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QuarkCoin Cryptocurrency

Quark is a decentralized digital monetary system. It facilitates sending Quarks to Friends, Family Members Online Payments free of charges and charge-backs. Military Grade Encryption. No Bank or Government Control. Quark coins are based on the original idea of Bitcoin but improved, more secure, faster transaction times and zero fees. With improvements to design and security. There is also a greater coin supply with higher block rewards for miners. Quark is fully Open Source.

To all why-price whinners

I think we all are a bit tired of topics like this one:
People screaming out loud why they "losing their money", why price didnt skyrocketing despite so many achievements that we have reached recently. Most of these people bought quarks at a peak of the december hype or right after it. At first they blamed the unperfection of the world, then stupidity of crypto users who just constantly chasing the hype (QRKDOGEBCDRK??) falling under manipulations and left those who "understand the real price of Quark" calculating their losses. Now one little step left for hypers to openly blame the community for doing it wrong and dont meet up 10-fold profit expectations of so-called "investors". Why don't we paint doggies on a cars? why dont tipping each other like crazy? why dont implement great features which brings value to others?
Know what? Your logic is wrong.
  1. Altcoins are moving from one bubble to another. For us who don't own thousands of bitcoins it's a stohastic, accidental process, noone can predict its next phase. Don't chase it, you will lose. There is always someone who knows more than you.
  2. There is no mechanism of price discovery in cryptos. Since noone use it in the real world for gaining profit, noone interested to pick the most viable technology or the most dedicated community. They interested in hyping and the best option for it is a newborn coin with weak community who cannot resist obvious price manipulations. When information hype reach some point the price upward trend start to seem natural and many "investors" fall in it generating much profit for instaminers and hypers. Quark was such in december but not right now. And other market participants at first become "long-term investors" waiting for some day when the price exceed the peak of the hype (cause the coin their bought is SOOOOO amasing) but in time found themselves bought worthless crap with no reasonable explanation. They start whinning why the price is not going on to the moon cause the coin is SOO amasing and eventually blame developers and others for not holding the momentum, not adopting the next AMASING technology selling of at a huge loss and move to another part of the drama.
I assure you that I've "lost" much more than most of you as I started buying in February-March. Before that I quit my rather a low-wage job to devote all my time to cryptos, so losing that much coins is really painful for me. I've done this because quark fundamentals and after joining the board I found that the quark community is very different from other coin ones. Here are people who do understand why quark fundamentally better than not only mindless copycoins but even well-established cryptos as Peercoin, Litecoin or THE KING itself. People who understand fundamentals are the biggest capital for the bright future you could ever imagine. For myself I was part in different crypto communities for a time but only in quark among these people I sences the desire to actually create something to move forward, to be a part of the team not only a passenger.
What are these misterious quark fundamentals? I personally believe they are the following:
  1. Hash algorythm which preserve Satoshi's rule one CPU (or GPU) equals one vote in distributed consensus mechanism. It prevents huge inequality between large asic datacenters and ordinary miners. Everyone get his or her share in process no matter how big or shall he or she is.
  2. Money emission which don't let miners to loot others work. To earn quark you need to work or sell something valuable not only plug your GPU farm or ASIC. This is why an ordinary crypto "enthusiast" hates Quark and calls it pre-mined scam or piece of crap.
When a big money enters the crypto market it will belong to people who do understand these things. They will be those who use cryptos in business to reduce fees and gain profits. And they will understand and price Quark accordingly in the true price discovery mechanism not the present imitation of one.
Yes, for now Quark costs me a lot. But stop, it will cost me only if I decide to withdraw at a loss, which I won't do. I see market plunging because of the particular people, large holders of QRK who are exiting the market following the hype logic. I've reported it recently with some blockchain evidence. So, it's their right to do it. Bad for them, good for us, cuase we, those who intend to stay, are able to increase our share of Quarks due to price falling.
Maybe I'm wrong and going to lose everything. But I consider Quark worth fighting for and working on cause here my fighting and working will eventually bring me more than in any other place. And not only I understand it.
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Microcoin : the coin I've been waiting

Hi all
Helloooo is there anyone here ?
OK, I'll start :
I've been following bitcoin back in 2011, I did not mine I did not buy, I was just interested in the concept.
Then I thought mining was a good option but the costs involved stopped me to do it.
ASICs were hot talk and bitcoin block reward was about to halve, I thought my mining rig would be outdated in a month (how wrong I was...)
Then it appears to me that miners would switch to Litecoin, and I finally bought a VGA card to get me some.
Making calculations, mining was not the way to go, so I bought some coins.
And i started trading.
I bought some LTC because it was SHA256-asic resistant.
I bought some PPC because it was energy and security efficient (PoS+PoW).
I bought some QRK because it was faster (around 30 sec for the block-time).
I bought some VTC because it was scrypt-asic resistant.
I bought some Doge because of the huge coin supply (you can send some to your friends without feeling like loosing a fortune).
I did not buy Novacoin because of the premine.
I was waiting for a coin that could be all this at one time.
And here it is, microcoin is here.
(With a cool name by the way and a great logo)
All those very unique features for LTC, PPC, QRK, VTC and Doge are the reasons for the popularity and spectacular value increase for those coins.
microcoin have all of them.
But microcoin is lacking something.
Something that you can not implement.
Something not in the code : a strong community to support and promote it.
Show microcoin some love !
Let's take microcoin to the.......................................launchpad ;)
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Live hashrate distribution, pool fees & minimum payment comparison. Mining Pools & Block Explorer. ASIC - Groestl Qubit Skein Quark. MiningPool Stats. Toggle navigation. MiningPoolStats # × QRK/USD : 7 Day. Market Cap : $ 24h Vol : $ Difficulty : 6 Months. Block Height : Avg. Block Time : Hard Fork : Reward Halving in : Tweets by Quark_revive × Small donations to keep website running ... Durch Bitcoins Mining können Sie Einheiten der virtuellen Bitcoin-Währung erhalten. Mit entsprechendem finanziellen Aufwand kann so jeder Computer-Besitzer nebenbei Geld verdienen. Wie das geht und was Sie dabei beachten sollten, erklären wir Ihnen in unserem Ratgeber. QRK - Network Hashrate Graph is not available for now. Always double check the results I strongly recommend confirming from some pool explorers that the reward is good, if the pool does not have an orphan block and the algorithm has not changed recently. Quark is an algorithm for mining cryptocurrency based on a one-level hash function, which consists of 9 levels of encryption by six different cryptographic algorithms. Quark is not demanding for large amounts of RAM. Also, the Quark has a high 64-bit protection against hacker attacks. Quark is remarkable for its low power consumption. Quark Mining. Quark mining information - including a Quark mining calculator, a list of Quark mining hardware, Quark difficulty with historical charts, Quark hashrate charts, as well as the current Quark price.

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