now be used to fund your public transport card in 37 cities in Argentina]1 (7 Feb) * [There are as many transactions today as in January 2018 but with all time low fees]2 (7 Feb) * [Bitcoin’s Lightning Network currently has 6000 nodes and $2.4M in capacity]3 (9 Feb) * [A service that lets you buy Domino’s Pizza via the Lightning Network in the US]4 (13 Feb) * [Bitcoin’s average block size is now 1.3MB]5 (14 Feb) * [An Argentinian company settles export deal with a client in Paraguay using bitcoin]6 (15 Feb) * [The Lightning Network reaches 700 btc in capacity]7 (16 Feb) * [A butchery in Kenya accepting bitcoin]8 (17 Feb) * [The ₿ symbol is now a listed currency when you long press the $ sign on a mobile keyboard]9 (19 Feb) * [A Lightning developer’s node is routing more than $10k per month for a 0.25% fee]10 (19 Feb) * [Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, promotes bitcoin tipping on Twitter]11 (20 Feb) * [bitcoin transactions near an all-time high of 3.87 transactions per second]12 (21 Feb) * [, a german finance site, starts lising the EUBTC exchange rate]13 (21 Feb) * [20% of Localbitcoins 4.8M visits come from Venezuela]14 (26 Feb) * [$52M of bitcoin bought on Cash app in Q4 2018]15 (27 Feb)
Development * [The Casa node has been open-sourced]16 (1 Feb) * [A specification for trustless non-pegged sidechains]17 (4 Feb) * [Blockstream creates a new Multisignature standard]18 (18 Feb) * [BTCPay Server now has payment requests]19 (26 Feb)
Security * [A discussion on traditional mixers vs Wasabi wallet]20 (2 Feb) * [Another Electrum wallet phishing attempt]21 (4 Feb) * [Someone gets scammed for $50 worth in bitcoin by a QR code switch]22 (19 Feb) * [Coinomi wallet sends your plain text seed phrase to Google’s remote spellchecker API]23 (27 Feb)
Business * [Kraken exchange CEO on the QuadrigaCX coins]24 (3 Feb) * [People discuss the bitcoins held by bankrupt QuadrigaCX]25 (4 Feb) * [TD Ameritrade is advertising how to invest in Bitcoin on YouTube]26 (10 Feb) * [Lightning integration will eventually come to Square’s Cash app according to its CEO]27 (11 Feb) * [Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will have secure storage for private keys built in]28 (20 Feb) * [A 21-year old couple is working on a hardware wallet]29 (23 Feb)
Research * [Bitcoin’s wealth distribution across addresses increased over the past 2 years]30 (13 Feb)
Education * [Bitcoin’s prehistory]31 (2 Feb) * [People discuss the best real-time bitcoin news feeds]32 (8 Feb) * [Someone discusses their small bitcoin mining operation]33 (9 Feb) * [A new report on financial privacy from Coin Center]34 (11 Feb) * [Andreas Antonopoulos on splicing]35 (25 Feb)
Regulation & Politics * [The SEC thinks some cryptocurrency will match their ETF requirements eventually]36 (7 Feb) * [Government-mandated asset seizure will be limited in the U.S.]37 (23 Feb)
