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CoinCode in my mind is a specialized place in that I would like to discuss all things coin/blockchain that pertain to code, tools/software, and technology. This is a partly product of me having to dig through posts to find the ones with code blocks in /bitcoin, but also to help perpetuate the open and free ideals that the blockchain/bitcoin code were born from.

Alguem pode me tirar algumas duvidas ?

Estou procurando uma carteira que:
Espero que alguem possa tirar todas as minhas dúvidas, grato!!!
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Total amount of bitcoin hasn't transferred into my bither wallet.

I set up an account with coinbase to try all this out. I was told by a buddy of mine to get a bither wallet. The problem is that I purchased 90$ of bitcoin and did everything coinbase said to do to transfer my bitcoin to bither wallet but only 12.73$ is available. It's been 13 hours and now currently a total of 65 confirmations and nothing has changed. I looked on the coinbase forums to find a post to help me but couldn't find anything. I've found that it can be as little as 3 confirmations or 50 and about 30 minutes to complete this. 13 hours later and still nothing. I've contacted coinbase but was told it can be up to 72 hours for a response. Has anyone had an issue similar and resolved it?
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Does anyone know where to get windows type client wallets for some of these forked coins to claim? For instance Bitcoin God, Bitcoin Ore,Bitcoin King, Bitcoin Stake,New Bitcoin and Bitcoin Pro? Thanks in advance for any links to windows type core wallets, or if bither and bitpie have added yet?

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How many days should it take to send some bitcoin from my wallet (bither) to my coinbase account?

Its been 3 days already and my transaction is still pending. I used a really small transaction fee. Please help . :)
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How many days should it take to send some bitcoin from my wallet (bither) to my coinbase account? /r/Bitcoin

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Bither wallet out of sync /r/Bitcoin

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Bither, recommended wallet by, released new version for android; No proper release on GitHub. Is it safe to use?

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Bither wallet help /r/Bitcoin

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Are there any one can make a phone wallet just like "bither"? bither is a bitcoin wallet, it a open source projects, maybe you can use it.
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Bither Wallet Access /r/Bitcoin

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Send bitcoins to my Bither wallet, I forgot password installed it 6 monthg ago.

Hi, I use Mycelium, however I thought let's try this bither when I installed it I guess 6 months ago just installed it checked a bit didn't send any coins and forget about it.
Today thought to send not much coins, copied address back to mycelium and send, received it good, when saw option to sign messages tryed it prompted for password, and usually I have a dumb password for things that I am still testing it and nothing valuable is there and "wrong password" trying passwords that I can think of no success.
Any help, or I keep trying guessing password and if not, I lost small amount nothing to worry but just want to know.
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Total amount of bitcoin hasn't transferred into my bither wallet. /r/Bitcoin

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Bither, recommended wallet by, released new version for android; No proper release on GitHub. Is it safe to use?

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Regarding Bitcoin Diamond....

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I just want to make a one-time bitcoin purchase to pay for a VPN subscription. How do I go about it?

As stated above, I just want to buy some bitcoin to pay for a NordVPN subscription, because I do not have any other way to pay for it. I don't have online banking or a credit card, and honestly don't want neither. So, I'm not interested in trading or stocks or anything.
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Bitpie Announces Partnership with Cred to Offer Financial Services

