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D100 Ways to Mess With "I wish for all the gold in the world!"

  1. It rains down on the character and kills them
  2. Infinite gold is just a single gold piece that constantly reappears in your pocket after being spent
  3. That's the gold from the town treasury used to pay it's workers, now there's rioting in the streets
  4. Can't be arsed to go through all the comments but all the gold could teleport back into the interior of the world - to the mines it originated in or just like dispersed through the mantle again?
  5. All of the gold in the world is condensed into one single coin that flotas in front of the wishmaker for a few seconds. When he goes to grab it, it stops floating and the combined mass of all the gold in the world is to heavy for any mortal to hold. It tears through his hand and throws him to the ground, leaving a 20 meter wide crater where the coin landed. Nothing can pick up the coin, but that just means that no one can steal it from the wish maker.
  6. Everyone in the world gains the belief that gold is your personal property and feels weird about possessing it. It's like an old roommate's CDs, or an ex boyfriend's hoodie. They'll put the same amount of effort into returning it to you, but only when it's convenient. You can't really spend it anywhere either, unless they have an unhealthy desire for your possessions.
  7. "ok it's all yours, go get it". (no gold moves)
  8. Trade continues with coins made of other metals, and gold is a weird fringe metal that nobody will honor
  9. All your gear is now gilded, and all other gold coins lose their color. Nobody other than you remembers the old color of gold
  10. The uncaring diety that granted your wish also brought all the dragons that guarded hoards of gold
  11. All the gold from underground bursts from the earth in front of you, with no convenient way to move it.
  12. All the gold in the rest of the world disappears. Widespread chaos and confusion reigns. Literally all the gold in the world is carried in his pack. No gold in temple decorations.. magical items with gold no longer work.. etc.
  13. The world is not defined as this world. You got all the gold in the only diamond world, so, none.
  14. "All the gold in the world" was a poem written by a bad bard. You get a worthless piece of paper with a lackluster poem.
  15. "All the Gold" is almost dead nag of a riding horse and was in the world. The rapid trip to get to you kills it.
  16. You are encumbered by the gold in your possession and can not empty your inventory fast enough to escape encumbrance in the middle of nowhere. (Hope a town eventually forms around you fast.)
  17. You get what you wish and everyone and everything else knows it, but, you do not immediately know. (good luck with all the thieves, assassins, nobles, bandits, demons, etc. gunning for you and your gold.)
  18. Every creature that falls under "fae" or similar are forced to deliver the gold to you. Everyone from a common fairy to fae deities come one after the other, each with only one gold piece until you have all the gold in the world. They're concious of their actions but can't move freely until the deed is done. Who knows what they'd do to you once they regain control of their bodies
  19. You get the gold... but its somewhere. Good luck finding it.
  20. All the gold in the world, except for what’s on your person, vanishes in an instant.
  21. All gold within 60’ of the wish maker flies to them as metal to a powerful magnet and sticks to them. They can only remove gold from their body that they are giving/donating to a person, cause, church, or kingdom/city-state, empire etc. (the person must be a stranger or passing acquaintance, no more than that, or they are using as payment for goods or services or repaying a financial debt. STR checks for movement and CON checks to remain standing will eventually be needed.
  22. Gold-rust monster.
  23. They get all the gold in the world in a spendable and secure manner. But some of that gold is cursed by various wizards and magical entities in various ways for various reasons. The owner of it now bears at least a dozen unrelated curses, maybe more.
  24. You get all the gold but now no one has any so it holds no value. We move back into a barter system until a new form of currency can be established.
  25. They get midas' touch and everything they touch turns into gold but if they touch a creature the creatures gains +5 ac and can still attack and move normally
  26. The character becomes coated in gold, lowering mobility but greatly increasing defense
  27. All gold not owned by them turns into silver.
  28. They get their gold, only to find that the primary currency is now platinum. Gold is now only used as a component some spells, or for the properties of the material itself.
