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Selling Physical Things For Bitcoin: A Shopify and Coinbase Integration Review

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Taking Bitcoin For Physical Things: A Shopify and Coinbase Integration Review

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Taking Bitcoin For Physical Things: A Shopify and Coinbase Integration Review

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Bitcoin Discussion • Review/Guide: Shopify and Coinbase Integration

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Speech Recognition? What function is this, can this be added to the store?

As a result of a predicted boost as well as the development of 2020’s impact on business, the ecommerce market is multiplying. Everyday, even more merchants are making the move to on-line marketing, while business owners are getting their start via ecommerce ventures.
By 2022, e-retail earnings will expand to $6.54 trillion, up from $3.53 trillion in 2019.
Nevertheless, ecommerce is an ever-changing industry. Yearly, numerous brand-new trends show up that can help your service expand as well as surpass your rivals– 2021 is no various.
Keeping up with development trends can make your shop always be liked by customers, so you should never miss these e-commerce development trends.Let’s look at the top 8 ecommerce fads to watch out for in 2021.

1. Voice Business Will Surge.

Individuals are progressively relying upon voice assistant devices like the Amazon.com Mirror with Alexa and the Google Home with Google Aide to do every little thing, from waking them to getting items online. 75% of U.S. houses will have clever speakers by 2025. Voice commerce sales are prepared for to reach $40 billion by 2022.
Another reason why voice commerce gets on the rise is the growing accuracy and also comfort of the innovation. Both Google and also Amazon are pressing regional languages in their virtual aide devices to help customers go shopping even more conveniently.
Consequently, it is necessary to enhance your on-line store for voice search.
Here are four ways to prepare your ecommerce website for voice queries.
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2. Omnichannel Buying Will End Up Being the New Normal.

Omnichannel selling refers to supplying consumers a smooth as well as consistent experience throughout channels as well as gadgets.
In a study by HBR (Harvard Service Testimonial), 73% of respondents stated they utilize multiple channels during their purchasing journey. This data is almost 4 years of ages.
With the boost in the adoption of mobile devices and voice aides, I can only imagine that the number of omnichannel consumers will certainly increase a lot more in 2021.
Usage analytics tools like Finteza that give thorough ecommerce analytics to identify client actions and track whatever pertaining to the cash flow. An analytics device of this type aids you assess which items remain in need, monitor your profit and loss, as well as evaluate client commitment. Finteza additionally enables you to develop records for occasions that matter one of the most to your service, such as view items, add to cart, check out progress, as well as checkout success.
These understandings enable you to provide the exact item that your consumers are searching for and also supply a seamless shopping experience.
Below are some even more ways for you to use a seamless omnichannel experience.

3. AI and AR Will Enhance the Ecommerce Experience.

Online sellers will certainly invest $ 7.3 billion on AI by 2022. More than 120,000 shops will certainly be utilizing AR modern technologies to use clients an abundant acquiring experience by 2022.
Expert system (AI) serves as your on-line in-store affiliate by providing customized guidance and recommendations to your clients. AI uses consumers’ past acquisition history and also searching behavior to show them items they are most likely to buy.
Unlike in physical stores, online buyers can not try out or physically inspect the item that they mean to purchase. Augmented truth (AR) assists remove this obstacle by allowing customers see exactly how a particular product would certainly look on them also prior to they purchase the item.
By executing AI and AR in your ecommerce shop, you will likely see a rise in conversions and also a decline in the return price.

4. New Payment Choices Will Certainly Emerge.

Payment alternatives are among the major reasons that clients choose a particular brand. If you don’t offer your customers’ preferred repayment approach, they will not purchase from your ecommerce shop.
As of now, most ecommerce services approve electronic purses (like Google Pay, Samsung or Apple Pay, and also PayPal) besides debit as well as charge card. Cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, have several advantages for online store proprietors, such as low deal costs and no reverse purchases.
For example, Overstock partnered with Coinbase, a Bitcoin platform, to permit customers to use Bitcoin as a repayment technique.
In 2021, we could see more ecommerce companies will begin approving cryptocurrencies for deals.
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Services being offered
Custom web design wordpress sites wix shopify stores xenforo dsites MyBB
The services above will include a fully functional website to your specifications
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Services being offered
Custom web design wordpress sites wix shopify stores xenforo dsites MyBB
The services above will include a fully functional website to your specifications
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Cryptomarketing in 2020: successful application of strategies from MLM and the beauty industry

Cryptomarketing in 2020: successful application of strategies from MLM and the beauty industry

Cryptomarketing in 2020: successful application of strategies from MLM and the beauty industry
Over the past decade, the crypto-industry has proven to be a unique industry with a specific audience, which requires a no less specific approach. In this regard, in 2020, the advertising activity of crypto companies is significantly different from that to which banks and various financial companies resort. Industry leaders prefer not to rely on traditional online advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They follow a different path: they work with bloggers (opinion leaders and influencers), rely on MLM marketing referral programs and actively organize various contests and sweepstakes with generous prize pools. The CoinDesk portal claims that crypto marketing this year is strikingly reminiscent of marketing in the beauty industry, and here it is no less effective.