Bitpie Announces Partnership with Cred to Offer Financial Services
Bitpie, one of the leading multi-blockchain wallet platforms in the Asia-Pacific region serving over 5 million users, announced its partnership with Cred to offer financial services to its customers. Cred, a licensed lender in California, is the leading crypto-backed lending and borrowing platform, serving customers in over 190 countries. Bitpie has stored more than $10 billion worth of cryptocurrency assets in its seven years of operation. Cred’s platform will be integrated into the BitPie wallet, offering BitPie Wallet users the ability to earn interest on crypto assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum.
All Bitpie Wallet customers who hold $50,000 USD or more in assets can schedule a call with one of Cred’s Mandarin or English speaking private client associates to develop a custom program.
“Bitpie has a large number of high-net-worth users, and Cred provides highly competitive products for all major crypto assets to meet their needs. We have full confidence in the prospect of this partnership,” said Wang Chao, COO of BitPie.
Bitpie has deep roots in Beijing and has been named one of the most popular wallets used by Chinese investors. As a leading multi-chain wallet in the Asia-Pacific region, Bitpie hosts the most active user base of BTC applications, and its BTC and USDT storage volumes rank at the top in the Asian market.
“We are thrilled to partner with BitPie, a highly popular cryptocurrency wallet whose wallet deposits for BTC and USDT rank among the largest in Asia,” said Dan Schatt, CEO and Co-Founder of Cred.
Bitpie users will be able to lend their crypto assets and receive either monthly payments in the form of simple interest or can opt for daily compounded interest, with the option to roll over pledged assets for additional periods. Users can take advantage of Cred’s ultra-low minimum amount requirements and receive interest is paid out in the customer’s choice of stablecoin or cryptocurrency.
For updates on the launch of the Bitpie Wallet and Cred partnership, monitor Cred’s social channels including Cred’s Twitter and Telegram for upcoming announcements.
Originated from Bither Wallet, the Bitpie team is made up of seasoned blockchain professionals and business experts devoted to providing its users with safe asset management and broad blockchain application access. Bitpie leverages security, user accessibility, and functionality to provide leading cryptocurrency services to its community. Bitpie has the largest volume of BTC and USDT storage in the Asian market.
Cred is a California-based licensed lender offering lending and borrowing services to customers in 190 countries. Founded on the belief of fairness, Cred’s mission is to harness the power of blockchain to allow everyone to benefit from blockchain-based financial services. Cred brings together a diverse team of financial technology veterans, entrepreneurial leaders, machine learning, and the power of blockchain technology. For more information, visit
Find us on:
👉Twitter ; 👉Facebook; 👉Telegram Channel
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Algorand Ecosystem AMA with Bitpie Wallet