  29. All the gold in the world disappears. There is no gold, so you have all that there is.
  30. The gold stays where it is but technically IS their property. Good luck convincing everyone else that...
  31. All of the gold in the world immediately teleports to their location, killing the PC immediately via crushing and flattening entire cities at once beneath thousands of tons of gold ore, coins, and dust
  32. Ok, you now own all the gold in the world. However, it is still located exactly where it was before. You own it but it hasn't moved. Go get it if you want. And try convince the current possessor of it that you are the owner.
  33. All the gold comes with all the dragons...
  34. .. they cant physically shift the huge mountain of gold and people come from far and wide to take a wheelbarrow full of gold that is too large to be protected by the party..
  35. Theres no gold anywhere else so everyone reverts to spending lead coins instead. Gold decreases in value substantially. ...
  36. All the gold in the world technically belongs to the player but it's still wherever it was before he/she owned it. It now depicts the players head on every coin and people everywhere say things like "hey I know you you're from money!" Etc
  37. It’s in bitcoin, what’s bitcoin? Just wait a couple thousand years.
  38. Because wishes are directed to the gods themselves, and they see the entire universe as their "world" the gold from all around the universe is summoned to the PC's or NPC's location, the sheer amount of gold is so large that the entire planet is destroyed, along with any moons it might have, if the dm decides that the universe the campaign is in is very very very VERY rich in gold, he might aswell say that because so much gold was teleported to a specific location, it collapsed upon itself and formed a black hole.
  39. Your players hear a loud, familiar sound of earth moving as if an earth elemental started traveling beneath them. Your player hears something rustle in the grass, PC looks down and there, under a dead leaf, lies a single spec of gold ore. Pulled from the earth they stand on the gold ore inside the earth always moves up towards the player. If they stay in one spot for longer than a week it begins to pile.
  40. It is in one enormous coin, and nobody can make change. You try to break it into smaller pieces, but are stopped by the authorities because it has the emperor's face on it.
  41. Everyone else will see the color gold as a muted grey.
  42. You now possess all the gold in the world, but now everyone wants to kill you for it
  43. The wisher get the world's supply of fool's gold (pyrite). Hope they enjoy the irony.
  44. Every sentient creature is "informed" that you are now the owner of all the gold in the world. No gold actually moves anywhere and it is up to you to enforce your righteous claim.
  45. The color "gold" is suddenly drained from all things which become more brown or yellow. Now only you can bestow this color onto objects and creatures.
  46. You get your wish, but no one has any gold left so the economy crashes.
  47. All the gold in the world includes the gold guarded by every dragon. Bringing the gold to you also brings you its previous owner or notifies them of your act.
  48. This could also be applied to innumerable other monsters as well.
  49. At first, the gold rivers streaming through the air above the wisher's location is amazing. Verucai Saltberry can eat her heart out. Then, as the rivers make landfall, a nervous quiet overcomes all those who witness the spectacle.
  50. All the gold in the world now rains down upon their location.
  51. After half of one hour, 2d12 * 10 acres are covered in anything made of gold. Coins. Ore. Candelabras. You name it. I don't think there are enough dice to calculate the weight...
  52. Hot molten gold floods in your direction
  53. The world decides that gold is now useless since no one has it. They switch to using electrum.
  54. You get it. Exactly as you intended, all the gold coins in the world. But, every dragon, king, crime boss, even members of your own party just had all their gold stolen from them, and they aren't happy about it.
  55. The color gold dissapears from everything in the world unless it is owned by the wisher. Gold is suddenly indistinguishable from silver except by alchemists and smiths and dragons. As a trade currency it becomes almost worthless. The economy plunges into turmoil and as the value of gold plummets so do dragons interest in it. The land devolves into chaos as they suddenly struggle to work out wealth. Gems and iron both skyrocket in value. Dragons, furious at their essentially worthless hordes that they’ve amassed over the years rage across the land. Gold dragons go black. They’ve lost their color. There is a sudden increase in black dragons. Chaos takes hold and the black dragons start taking over the land.