Archeology (Financial Incumbents) * [The British pound is the oldest fiat currency at 317 years and now worth 0.5% of its original value]38 (4 Feb) * [JPMorgan Chase incorrectly analyses that bitcoin miners operate at a 16% loss]39 (12 Feb) * [JPMorgan Chase launches its own centralized JPM stablecoin]40 (14 Feb) * [The IMF comes up with a plan to devalue cash and introduce negative intrest rates]41 (17 Feb) * [Venmo’s KYC when someone paid back a sandwich is a great reminder why we need bitcoin]42 (20 Feb)
Price & Trading * [Bitcoin passes $4k for the first time in a while]43 (19 Feb)
Fun & Other * [A discussion on former Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn]44 (1 Feb) * [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he thinks the currency of the Internet will be bitcoin]45 (2 Feb) * [Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey passes on the Lightning Torch]46 (5 Feb) * [Some instructions on how to send letters using a computer if you think sending bitcoin is difficult]47 (6 Feb) * [Why Bitcoin should succeed]48 (7 Feb) * [Other technologies that died just like Bitcoin]49 (8 Feb) * [Elon Musks compliments cryptocurrency for value transfers]50 (20 Feb) * [Elon Musk says whoever owns the early btc deserves a Nobel prize in delayed gratification]51 (21 Feb) * [A Lightning-powered chicken feeder]52 (22 Feb) * [A Malaysian bookstore with Bitcoin and Blockchain books on top of the finance section]53 (28 Feb)
Bitcoin recap - February 2019
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Author: SamWouters
1: *ww*r**di*.com/***i*coin*comme*t*/ao4ojn/arg*n*ina*bitc**n_now_a*cepte*_fo*_pub*ic/ 2: www.r***oi*/c*mments/a*1*si**h**number*of*trans*c*io***to***_are*as_high_as/ 3: w*w.reddit.**m*r*Bitcoin/co*me*ts/aow**w/bitcoi*s_lightn*n*_net**rk_h*s**i***_new_r*cord* 4: **/*i*c*in/*omme**s/***gux/y**_*an_now_buy_*omi*os*pizza*via*th*_light*i*g/ 5: *ww**edd**B*t**in/comm**ts/aqj***/bitc*i*_b*ocks_just_h**_*n_a*ltim*_high_o*_a_13m*/ 6: www.r*ddi*.com*Bitc*in/co*ment*/a*zqns/arge*tina***t*le**exp*rt_**al_wi*h*pa*agua*_*s*ng/ 7: **it.*o*/B**c**n/comm*nts*ar78r3/ligh*ning_ne*wo*k*has_*e**hed_*0*_btc*tot*l/ 8: www*re**i*.com/*i*c*in/*omments/arjak9/adop***n_*n_ken*** 9: www.*ed*it.c*m*Bit*o*n*c*mments/asn*hq/*oogl*_introdu*e*_b*tcoi*_*ym**l*o*_ios_*eyboar*s* 10: *w*.r*ddi*.com*Bitc*in/*omm*nts/a*c*0o/im_p*easan*ly*sur*ri**d_that_*her**is*n*w*so_mu*h/ 11: ww*.redd**.co*/***itc**n/****ents/asqi6y/jac*_promotes_bitcoi*_t*ppi** 12: w***r*d*i*.com/r*Bi*c*i*/comments/a**i*v/bitc**n_transac*io*s_h**_387_tx*_p*r_second/ 13: ww*.r*d*it.c*m/Bitcoin/c*m*en**/at39g3/fi*anz*nn**_*_big_*erm*n_***a*ce_*ite*sta*ted/ 14: www.reddit.*o*/*/Bit*o***c*mmen**/av2xd0/localbitco*nscom_ha*_2**of**t*_4*2_**llion**is*ts/ 15: w*w.reddit*c*m/*/Bitc*in/com*ents/avii2q/52*m*l*ion_*f*bi*c*i*_**ug**_on_**sh_ap*_*n_q4/ 16: *w**reddit*com/r**itc**n/*om*ents/alvv**/the_c*sa_hodl**ode_h*s_bee*_open_so**ce*/ 17: **w.reddit*com**/Bit*o*n/c**men*s/an*o*i**pe*s_for**ew_trustles*_*o**egged_si*echains/ 18:**t.*om*B*t**i*/comments/as0*x9*b*o*k*tream_musig_a**ew_mult*sig*atur*_**a*da*d/ 19: **w.*eddi*.com/Bitcoin/***me*ts/a*0c2b/int**ducin*_btc*ay*serv**_pa*m**t_requ**t_i*voic*/ 20: www*redd**i*coin/comme*t**am*i*9**radi*i*n*l_m*xe*s_v*_wasabi**allet/ 21: ww*.