Algorand Ecosystem AMA with Bitpie Wallet
here it is AMA time! Introducing u/Chao Wang — COO Bitpie Wallet and u/Kong our ambassador from China! AMA Duration: 35 minutes Rounds: Team Round (first 20 min) and Community Round (last 15 min)
Chao Wang
Thx Daniel About myself, I heard bitcoin in 2013, started buying and a little bit mining by end of that year. And of course, I lose a lot of money during the market collapse in 2014–15, just like a lot of friends just suffered in the past weeks. Luckily, as a hodler, I didn’t sell any coin during bear market and most of those coins are still in my wallet until today. In 2017 I joined Bitpie. Prior to that, I have been in the traditional IT industry for more than a decade. During my 15-years career, I have worked for organizations including online service company, big data company and IT services company. Responsible for IT system, product R&D, business management and has been stationed in the United States to manage a series of project cooperate with IT giants such as Microsoft and Cisco. My last role before joining Bitpie was the general manager of a business division at one of largest IT service companies in China, managing the solution business related to new technologies such as cloud computing and AI, also got some chance to work with partner for business-oriented blockchain PoC projects. It is a tough time for everyone, it is my great honor to have the opportunity to meet and learn from you guys at this special moment.
Hi, all. I am Kong from Bitpie Wallet. Also ambassador of Algorand Beijing. I have been working for Bitpie since 2018 and now mainly in charge of marketing job. Tonight, Mr Wang chao will bring us his presentation and I will help answer questions if needed. Long for Bitpie and Algorand
Thanks a lot for sharing your introduction u/Chao Wang u/Kong! Seems you have been in the industry since a long while! Glad to have your experience and support for Algorand! Really appreciate Bitpie as a global partner of Algorand and you have also supported ASA these days. Could you tell us more about Bitpie Wallet and what do you think about the cooperation with Algorand?
Chao Wang
Bitpie is an industry-leading non-custody wallet with very high market penetration in Asia area. We have been focused on the blockchain wallet for more than six years. As a professional wallet service provider, we have 3 wallet products. Bitpie Wallet — a multi-chain wallet with DeFi and DApp portal along with a lot of other crypto-based scenarios. Bither Wallet, a recommended open-sourced bitcoin wallet. BitHD — an open-sourced multichain Hardware cold Wallet. Among 3 products, Bitpie is the most famous one. Our products helped millions of global users manage dozens of billions of US Dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies in the past 6 years with 0 security accident. We are also very proud of being a contributor to the early blockchain community for we introduced a variety of novel technologies in the field of cryptology and security. The cooperation between Algorand and Bitpie began in 2018 when we met Professor Micali and Steven for the first time in Beijing. The conversation was very pleasant and soon determined willingness of both parties to cooperate. In 2019, with the launch of the Algorand mainnet, we have 360-degree cooperation with Algorand in technology, network, marketing and ecosystem support. With the launch of Algorand 2.0 and ASA assets, great innovations are emerging on Algorand blockchain. We are very happy to participate in this process and look forward to more cooperation in the future.
Thank you for the detailed introduction about Bitpie and your cooperation with Algorand! Do you have large market share for BTC, USDT or any other currencies in Asia?
Chao Wang
Yes, we are the most popular BTC wallet in Asia, and for stable currencies, we are probably the wallet with №1 volume in the world 🙂 I would like to say more about USDT.
Sure please go ahead!
Chao Wang
We all know Stable coin is extremely important for a public chain ecology. As a wallet operator, our experience in this area is direct, and we have observed a lot in the past when the stable currency market and the underlying public chain were constantly changing. Before the launch of Algorand USDT, we had several conversations with foundation and shared our understanding of this market. Each public chain has unique development route, and this route also determine the market development route of stable currency on that Chain. The application-oriented blockchain is still in a very early stage, now it is difficult to determine which direction is better and more likely to succeed. But no matter which route you take, one thing is for sure, which is to increase the usability as much as possible and help users reduce the barrier. This is the main reason why erc20 USDT can take most of the market share from omni USDT. Market promotion is also very important. If Algorand has some related plans in the future, Bitpie as the direct entry point to reach users, is very willing to provide help as much as we can.
Glad to see our goals align Chao 🙂 We wish to have Algorand- USDT as major value capture on Algo public chain! Really excited to explore more use-cases and co-marketing opportunities with you. While on the subject, I noticed you have DeFi and Dapp portal. As a leading wallet provider, what do you think is the future of wallets ? Is it DeFi, something else?
Chao Wang