  56. All the gold in the world disappears leaving only what they have on their person
  57. The dragons of the world soon realize where their horde has been taken. They all have you in their sight.
  58. It’s in one solid brick that’s practically worthless for the size
  59. You find yourself atop a mountain of all of the world's gold. Every greedy dragon in the world will soon be converging on your location to fight for this prize, with you in the middle. This being all the gold, that pile includes the scales from every gold dragon in the world, which you've just forcibly torn apart with your wish. Even the good-aligned dragons now see you as a genocidal monster that must be destroyed for the safety of their own kind. Your death is suddenly the singular goal that unites almost every dragon in the world. Also, all Electrum becomes a sort of brittle silver. That will please our DM, who hates having to include electrum coins in currency conversions.
  60. "Granted" and it seems as if nothing happens.Then, after a moment passes, there is a slight thump nearby.And then something light hits the player, rattling off of him, looking down he sees a small, wonderful necklace with a lithe, golden chain attached to it.And then a coin lands next to it.And then another.And another.The sound of falling gold escalates, turning into a storming, crashing chaos as all gold in the entire world falls from the sky in a roaring hail of death.And then all is silent, coins, jewelry, ore, newly refined gold and everything else stands as a small mountain where once there was a campsite and a forest, all of the players are dead or dying underneath that silent, golden hill.
  61. The planet's core loses all of its gold, which, in a supercritical molten state, appears floating as a series of masses overhead. This explodes and showers the area in forcefully-flung chunks of gold. Good job.
  62. The gods of wealth and trade are suddenly obliterated, and you are filled with divine power contained only by your mortal vessel, which wrecks havok on the divine realms and the mortal world. You probably don't survive. Good job.
  63. The gold is helpfully contained for you, and only consists of gold coins! ...Unfortunately, they appear in every single container or vessel you own or touch, forever, making it impossible to eat or drink except off the ground and makes clothing, home ownership, or trade tricky. Good job.
  64. They now own the license to obscure Half-Orc Bard Elzic Pagavian's folk album "All the gold in the world". Elzic is, however, an extremely competent adventurer and will not stand for having his art stolen out from under him.
  65. The power behind the wish misunderstands the intent and makes the wisher the only person to have a thing of that color.
  66. They get all the gold in the world, being the only one to posses gold, it becomes useless and the world's currency standards change.
  67. They didn't specify which world, molten gold pours in from a fire world
  68. Granted, since they specified “in the world” they now have a mountain sized pile of unrefined and impure Gold Ore, this pisses off all the Dwarvern clans as each ones mining operation is funded mostly by processing and selling Gold and similar materials. You and the party are now enemies of every dwarf Clan and their allies.
  69. I started an entire campaign with a similar premise involving a lamp, an efreet, and a Wish. I had a kingdom's worth of gold appear in a magical bag (like a bag of holding), but it was a solid cube that couldn't be pulled through the tiny opening of its container. Made for a lot of memorable scheming on the part of the players!
  70. They get all the gold in the world, the economy is no longer based on gold as there is none in circulation, brass coins replace gold coins
  71. You immediately stand upon a mountain of all the gold in the world. Seeing as you are the only one who has any, Silver becomes the dominant currency, making gold worthless. In addition, you piss off several dragons with hoards. At the same time, most kingdoms fall into financial ruin as they desperately attempt to find a new currency. While all this is happening, sinkholes begin to appear around the world as huge underground deposits of gold have vanished, allowing the ground to give way.
  72. All the gold not owned by the players is suddenly converted into silver. Currency now takes up 10x the amount of space which means any storage suddenly becomes limited.
  73. For the wealthy lords, it’s a nuisance that their pockets are suddenly weighed down or overflowing. For the banks that have just exploded... it’s a different matter.
  74. All the gold deposits from underground are drawn to the PCs creating huge destructive geysers and destroying everything in their path on the way to them.
  75. All the gold deposits from underground are drawn to the PCs creating huge destructive geysers and destroying everything in their path on the way to them.
  76. They start magnetically attracting every coin they walk by forever.
  77. All the gold in the world disappears and the world is changed to a paper-money system. The gold you have is the only gold remaining in the world, but it is useless as a currency. Maybe some alchemist will buy it from you?