*eddit.*om/r*B*t**in/c*mmen*s/an2khh*is_th*s_*_*hish*n*_at*empt*el***rumorg_*oe*_not/ 22: w*w*red**/*it*oin/commen**/as6*vw/im*d*mb_d*nt_g***sc*mmed*like_*e/ 23: w*w.r*d*it.c**/Bitc***/co*ments/av*87*/securit*_vuln*rabil*t*_c*inomi_w*ll*t_s*n**_y*u 24: w**di*.co*/*it*oin**omment*/am**4*/jespow_we_hav*_t*ousan*s_**_wal*et_a*dre*s**/ 25: ww***eddi**com/B*tcoin*c*mme**s*an*17*/bitc**n_investor*_m*y**e_*ut_190_mill*on_aft* 26:**tcoin/*om***ts**p3e*k/td_***ri**a**_116*6bn_in_*sse**_adv*rti*ing_how/ 27: **w.reddi*.co*/r***t*oin*com**n*s/aphq4c****k_dor*ey_lightnin*_com**g*to_square_cash_*pp/ 28: ww*.reddi*.co*/*itcoi*/*omments/astc**/*a*axy_*1*_*ec**e_s*o*a**_*acked_by_*a*dware/ 29: www.r**di***om*Bi*coin/comment*/atswh0/as**_**uple*of_21_year_ol**_w*o_dr**med_*f_u*i*g* 30: **w.reddit.c*m/Bitc*in/com*en*s/aq6*q*/99_*f**ll***tc*in_ow**d_b*_86_*f_wallets_*hi*_*s/ 31: www.r*****coin/com*en*s*am*c0**bi**oin_pre*isto*y/ 32: www.*e*d**.co***itcoin/c*mment*/aoh*ss/b*s*_free*real*i*e_ne*s*an*_a*alyt**s_platf*rm/ 33: *ww****dit*co*/*itc*in/co*ments/a*xg9e/m*_smal*_bitcoin_mini*g*ope*ation*u**at*/ 34: *ww.***Bi*coi*/c**ments/apjk*1*we*m*st_prote*t_ou*_ability_**_*ransac*_p*i**t*ly* 35: www.r*dd***c*m/Bitcoi*/com*ents*a*fd*7*splicing_is_p*o*abl**on**of**he_most_po*e*ful_a**/ 36: ***Bitcoin/commen*s*ao*e*s/bitcoin_e*f**s_in**itable_**y*_s**_c*m*iss*one** 37: www*reddit*c*m**itco*n*commen*s/a*yl*9*loc*l*sta*e**ederal**ove*nments_*a*_no_long* 38: www.r**di**c*m/*/B*t*oi*/*om**nts/an37k6/the_british_po*nd_i***he_oldest_**at*c*r*e*cy_in/ 39: www.***dit.c**/Bi*co**/c*m**nt**a*mns*/pro*ucing_a_sin*l*_bit*o*n_now_c*sts_*060_on/ 40: ***t.**m/B*tcoin/**mment*/aqjtq*/after*cr*t**izing_bitcoin_f*r*years***_*org*n* 41:*dit.*o*/****oi**commen*s/ar*vj*/i*f*comes_up_wi*h_pl*n_to_d*value**hys*cal_*ash* 42: w*w*re**it*com/Bit*oin/c*mmen*s*a**x*b/*y_fri*nd**ought_me_a_s*n*wi*h_at_a_sta**_and_i* 43: **w*re*di*.*o*/r**itcoin/co*ments/a*a*h5/bitc*in*at_4000/ 44: ww*.redd**c*i**comm*nts/am0*7r*1_did_yo**kn*w_be**een*201*_*n*_*013_fo*me*_*ike/ 45: ww*.reddi*.com/Bitcoin/com*ents/a*ep*e/t*it*er**eo_t*_joe_ro**n*i_*h*n*_*urre**y_*f_*he* 46: www.*eddi*.*om/*/*it*o*n/*omme*ts/a*irt9**ack_twitt*rsqu*re_ceo_*ust_took_*h*_lnt*u*****in/ 47: www.**Bi*coin*co*m*nts/a*pk9s*if_*ou_**in*_usi*g**itcoin_*s*di*ficult*here*a*e* 48: ***it.*om/r*Bit*oin/**m**n*s/ao5j*e/old_bu*_good_wh*_b*tco*n_*h**ld_*ucceed/ 49: www*r*****it**in/comments/*o*28e/j*st*rem*mb*r_that_b*t*oin_d**d/ 50: www.***Bitc*i*/c*mm*nts**s*o*0/el**_musk_*all**bitcoin*brilli***_bett**_than/ 51: www*redd**B*tcoin/c**ment*/a**j*5*elon_musk*whoever_owns**he_*arl***tc_deserv****/ 52: *ww*reddit.**m*Bit*o**/c*mments*at*mdd/th*_new_*itcoin_*illerap*_*_*ightning_*o*e**d* 53:*it*c*m/r*Bitcoin/c*mments/a*t*0*/malay*ian_b**k*to*e**ith_*itc***_a*d_c**pto*books/
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To raise the price of doge we need to use it! (List of stores/exchanges that will accept doge!)

While I love donating and tipping, doge needs to be spent on goods and services to gain value.