Yes, DeFi and DApp are extremely important for wallet. But that not all we are aiming for. In the past, wallet is viewed as a tool that managed private keys to send and receive assets. With the emergence of various scenarios in the blockchain world, the functions integrated on the blockchain wallet today have far exceeded asset sending and receiving. Almost all major wallets on the market have integrated different forms of coin trade. Staking, voting, Borrowing & Lending functions have also been integrated into wallet. More wallets have even begun to support Dapp and DeFi based on different blockchain networks, thereby introducing more open scenarios. But we see that the users of the wallet are all users who already have crypto assets and already has some understanding of the blockchain. However, the proportion of such users in the entire society is very small, and currently there are few wallets or applications that can develop people who do not know the blockchain through their own scenarios. I think that will change in the future. There will be a variety of innovations constantly emerging, and some of them, although possibly a small part, will draw quite a lot of people from the general community to blockchain world. They are not typical crypto asset holders, and they do not understand what a blockchain is or what an oval algorithm is. In fact, they don’t need to understand. Both public chains and wallets will evolve, allowing ordinary users to enjoy the innovation brought to them by the blockchain without perception. At that time, the wallet, as a carrier of rights and on-chain identities, will be closely related to people’s daily lives. And the form of the wallet will be very different from now. For the simplest example, suppose a billion people have entered the world of blockchain. Can you imagine all one billion people are writing down mnemonic words like current wallet users? That’s not possible.
You make quite a few interesting points Chao. Mnemonic words is an interesting one as well! Since we are running low on time, my last question would be on Algorand itself. What are your thoughts about Algorand? 🙂
Chao Wang
I have worked in the IT service industry for many years. The clients I have dealt with involve various industries, finance, manufacturing, retail, transportation, government. My major business focus was to provide them with the underlying business support systems. This gives me some understanding of the fundamental supporting of commercial facilities. In these mature business ecosystems, there is a complete and meticulous industry chain collaboration. Some are responsible for basic technical/science innovations, and some are responsible for the implementation of the underlying platform based on these innovations. Some people use their technical capabilities to design solutions suitable for the industry, and some people apply these solutions to help them expand their business. In the end, no matter how many layers are passed, it is the consumers who pay for all of this. Of course, consumers also enjoy the convenience brought by technological development and industrial chain collaboration. Blockchain system will also play the role to support business. However, blockchain technology and ecology are still very early, such industrial collaboration cannot yet be formed. Some public chains have focused on faster and more direct 2C scenarios. This is understandable, but in my opinion, industrial collaboration will eventually come, and at that time, tens of millions of people will enjoy the beauty that blockchain technology brings to everyone. Compared with other public chains, Algorand’s path is very solid, and it is constantly laying the foundation, not only the technical foundation, but also the basis of industrial chain collaboration. This process may not be that fast, but I think it is all necessary.
Appreciate you sharing your thoughts Chao! We are really committed towards industrial collaboration. You summed it all up really well! I will be compiling a full blog-post and publishing it for those who couldn’t join the AMA u/here Community Round can start now! You can ask any questions that you have! This one would run for the next 15 minutes.
Chao Wang
Thanks Daniel!
Benjamin Lim
Really appreciate the time you guys are taking to have this AMA For Bitpie, which countries are most popular for using your wallet service? By the looks of it asia, but curious on where the majority of users are from? 😄
Chao Wang
As a team from China, users from China take the largest part. But our penetration in Southeast Asian countries is also very high. Some of our users are in China, our team are based on Hong Kong. We welcome and embrace regulation relate to wallet service. This is a must done thing before blockchain permeate everyone’s life.
Nate Hamilton
Will you be offering any kind of staking on the POS networks you support?
Chao Wang
Yes, we are providing Staking services for blockchains such as Cosmos and EOS .
Benjamin Lim
I suppose there’s interest in increasing the number of tokens that can be staked on your platform yep?
Chao Wang
Yes, everyone want to manage their asset in one wallet rather than install wallet for each blockchain network.
Benjamin Lim
You’re right .. Binance is quite fierce in adopting new staking servicestoo it must be a challenge to gain market share
does the wallet support other cryptocurrencies/erc20 tokens?
Chao Wang
Yes, we support 30+ blockchain network including BTC/ETH/Algorand. All ERC20 Tokens is supported.
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BCD Update ?