  78. The rest of the gold in the world disappears, all that's left is what three player has on them
  79. Assuming they mean currency they're giving all the gold in the world translated into copper and they need to find a way to haul the several million metric tons of copper they have now. assuming they mean or they are now surrounded by all currently existing veins of unrefined gold ore
  80. The player now owns all the gold in the world... And the accompanying tax bill.
  81. Elderly people appear
  82. You get all the Gold in the world, and everyone is hunting you for thievery
  83. Gold is molten, appears in your pocket
  84. total collapse of the gold economy because there’s a lot more gold beneath the crust than in it, and it’s all technically in the world
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More reddit analysis for fun

So most of you guys know my last data digging through the rBtc and rBitcoin subreddits (the BTCSRs from here on) showing nicely how nullc decided to increase use of the term 'Bitcoin's creator' in place of 'Satoshi' in recent times and thereby confirming drwasho's intuitive suspicion.
Now, given the success of this investigation, I was wondering whether I could generalize this approach to dig through user histories to try to find more such interesting terms. I see this is mostly a fun exercise that might show further suspicious or even just interesting or funny things about us.
So here's my method: I use the BTCSRs and the same date range (2009 - Oct 31st 2016) as above.
The general method is to look at bigram (pairs of word) statistics for a certain user vs. the rest of the BTCSR data.
To count bigrams, I take a comment, remove quoted text from comments, replace the characters ',;.!?' with spaces and then split the lowercased result by using the python string.split(..) method and then count pairs of adjacent such tokenized words. The analysis turns out to be somewhat sensitive to the tokenization used; I think the basic approach is fine but if someone has a great I idea on how to improve this, I am all ears.
I first count bigrams of the whole BTCSR.
I then take a user (from a random selection of users that just came to mind and while looking through the last submissions here on rBtc) and count the bigram frequency distribution for that user and all his comments.
I then look for those bigrams that fulfil the following two criterions:
I then sort the resulting set of terms according to maximum ratio user_frequency / total_frequency (highest first) and print it (up to the first 20).
For those wondering why the numbers for Greg don't exactly match his 'Bitcoin's creator' example, it should be noted that the number of terms are slightly different to my last analysis. Among other things, this is due to:
I think the results below are interesting and I can certainly see my own pet peeves reflected in this analysis, as well as some common talking points by others :-) It also nicely exposes the 'Bitcoin' creator' thing again. But decide for yourself. If you want your name added to this list, just reply and ask. So here we go:
Terms of interest by nullc, term, user count, total count, fraction:
 bitcoin's creator 133 200 0.67 block relay 100 350 0.29 fast block 47 183 0.26 the system's 66 270 0.24 bip 109 37 152 0.24 elements alpha 32 162 0.20 doubly so 20 102 0.20 competing systems 20 103 0.19 majority hashpower 23 120 0.19 round trip 36 189 0.19 signature validation 29 153 0.19 is untrue 44 235 0.19 lite clients 30 170 0.18 p2p protocol 38 219 0.17 a specification 27 159 0.17 security properties 16 103 0.16 the bloom 23 150 0.15 not validating 19 124 0.15 consensus changes 17 111 0.15 utxo bloat 15 100 0.15 