Now I'm not saying we should stop tipping and donating, but we should also spend some more on goods and services! Let the doge flow!
And in the light of doge4water being funded I think we should give ourselves a little present too!! So it's time to buy with doge!
Note: I am not responsible for any experiences or transactions in any of these exchanges or stores. Nor am I affiliated with any of them.
If you know of any others just PM me them and I will add them as soon as I can
Stores/Donation Sites:
This list is not comprehensive, if I missed anything PM me and I can add it.
Directory/Sites like Ebay or Craigslist:
Again this list is not comprehensive. If you have any more suggestions please PM me
(Some of the stores aren't listed but are on the directories and some sites are listed and on the directories, by the way)
And finally a video for you guys :).
To the moon fellow shibes!
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2GB GPU – parity and ethminer – June 2017 – GPU can't allocate the DAG in a single chunk. Bailing. - how big is a DAG?

Hello, I hope somebody knows what to do. I'm completely new to cryptocurrency mining, started today in the morning. I read some articles and saw online vids about ethereum wich totally caught my interest. As for now, I'm trying to get the ethminer to work but with no success. At first I started to download the Ethereum blockchain via geth, but while loading in the background I read more articles/forum posts, that it will take quite some time, even days in fact. Also I'm not sure about the size of the blockchain, but I also read that it's almost 60GB big in size and increasing steadily. That's why I deleted some games from my 120GB SSD, now I've around 50GB free space. So I loocked for alternatives and found parity, wich syncs WAY faster with the blockchain and you don't have to download it entireley.
After some toying around with it, I think I actually got it set up right, it seems synced with the most recent blocks (#3934469) and I also got an address wich I can see in the parity browser interface. Also, I got ethminer (0.9.41-genoil-1.1.6-pre) running, but only to a certain point. Here is it how I do it atm:
I open 2 command prompts, one for parity, one for ethminer. For parity I simply drag and drop the folder containing the .exe, actually erase „.exe“ and replace it then with „--author 0034468D471D2F1dD63aFDFbE12fbaC7e594a090 --chain homestead“ and press enter. It then works I guess, but I don't know for certain if the blockchain reward would go to my address. For ethminer I also drag and drop it into the command prompt, erase .exe and type „ -G“ and hit enter. It works at first, but I read the line „Allocating/mapping DAG buffer failed with: clCreateBuffer(-61). GPU can't allocate the DAG in a single chunk. Bailing“ followed by some lines saying „hh:mm:ss | main Mining on PoWash #0dee0fe5 : 0.00MH/s [A0+0:R0+0:F0]“ and ends with „Got work package: #bf3fe4af“ but it doesn't continue from there, while the parity command prompt just keeps running.