Has there been any update regarding Free Bitcoin Diamond. Have I missed something ? TIA
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ALERT: New Bitcoin scam wallet added to Apple Store. Please report if you can to help prevent theft for the community (details inside)

Unfortunately it seems like another scam wallet has been added to the Apple Store, this time it's based on Mycelium's code. I've helped expose nearly 25 scam wallets on iOS (which have all been taken down). They all share similar characteristics, and the big giveaway for this one which many of those scams shared is it's copyright is "Wallet".
Stay away from this wallet and report it!
FastWallet - Wallet for Bitcoin. by Truong Huyen
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iPad user looking for a good first wallet.

So I have a bunch of bitcoin on coinbase and I want to get them off the exchange and into some form of long term storage. I only have an iPad for a computer for now so I’m looking for the best cold storage solutions I can get with my iPad. I hear there are some apps such as edge or bither but are those wallets really ok? What is everyone else’s experience with those?
And just in general, what sort of cold storage options would you recommend?
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Claiming my BCD (Bitcoin Diamond)

How to claim my Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) with a private key from a private wallet? I don`t think there is a desktop computer wallet yet where I can import my private key and get my coins right?
Anyone can help me please?
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Trouble with signing / verifying bitcoin signed messages

Recently I've been having some trouble with trying to sign Legacy Bitcoin addresses messages and then verifying them with unrelated wallets. This has nothing to do with Segwit addresses and only related to original addresses. Specifically when signing a message with a legacy private Key address and then trying to verify it with the Bither wallet. Specifically what's happening is when I try to sign a message in mycelium and then verify the signature with bitter I get an error that the signature does not match even though I'm absolutely positive that I have properly sign the message with mycelium and that the message itself has no spaces are capitals or anything else that may throw off the signature. Does anyone else having issues with signatures from Bitcoin addresses? I feel as though this is a vital part of having true Financial autonomy over your own digital assets and that you are able to conclusively prove ownership of the addresses via signing messages with a private key where you have Bitcoin associated.
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How to Recover Missing Bitcoins / Not Showing Up While ... How To Use A Bitcoin Wallet (2019)– HODL Wallet Bither HDM Demo v0.0.1 Claim HEX cryptocurrency with Bither Wallet - Get 11.000 ... Guide to the Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2019 - YouTube

send bitcoin. addresses . all blockchain and pricing data on is provided “as-is” and is to be used for entertainment purposes only, and should not be used or relied on in any way to influence or direct trading or investment decisions or funds availaibility or funds value. neither, nor its employees, contractors, owners, operators or ... You’ve just sent bitcoin from your cold wallet without compromising security! The Bither Wallet. The user interface is a bit different than some of the other mobile wallets and might take a bit of getting used to. Each wallet address is displayed on the homescreen as a series of boxes. A click on the address box will open a more detailed display, which includes the associated transactions ... Bitcoin Wallet Vergleich: Alles was man über Bitcoin Wallets wissen muss Auch wenn eine Investition in Bitcoins heutzutage immer einfacher wird, gilt es doch einige wichtige Informationen zu kennen. So sollte man als zukünftiger Anleger beispielsweise wissen, was ein Bitcoin Wallet ist, welche unterschiedlichen Arten es gibt, wie man ein Bitcoin Wallet erstellen kann und welche Anbieter am ... Bither is an open-source Bitcoin wallet Project that comes as a package or basically bitcoin core combined with giving you a desktop client wallet for your bitcoins and a mobile hot wallet.. With Bither wallet running on cold or hot mode, you can use Bitcoin as simple as cash or credit card. Features: [] Platforms: Linux, Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS Bither Bither ist eine einfache und sichere Wallet für verschiedene Plattformen. Dank speziell entworfener Cold/Hot-Modi ist sie für Nutzer sowohl sicher, als auch einfach. Bithers XRANDOM verwendet verschiedene Entropie-Quellen, um echte Zufallszahlen für die Nutzer zu generieren. Mittels HDM können Anwender die Vorteile von HD und die Sicherheit von Multisigs nutzen. Features ...

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How to Recover Missing Bitcoins / Not Showing Up While ...

Today I take a look at the Hodlwallet, and how to set up your own bitcoin wallet on your mobile phone, both android and iPhone (iOS). The Hodlwallet might be the best bitcoin wallet I’ve seen ... #bitcoin #coinbase ★ Free Crypto IRA Guide: ★ Earn By Lending Out Your Bitcoin: ★ T... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue HOW TO GET A BITCOIN WALLET - Safe and Secure Way - Duration: 6:20. Wealth Hacks 216,379 views. 6:20. How to Download & Cryptographically Verify the Exodus Bitcoin Wallet - Duration: 12:33. ... Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet Setup & Tutorial - Bitcoin Wallet - Buy Bitcoin Online with Credit Card - Duration: 10:03. Make Money Online by Lodhi Ji 635 views 10:03