by myself awemany:
 utxo commitments 50 166 0.30 the 32mb 32 125 0.26 32mb limit 22 108 0.20 tunnel vision 20 102 0.20 on blocksize 43 261 0.16 note also 24 148 0.16 different jurisdictions 16 107 0.15 of greg 14 103 0.14 gavin's proposal 38 285 0.13 with n 14 105 0.13 per node 19 146 0.13 emphasis mine 16 123 0.13 payment hubs 17 140 0.12 block transmission 12 106 0.11 group think 16 144 0.11 blocksize cap 65 592 0.11 physical limits 11 102 0.11 crippling the 18 168 0.11 on bct 18 169 0.11 hard cap 59 554 0.11 
 bloom filtering 24 126 0.19 
 the queues 82 100 0.82 the "fee 213 315 0.68 relay nodes 243 409 0.59 "fee market" 307 580 0.53 000 | 74 144 0.51 the 21inc 56 115 0.49 total hashpower 73 161 0.45 the cartel 204 476 0.43 branch will 50 119 0.42 traffic will 42 102 0.41 overlay network 41 103 0.40 clients who 114 291 0.39 that clients 41 110 0.37 block n 42 114 0.37 speculative trading 53 154 0.34 bit shares 53 155 0.34 ditto for 43 129 0.33 the bip66 34 116 0.29 gambling game 30 104 0.29 ln payment 37 131 0.28 
 broadband connection 43 108 0.40 txs per 28 105 0.27 txs that 42 161 0.26 throwaway accounts 39 154 0.25 tx data 26 105 0.25 core contributors 43 179 0.24 txs to 38 164 0.23 bitcoin main 32 147 0.22 cryptocurrency market 26 139 0.19 5 percent 34 182 0.19 digital scarcity 39 214 0.18 bandwidth growth 19 106 0.18 real account 24 134 0.18 8 gb 44 247 0.18 transactional currency 35 198 0.18 on trusted 30 172 0.17 the sc 26 153 0.17 of txs 46 273 0.17 limit needs 18 108 0.17 shorter block 28 169 0.17 
 fake coins 12 100 0.12 
 claimed i 22 102 0.22 vast number 19 114 0.17 refund transaction 25 162 0.15 risk more 33 234 0.14 watching only 17 124 0.14 actual fact 14 103 0.14 in cs 13 100 0.13 and jon 13 101 0.13 blockstream core 99 797 0.12 heaps of 21 171 0.12 no-one will 15 124 0.12 no-one is 32 272 0.12 quite certain 18 157 0.11 blockchain security 16 141 0.11 i've followed 14 124 0.11 decentralised network 16 144 0.11 and though 28 257 0.11 in earnest 14 129 0.11 0 https://bitcointalk 17 162 0.10 no-one can 19 184 0.10 
 php topic=68655 65 136 0.48 b/c they 53 130 0.41 b/c the 37 101 0.37 b/c it 39 129 0.30 b/c of 68 225 0.30 the sc 45 153 0.29 https://bitco in/forum/threads/gold-collapsing-bitcoin-up 56 198 0.28 75% discount 18 104 0.17 profit company 25 145 0.17 the ppl 19 114 0.17 the mainchain 42 266 0.16 the gfc 20 166 0.12 on bct 19 169 0.11 ppl who 20 192 0.10 most ppl 12 116 0.10 small blockists 18 175 0.10 of ppl 17 170 0.10 
 75 % 124 174 0.71 100 % 55 199 0.28 usd verify 32 123 0.26 flexible transactions 44 170 0.26 mb hard 47 189 0.25 mb blocksize 38 154 0.25 usd / 62 252 0.25 1 75 43 182 0.24 core project 47 217 0.22 wladimir van 27 128 0.21 big blocker 36 189 0.19 10 % 29 158 0.18 a spinoff 23 128 0.18 jihan wu 30 188 0.16 big blockers 95 605 0.16 5 % 25 160 0.16 ln hub 41 263 0.16 small blocker 36 237 0.15 fork code 24 158 0.15 blockstream / 19 130 0.15 
 in submissions 45 173 0.26 no referral 49 231 0.21 referral links 54 451 0.12 begging/asking for 19 180 0.11 
 blocksize cap 117 592 0.20 a spinoff 25 128 0.20 of dev 17 106 0.16 schelling point 23 145 0.16 bitcoin's ledger 17 116 0.15 21m coin 19 145 0.13 new ledger 14 120 0.12 bitcoin ledger 34 335 0.10 
 / core 14 124 0.11 blockstream / 14 130 0.11 : https://www 26 255 0.10 
 free coins 31 290 0.11 
 entry credits 44 251 0.18 rube goldberg 20 123 0.16 was censored 22 148 0.15 note: this 26 201 0.13 get orphaned 32 266 0.12 lol @ 55 532 0.10 