I can't get any further than this for now. Most posts I can find regarding this issue are from 2016. I can't find a simple answer on how big the DAG is of TODAY, is it over 2GB? Can you even mine ether with a 2GB GPU? Are there actually better mining softwares than ethminer? I installed the newest driver version for my GPU and entered some stx gpu commands wich should set the usage to 100% or something wich I found in some articles regarding this issue.
My specs, AMD A8-6600K CPU overclocked to 4,4MhZ, Radeon R7 200 GPU with 2GB memory size, 120GB SSD, windows 8.1. Also I've the onboard graphics turned off in the BIOS.
I've also created an account on Kraken, where I planned to trade ether for euro. Are there currently other major cryptocoins I could mine with this rig? For now I'm too tired and probably will continue researching a bit more tomorrow, but I think mining Bitcoin for example wouldn't work for me with this rig aswell.
On a sidenote, my android mobile wich I use for USB tethering so I've internet access on my PC is restarting by itself since I'm trying this all out, I swear I never experienced this problem before and I had intense gaming sessions with multiple hours before without it shutting down.
Thank you
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[Store] 6 knives (Karambit Vanilla, Flip Fade etc) + M4A1-S Master Piece mw + 50+ Skins [W] Bitcoin, Keys, Offers

I mainly want Bitcoin or keys. I will accept skin/knife trades if it's an over pay.
The list below is not a complete list, just a highlight of what I have.
I currently have 262 keys
All b/o prices are for keys. If you want to use btc make an offer.
Trade Link:
b/o 112 keys StatTrak Butterfly Knife Night ww
b/o 80 keys Flip Knife Fade
b/o 57 keys Karambit Urban Masked ft
b/o 42 keys Huntsman Knife Crimson Web bs
b/o 32 keys Huntsman Knife Safari Mesh mw
b/o 29 keys Gut Knife Case Hardened ww (Name Tag: ''Rainbow Slicer'')
b/o 20 keys Flip Knife Safari Mesh ft
b/o 2 keys Operation Bravo Case (x2)
b/o 50 keys M4A1-S Master Piece mw
b/o 15 keys M4A4 Asiimov ft (above average)
b/o 10 keys StatTrak Five-SeveN Case Hardened mw (very blue)
b/o 8 keys StatTrak P90 Emerald Dragon ww
b/o 7 keys StatTrak Glock-18 Dragon Tattoo fn
b/o 6 keys AK-47 Jaguar ww
b/o 5 keys StatTrak M4A4 Zirka ww
b/o 4 keys AK-47 Redline ft (better then average)
b/o 4 keys AWP Pink DDPAT ft
b/o 4 keys USP-S Road Rash ft
b/o 4 keys M4A1-S Atomic Alloy mw
b/o 2 keys Galil AR Cerberus ft
b/o 3 keys M4A1-S Guardian fn b/o 2 keys Desert Eagle Conspiracy fn b/o 2 keys Desert Eagle Pilot mw b/o 2 keys M4A1-S Guardian mw b/o 2 keys M4A1-S Nitro mw b/o 2 keys P90 Trigon mw b/o 2 keys FAMAS Styx mw b/o 2 keys AK-47 Emerald Pinstripe ww b/o 2 keys Desert Eagle Conspiracy mw b/o 2 keys MP9 Bulldozer mw b/o 2 keys Nova Antique fn b/o 2 keys SCAR-20 Cyrex fn b/o 2 keys M4A1-S Atomic Alloy ft b/o 2 keys Sawed-Off The Kraken fn b/o 1 key Nova Bloomstick mw (x2) b/o 1 keys FAMAS Afterimage ft b/o 1 key Desert Eagle Cobalt mw b/o 1 key M4A1-S Dark Water ft b/o 1 key + adds StatTrak SCAR-20 Crimson Web mw b/o 1 key P2000 Corticera ft b/o 1 key FAMAS Afterimage mw b/o 1 keys AK-47 Blue Laminate fn (Name Tag: ''' NEVER BACK DOWN''') b/o 1 keys CZ75-Auto Tigris fn b/o 1 key M4A1-S Bright Water ft b/o 1 key M4A1-S Nitro ft b/o 1 keys + adds P250 Mehndi ft