General concept

Michelle Fan, a blogger with a million YouTube subscribers, is using the same techniques to spread skin care life hacks and the idea of financial freedom through bitcoins. Moreover, she assures that the leaders of the crypto industry, like her, use marketing schemes from the beauty industry, even if they themselves do not know about it.
Both areas prefer to use the DTC (Direct to Customer) business scheme, independently creating and then promoting and selling goods / services, working as closely as possible with the community. Sales are built through aggregated retail platforms like Amazon, Etsy and Shopify, or even through accounts in popular social networks.
Industry leaders in developing countries often resort to the latter option, where large sites like Amazon simply don’t work or aren’t popular. For example, Michelle Haber, a bitcoin maximalist from Libya, made it clear in CoinDesk’s comment that social networks and chats are today the most effective way to distribute goods / services in crypto topics. He said that local traders in order to “educate” the audience help buy hardware wallets, selling them through groups on social networks. Buying yourself Trezor or Ledger in another way is often simply impossible.

Work with opinion leaders

Michelle Fan is not the only person from the crypto-community who notices the similarities with the beauty industry. So, Maria Paula Fernandez, who actively uses the services of the DeFi sector and is seriously interested in the topic of skin care, gave the CoinDesk portal a similar comment.
She notes that in both cases, society has become accustomed to relying on the opinion of society itself, rather than trusting the views of the world’s leading media. Therefore, in both sectors, the so-called influencers are very popular — opinion leaders and bloggers who disseminate information among their audience on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social networks, receiving a reward for this.
Crypto-companies very often, like firms from the beauty industry, provide their products to opinion leaders for review and further “instruction” of their subscribers. Maria Paula Fernandez does not see anything shameful in this. Observing the experience of bloggers, subscribers begin to acquire a kind of crypto-education and disseminate the information through the word of mouth. Thus, the crypto-community grows.
The most successful bloggers over time can count on sponsorship from one or another crypto company.
For example, the podcaster Marty Bent, whose show is now funded by Unchained Capital and Square, the developer of Cash App, witnessed this scenario. The latter, by the way, in addition to Bent sponsor also podcast Joe Rogan and rapper Lil B.
Many other large companies, including the Kraken exchange, have resorted to this strategy. They are just as interested in sponsoring reputable content creators who promote products among loyal subscribers. The U.S. exchange sponsors the Reckless VR crypto start-up, founded by Udi Wertheimer for crypto-conferences in virtual reality, and the famous podcast Peter McCormack, who launched his own media brand Defiance last year. Having started his career as a hobby, McCormack turned it into a business of his life, thanks to which he earned about $1 million for 2019.
With all this, working with bloggers is a great opportunity to enter foreign markets. This is understood at Crypto.com, where they use opinion leaders to attract the Russian-speaking and Turkish-speaking community. Does this approach give a result? Judge for yourself: over the past six months, the number of startup users has doubled and currently stands at more than 2 million people.

Referral Bonuses and MLM Marketing

The development of products within the community often turns into MLM marketing strategies, which require the presence of referral bonuses and bonuses “in depth” — favorite schemes of cosmetic brands. They use a multi-level reward system for attracting partners, where you can usually get a bonus not only for personally invited, but also for “friends of friends and their friends”. Thus, opinion leaders who distribute crypto products often receive a portion of the funds that people invited by them will pay for the product / service.
The relevance and effectiveness of the trend is confirmed by the fact that these methods are not shy to use not only crypto start-ups, but also top cryptocurrency companies, widely known throughout the industry. A prime example is SatoshiLabs, a company that manufactures and distributes Trezor wallets. The head of communications, Iva Fizerova, confirmed that she is actively resorting to “affiliate marketing” with bloggers as an alternative to paying them for direct advertising.
No less vivid examples are the largest crypto exchanges Binance and Gemini, which managed to succeed not without the help of referral systems copied from the multi-level marketing campaigns Avon and Mary Kay, which they have been using for decades.
Instagram blogger Chjango Unchained has been earning good bonuses for several months running after posting a referral link to Gemini on her profile. When her subscribers register on the exchange and buy cryptocurrencies worth more than $100, she receives $10 in BTC. According to her, she is doing a good deed. The blogger wants people who are interested in her opinion on digital money to start their crypto path on Gemini, and not, for example, on Coinbase, because the latter charges “crazy commissions”.
Referral system bonuses are a typical phenomenon for many crypto companies, and successful bloggers are happy to use this. A prime example is Michael Gu, known by the pseudonym Boxmining. It has been distributing information about digital money since 2012, having gathered an audience of more than 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 3,500 participants in Telegram chat during this time.
Despite the fact that the manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger does not sponsor its activities, it places referral links in the video descriptions and collects voluntary donations from subscribers. As you might guess, he feels rather well. At the same time, he emphasized that user activity during the coronavirus pandemic is only growing, especially after YouTube began to put sticks in the wheels of the creators of crypto-content.