 by full 35 183 0.19 max block 286 2134 0.13 bitcoin experts 33 257 0.13 rules no 14 117 0.12 lightweight clients 20 175 0.11 invalid chain 15 135 0.11 btc coin 12 109 0.11 with pruning 13 125 0.10 initial sync 26 255 0.10 
 bitcoin's ledger 12 116 0.10 
 to /changetip 116 131 0.89 satoshis changetip 316 539 0.59 daily thread 53 115 0.46 upvotes changetip 63 157 0.40 100000 satoshis 36 103 0.35 changetip tip 37 117 0.32 10 upvotes 38 133 0.29 tip it 144 513 0.28 that mods 29 115 0.25 deterministic seed 23 100 0.23 mbtc changetip 41 201 0.20 400 bits 60 309 0.19 thread](https://www reddit 36 208 0.17 changetip private 248 1489 0.17 moronic monday 24 151 0.16 comments which 17 113 0.15 it forward 185 1249 0.15 answer changetip 15 107 0.14 a giveaway 17 126 0.13 to subscribe 63 473 0.13 
 spam filtering 44 125 0.35 addresses don't 35 177 0.20 ecdsa private 18 100 0.18 consented to 21 119 0.18 spam filters 19 111 0.17 8 peers 17 102 0.17 since 0 18 108 0.17 hardforks are 32 202 0.16 addresses do 17 123 0.14 hardfork in 27 198 0.14 light clients 35 271 0.13 consensus systems 22 180 0.12 the centralised 15 127 0.12 consensus protocol 28 249 0.11 their spam 12 112 0.11 require consensus 13 125 0.10 hardfork would 12 117 0.10 on trusting 16 157 0.10 signed messages 17 167 0.10 
 bitcoin's ledger 27 116 0.23 new ledger 24 120 0.20 blocksize cap 84 592 0.14 wide ledger 17 123 0.14 21m coin 17 145 0.12 
 cap increase 86 209 0.41 urgency to 40 120 0.33 that wright 67 359 0.19 cap increases 18 102 0.18 support both 38 234 0.16 the urgency 27 180 0.15 wright is 115 826 0.14 reasonable doubt 59 459 0.13 he supposedly 14 110 0.13 block cap 23 186 0.12 people believing 12 109 0.11 into irrelevance 11 100 0.11 to bolster 17 169 0.10 
 missing transactions 24 103 0.23 
 active developers 29 101 0.29 try localbitcoins 91 446 0.20 white list 22 112 0.20 mission of 26 142 0.18 rate limit 29 173 0.17 try electrum 24 150 0.16 $0 03 31 194 0.16 rate limited 19 124 0.15 the mission 35 243 0.14 try circle 28 203 0.14 favor a 14 105 0.13 reuse an 13 108 0.12 around $0 22 186 0.12 42 million 13 110 0.12 lite clients 20 170 0.12 fiat exchanges 16 139 0.12 don't decide 15 134 0.11 $0 04 17 160 0.11 
No results found for gavinandresen, pwuille, raisethelimit, digitsu, Egon_1, ThomasZander, deadalnix, randy-lawnmole, Windowly, BeijingBitcoins, Helvetian616, BiggerBlocksPlease, 8btccom, saddit42, jessquit, KillerHurds, thestringpuller, MeTheImaginaryWizard, Leithm, steb2k, Matthew-Davey, s1ckpig, thezerg, redlightsaber.
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Laffka opensource torshop+bitcoin

Laffka opensource torshop+bitcoin
14.8 For sane instructions, please refer to https://github.com/eruina/laffka, most relevant technical stuff is in README.md - https://github.com/eruina/laffka/blob/masteREADME.md
14.8 RELEASE 2.01
pip3 -r requirements.txt
nano app/configuration.py
nano app/templates/disclaimer.html
python3 laffka.py
10.8 Made one test sale, spores for for microscopy in syringe.
Can confirm, payment of mailing expenses made to my wallet rapidly and without problems.
Revamped site, welcome: http://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/
source code will be availible 12.8
Revamped sitehttp://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/
9.8 Items can be added, removed and edited from console panel:
Console item
And this is how it looks like listed: http://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/item/6
Custom list of amounts to ship is in use now, howver - admin console validates only if session authorized.