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Kraken CEO: Bitcoin Is On The Cusp of a New $100K Long ... How To Use Kraken - Bitcoin Trading Exchange - YouTube Kraken’s Jesse Powell Says Bitcoin (BTC) Will Exceed $100K This Cycle  Huge Influx of New Traders Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value: A Free Kraken Webinar w/ Pierre ... Bitcoin kaufen Deutsch (auf Kraken) TUTORIAL

Founded in 2011, Kraken Digital Asset Exchange is one of the world’s largest and oldest bitcoin exchanges with the widest selection of digital assets and national currencies. Based in San Francisco with offices around the world, Kraken’s trading platform is consistently rated the best and most secure digital asset exchange by independent news media. Kraken is more than just a Bitcoin trading platform. Come see why our cryptocurrency exchange is the best place to buy, sell, trade and learn about crypto. New! Fund and Trade SNX, BAL, KSM and CRV. Learn more. Important: Trading and Staking for Polkadot is now live. DOT tokens are re-denominated 100:1 (New DOT). Learn more. New! Fund and Trade Augur (REPv2). Learn more. New! Fund and Trade ... Die Kraken Bitcoin-Börse ist derzeit die größte Börse, wenn es um den Handel mit Bitcoin in Euro, US-Dollar, Kanadischen Dollar, Japanischen Yen und GBP geht. Dies macht es zu einer idealen Wahl für alle, die in Bitcoin investieren möchten. Kraken ist derzeit die 35. größte Börse nach Handelsvolumen. Bis heute hat sie jedoch den größten Bitcoin-zu-Euro-Markt der Welt und verfügt ... Cryptocurrency trading platform Kraken has received a banking license recognized under federal law to operate as a bank in the U.S. The company has outlined its plans to offer a number of ... Finden Sie heraus, wie Sie bei Kraken Bitcoin und andere digitale Währungen kaufen, verkaufen und tauschen. So entstand Kraken. Auch wenn Sie als Nutzer seit 2013 Kryptowährungen bei Kraken handeln können: Gegründet wurde das Unternehmen hinter der Tauschbörse für Kryptowährungen bereits im Jahr 2011. Vom US-amerikanischen Standort in San Francisco aus konnte sich der Anbieter schnell ...

[index] [35990] [36306] [4182] [10401] [9351] [14505] [21576] [31688] [17180] [32898]

Kraken CEO: Bitcoin Is On The Cusp of a New $100K Long ...

Kraken - Bitcoins kaufen per Überweisung ohne Gebühren Anleitung Deutsch - Duration: 10:27. Rund um Bitcoin 66,980 views. 10:27. Bitcoins kaufen für Umme 💪 Lass Dich nicht verarschen ... In other trending Bitcoin News Today: Two Classic Bitcoin Metrics Flash Bullish Despite $9K BTC Price at Risk Bitcoin (BTC) is again fueling suggestions that it is preparing for price growth as ... ️ Cryptocurrency Masterclass: BITCOIN NEWS: The CEO of the US-based crypto exchange Kraken says he believes Bitcoin (BTC) ... Please Subscribe :) Jan 2018 Update - It looks like Kraken has fixed their up-time and scalability issues that were present during the second half of 2017 :)... Sure, Bitcoin has a price, but what makes it valuable? Kraken Intelligence, our team of expert analysts, have given their take in a new report released last ...