Over 14 million Kenyans now have access to a Bitcoin ...

Team Bitcoin on Kiva.org

Hi there,
I started this group on Kiva today called 'Team Bitcoin' since Bitcoin is making headlines and bitcoiners are making lots of money. I thought it'd be a good opportunity to engage with charitable projects worldwide and see what we can do as a community.
Kiva are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. They leverage the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, and let people lend small amounts (like $25) to charitable projects, usually home run businesses and individuals.
To join Team Bitcoin, simply sign up here: http://www.kiva.org/team/team_bitcoin
You can choose which projects you want to support by going to this page: http://www.kiva.org/lend
At the moment, Kiva doesn't accept bitcoin, but there might be the possibility of this in the future.
I'm also visiting Kenya in January to look into the potential for Bitcoin adoption there and find out about how Bitcoin can be used on the ground with reference to M-Pesa, the Kipochi bitcoin wallet and Bit-Pesa.
Thanks :-)
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Kipochi launches first Bitcoin wallet in Africa with M-Pesa integration

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Kipochi features - Africa’s first bitcoin wallet with MPESA integration

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Finextra: Kipochi integrates bitcoin wallet with M-Pesa

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Kipochi Launches Africa's First Bitcoin Wallet in Kenya

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CoinDesk - Kipochi launches M-Pesa integrated bitcoin wallet in Africa

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Bitcoins How They Can Change Your Life Get With Crypto Bitcoins Guide

The Bitcoin community is growing rapidly, interest in the Crypto Bitcoins guide has spread dramatically online, and new services are accepting Bitcoin payments increasingly. Blogging large, WordPress, accepts Bitcoin payments, and African primarily based mobile application supplier, Kipochi, have developed a Bitcoin wallet that can enable Bitcoin payments on mobile phones in developing nations
Crypto Bitcoin Guide have a tendency to have already seen folks create millions on the currency. We tend to are seeing increasing numbers of folks experimenting with living solely on Bitcoin for months on end, while recording the experience for documentary viewing.

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PSA: Fake Bitcoin Clients

Please use http://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet to make sure you avoid fake client downloads and by only using the links provided:
If any of these links variate do not download the clients and do not use online wallets or unsecure offline backups as your savings wallets for constent storage of funds, move funds into and out of hot wallets as need only, take the time to invest in a hardware wallet for extra security.
edit: added some extra clarification for online/offline wallet usage.
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37Coins - Bitcoin Wallet for 3rd World

Hi there!
check out 37coins.com, a set of tools to bring SMS Bitcoin wallets to any mobile network. An Android application acts as gateway to the internet, while the clients can use 'dump' feature-phones. The challenge is making compromises to bring as much security as affordable to allow a client on an untrusted network to control the hosted wallet.
What you see is a prototype, it allows sending an receiving Bitcoins via SMS shortcodes. A voice-pin service is in place that validates big transactions, while a onetime token is used for small amounts. Anyone can open a gateway and advertise his number to people, for every transaction through your gateway you'll receive a fee. In this way 37Coins is different to mPesa or Kipochi because it can operate without a network provider's agreement and easily expand to new countries.
I'd be happy if people with old android phones would take a minute and set up a gateway. The more gateways there are, the more testing I can do. The wallet is also an easy way to get people to use Bitcoin, like a friend or your grandma, just send a small amount to their number, and they are in.
Please have a look at the page. Any feedback is very welcome!
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I want to spend my paper wallets at Bitcoin ATMs and with in person merchants.

For those who don't have a smart phone but do have access to sites like bitaddress.org, a paper wallet seems like the way to go! I load a QR code with 20-30 millibits, have the merchant scan the private key, and I spend my coins. Get my product and cash change back (within reasonable limits).
Merchants that I've been to don't currently allow this, and neither does the Robocoin ATM in Vancouver, B.C.
If you're a developer, implement this fix! There are and have been many steps in the right direction, let's keep this moving!
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Dogecar, UFC.. how about a campaign to get phones and solar powered chargers to developing nations!

How awesome would it be to make a difference in getting cell phones, and solar powered chargers to individuals in developing countries.
Being able to save wealth, interact in trades without carrying cash, and access a global online market can offer so much opportunity, and it can be accessed even through "dumb" phones!
It would give individuals the power to save for their future. Which is especially hard for people living in areas without established or accessible banking institutions.
How does this relate to bitcoin?
Services like Kipochi allow individuals to send money to anyone with a phone. This type of marketing drive would create attention for services like these and their ability to create change.
I'm not qualified to run, organize, or anything more then promote something of this size. But I think it would be much more empowering then sponsoring sports (although that's still okay!) and promote bitcoin's ability to be generous and the context that the technology can help. It would be a nice way to change the message away from crime.
What do you guys think?
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penghasil bitcoin gratis tercepat 100% membayar - YouTube 4 APP PER GUADAGNARE BITCOIN 2018 CON PROVE DI PAGAMENTO 10 POSTI SCIENTIFICAMENTE IMPOSSIBILI CHE ESISTONO DAVVERO ... TUTORIAL ITA - Come Sincronizzare il wallet di ElectraCoin Hack Bitcoin Wallet - YouTube

The Kipochi Bitcoin wallet is unique in that it is not designed for any specific mobile operating system (such as iOS or Android); instead, it works on any mobile device that has access to the Internet. Your Kipochi account number is your mobile phone number, and all transactions are made via the web; it's a hybrid wallet in that it can be used on both mobile devices and desktop and laptop ... Kipochi is a Bitcoin wallet where your mobile number is your account number. Bitcoins can be sent and received across the borders with very low transaction fees, about $0.04 according to Kipochi’s website. “We’ve decided to spear head this as our goal is to make Bitcoin useful for regular people all over the world and not just computer programmers,” Kipochi said. In Kenya, M-Pesa is a ... How Kipochi is Taking Bitcoin into Africa Pelle Braendgaard is the co-founder of Kipochi, a UK-based, globally focused bitcoin wallet service started in March 2013. Kipochi Wallet verließ sich auf die Integration in das M-PESA-Netzwerk und nutzte das Agentennetzwerk von M-PESA als Tauschbörse, um Geld in sein Portemonnaie zu bekommen. Das Bitcoin-Netzwerk wird weltweit für seine extrem niedrigen Transaktionskosten (0,1%) und seinen unbegrenzten geografischen Geltungsbereich gelobt. Global bitcoin wallet service Kipochi has launched a product that allows people in Africa to send and receive bitcoins, plus convert them to and from the Kenyan currency M-Pesa.. This will allow ...

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