What does this mean? Means that putting wrong values into database might bring whole Laffka down. Especially amount lists and orders which include both MainNet and TestNet orders.
Temporary solution would be to implement /rescue page, where admin can delete any offending row from database. Bit lame, but would do for now.
I am also puzzled at in which form package is to make. Well, have 3 days to figure it out.
8.8 At very basic level Laffka works in very basic level without any external stuff. Here:
Second part of admin console
At the risk of being labeled pedlling crap - shop example on laffka should work: http://sporeikzj77hnrxq.onion/ (yes, it is fully working little shop)
8.8 Items can be changed from console now. One can change, but not add or remove items at the moment.
Ugly as hell, but admin console in fact doesnt need to be pretty.
it needs to be functional.
6.8 Orders part of console is finished. Orders shown - ones that are paid, and ones that are marked with note.
Rather nifty, but probably requires additional changes after code is released.
Orders page
Order 98 will be shown even if Wif key is swept. Order 99 will disappear after Wif key is swept. Simple, and probably will require additions, but would do for now.
Time to fiddle with items.
5.8 Something like this. Subject to change!
Console, early version
5.8 Admin console is a bit of a puzzle. At the moment, I think of showing orders that has been paid AND orders which has note left by admin. Should be sufficient for first release version.
I also deem it bit pointless at the moment to validate values of admin console forms, orders and items.
4.8 pip3 module requirements now include flask-login and flask-session.
It would be interesting to run few instances of Laffka with common order table. This way one can make and keep a lot of small darknetshops in hidden onion land, with overall price well under 50€.
Login and session are required for shopowner identification, means it is in progress, after which packaging only left.
It might be interesting to make liveusb with sole purpose of running small Laffka-torshop.
Word Laffka is from finnish Lavka, which means small shop, usually at market place.
2.8 I should mention, that purchase process is very nonintrusive for customer. Gives a bit strain to shop owner, but not much.
1.8 Meanwhile I suffer from heat and overuse of bandwith, here is small presentation, how payments work.
Suppose customer would like 3pcs of Test item 1:
Generic order of Test item 1
So, customer clicks 3pcs, and arrives at second page:
Address part of ordering
Finally customer arrives at personalized payment page
Check out
After which customer is asked to pay for order:
Electrum Testnet
After order being paid, payment reflects on orderpage(http://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/pay/mryJ3ukrFHoUmdHeSkR4XZcwe3wvG3pRkd)
After payment been through:
Finished payment
Shop owner can claim funds by sweeping own private key from admin console(not finished yet)
Private key cUP4jznEGX8EDMPw813w4B7E6fBo3FDXPqhRLp5sFHq3v3KCgP2z
All right, now lets swipe:
Voila, New transaction received
Received payment
So, all in all customer paid 4.64526, and shop owner received 4.64108, difference is paid for bitcoin transaction, while private key was swept.
1.8 FFS. Seems I've depleted bandwith for august.
need to tune tor more careful.
UPDATE: temporarily example can be accessed at http://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/. test22cq47 doesn't work for now.
1.8 Satellite skeleton is done, orders page in progress.
Makes sence to finish satellite with instructions after admin console is done.
Still fucking hot in here, coding advances very slow, yet I believe it is going to be finished before deadline, 12.8
31.7 Satellite is in works, meanwhile testshop can be found at http://test222cq47k6qrn.onion/
http://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/ is going to point to project site itself, with sources and instructions.
31.7 My bad.Had theoretic items in a shop, and was considered peddling crap by administration.
Exchanged those to Test item 1 and 2, as seen here: http://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/
Project is now hosted separatedly from development, and should be availible all the time.
Of course, since it is early Alpha, it can fall, but otherwise you are welcome to make test order and pay it with testBitcoins.
It is fucking hot here, literally cannot concentrate myself to do anything useful.There is but two things left before release:
  1. Admin console (for fiddling with items, and sending orders)Have idea how to elegantly handle orders, but not items
  2. Some form of ready to deploy package
Also, I must mention requirements. Installing whole thing on pristine CentOS 7.4 was under 15mins, so here are first requirements:Python3 and python3-pip
And pip requirements for now: flask, requests, Flask-APScheduler, Flask-WTF, bitmerchant
12.8 is still deadline for release.
29.7 Nifty!!!
Too hot to think about admin console, yet it is not harder to run few instances of Laffka on machine than typing:flask run --port=5678andflask run --port=6789
in two different consoles. Actually nifty. No conflicts, two absolutely separate instances having nothing to do with each other.One can already generate sales, yet database from admin perspective is accessible only from some DB Browser.
29.7 I have observed, that visitors are coming to payment page, where it asks address and then most probably close page.
Don't be afraid, type some stupid shit there, it will transfer you to payment page itself. Don't be afraid to pay order neither, since testBitcoins do not cost anything. Neither I receive any information, except routes of visitors.
Answering questions: Design is no priority whatsoever. Since Laffka is developed with Tor in mind, there is no graphical elements at all. May be later CSS will be tweaked and ability to add pictures to items, but I don't see myself developing cushy designs for Laffka.
It should be lightweight, fast and simple. Functionality is of priority here.
Then there is question "How can I participate". At the moment only by testing is a method or participation, ie making order and paying with testBitcoins. After first release, one can branch code and develop own branch. I am not yet ready to release first public version.
Before releasing, there is necessity to create make/setuptools.py
28.7 Hello.
Always wanted my own small shop on darknet, not consolidated markets, which are riddled with such problems as exit scams, DDOS attacks, rules which you couldn't change and whatnot.
Never found anything suitable, heard about torshop, but apparently it was a scam.
Which is quite understandable - never trust your private keys to unknown third party, it is just plain stupid.
I think I came up with solution. Well, I didn't invent idea of opensource, but I think I know how to make this thing work.
Let me present Laffka, in its very much alpha stage.
It is written in Flask+python3, and uses* sqli*te as database engine. Doesn't require blockchain downloading, checks transactions online and generates private keys for bitcoin wallet sweeping, thus getting payments for *a t*x price.
Should work clearnet too, I don't see why not. Works excellent and made specially for hidden service purpose.
No binaries whatsoever, everything is in clean and understandable python+html. No surprises, no hidden stuff. Plain opensource. And plain opensource will be released, without tricks.
There are some pypi dependencies, I will list them in documentation upon release.
And release is coming soon. Not yet, but I've decided to draw a little attention, since Laffka accepts and processes payments, albeit on very basic level (no admin console at the moment, lot of functionality still missing)
Please observe alpha version 0.02 in action - http://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/
make order, or observe existing order - http://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/pay/mxprSXCVX7WvvADDDVCrKmEhfsvWvznawu
(observe increasing wallet balance upon sending testBitcoins. No blockchain involved.)
It would be greatly appreciated if you'd make order and pay for it. TestNet, not MainNet, so no money involved whatsoever. I require some feedback about project. You can run Electrum in testnet electrum --testnet, and get testBitcoins at some faucet, https://testnet.coinfaucet.eu/en/ for example (there are others)
If link doesn't work, it is ok - means I've took it off, and it will be coming back online bit later. Resource will run continuously when I finish satellite for Laffka (ToDo list is on index at http://laffka6wwduoexvb.onion/)
Thanks for attention.
Hash: SHA1
yes, it is me
Version: GnuPG v2
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Bitcoin-core Feature Request - Splitting the datastore into static and dynamic elements

I'm getting ready to spin-up ElectrumX for my personal node (Might offer BIP148 Electrum server to the network, not decided yet), and this requires having bitcoin-core re-index with the txindex option.
My node runs on a rather-slow ZFS-zvol backed by mechanical disks, and this re-index is slow.
I've got an SSD on the way, both to help bitcoin-core and ElectrumX, but I'd like to be able to break the data directory into mostly-static elements typically read in a straight line (the block database) which can live on slow storage and highly-dynamic elements (UTXO set et al) that could live on fast storage.
Does this request make sense? Can anyone provide a guesstimate of how this would break down in terms of storage size for slow and fast storage?
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