Gifts, contests and sweepstakes

Making a small gift is a great way to introduce an audience to a new product. In the cryptocurrency market, this has long been relevant.
Coin creators eagerly carry out airdrops and bounty campaigns, allowing the crypto community to test the new coin. A similar approach is popular in the beauty industry. Samplers of perfumes and branded magazines with smells have led many girls to buy full-fledged versions of the fragrance.
In addition to the cryptocurrency developers themselves, a similar approach is also used by cryptocompanies of a different direction, which cannot conduct airdrops due to their technical features (for example, this is true for manufacturers of hardware wallets). Therefore, they organize more classic contests and sweepstakes. For example, they play a wallet for reposting on social networks or videos published on YouTube.
It is noteworthy that cryptobrands in this area are even more active than cosmetics manufacturers. They work not only with trusted bloggers with many subscribers, but also help to become less “untwisted” users. Therefore, they periodically assist them in organizing draws in order to attract subscribers who could potentially become new customers.
Iva Fizerova from SatoshiLabs confirmed that Trezor manufacturers periodically help users attract new followers through the distribution of gifts. Moreover, this approach brings excellent results. By working with the community this way, they have managed to sell hundreds of thousands of wallets. But most importantly, a reputation of the brand has formed around the product, warmly received by the audience. And this effect is so strong that the company simply does not see the point in spending money on traditional expensive advertising.
Most importantly, despite all the problems of 2020, including the coronavirus pandemic, which seriously hit the global economy and, accordingly, people’s wallets, demand for products did not fall. This approach remains effective, while the percentage of successful conversions in traditional advertising has probably decreased. Fizerova noted that over the past three months they have recorded a steady increase in demand for goods. Moreover, they even had to solve delivery problems, if only the buyers got the desired devices in a timely manner.
A similar approach and results are observed with other manufacturers of hardware wallets. Thus, Rodolfo Novak, co-founder of Coinkite, confirmed the growth in demand for products, despite the pandemic. Working with the community is their main marketing strategy, because it really gives results. Over the past three years, they donated about 50 wallets to YouTube reviewers. Novak is proud that their “users help other users.” According to him, this approach allows you to sell products at a lower price, since the cost of goods does not include high costs for familiar marketing campaigns.

Are marketing strategies effective? More than

The cryptocurrency market relies on marketing strategies that have established themselves in the beauty industry, which in the new field are no less effective. Maximum performance is achieved with a killer combination of all three of the above methods. It’s about when the founders of cryptocompanies themselves become opinion leaders. Just look at Changpen Zhao, the head of Binance, or Justin Sun, the project manager of TRON. Both entrepreneurs are bloggers with a huge army of subscribers and are personally engaged in the promotion of their brands, regularly rewarding their audience with pleasant gifts.
It’s easy to guess why industry leaders rely mainly on this type of marketing. Advertising products in the traditional way is expensive, especially for startups, behind which there are still no attractive products with a good reputation. But more importantly, crypto products are quite complex in themselves, so they often need detailed explanations, which are difficult to implement in the framework of traditional advertising. Agree that selling a bottle of Fanta with a new taste is much easier than a hardware cryptocurrency wallet, especially since most people don’t understand what it is.
On top of that, regular advertising is complicated by the fact that media giants regularly block crypto content.
In such a situation, marketing borrowed from the beauty industry seems to be the most acceptable and most effective option. By focusing their marketing budgets on opinion leaders and working with the community, cryptocompanies achieve the desired result, even taking into account the coronavirus pandemic. The crypto community is getting bigger and stronger every day. But the best part is that this growth cannot be stopped.
Subscribe to our Telegram channel
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I am certified as a Shopify Expert and E-Commerce Specialist nearing completion of my Developer training. I have the skills and experience to offer this low costp introductory store building offer to a few people.
I have the following advanced certifications:
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I am nearing the end of my training to become a listed Shopify Expert & E-Commerce Specialist. I would like to build a few more stores to have in my portfolio upon applying for jobs and freelance opportunities. From start to finish, turnaround times are around one week or sooner.
For $100 you get my knowledge and strategy to develop a marketable store with your own products or I can help you source products that can be fulfilled on demand without holding inventory. My offer includes the following:
-Shopify Store Theme Customization and Search Engine Optimization
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-Page Content (Up to five pages)
-Facebook and Instagram Account Set up, Three Initial Posts and Store Integration
Please message me if you want to start a Shopify store. I am also happy to help existing store owners with any services your seeking out. I can perform product research and testing, ad campaign management, social media integration and management just to list a few items.
I am ready to start some work ASAP. Please take a moment to check out some if my work through the links below.
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Certified Shopify Expert Will Build a Shopify Store for You With Your Products or Help You Research and Source Products to Sell for Bitcoin.
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Author: MsRolliePollie
1: www.sugarandcotton.com 2: www.unifclothing.com
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How Blockchain & E-Commerce Makes A Successful Combination?

It’s been a decade when the revolutionary concept of online selling was introduced to the world and the evolution of this industry has been exemplary. Within the past few years, the concept of ecommerce has been intensely affected by continuous technological advancements and blockchain is one of them.
Blockchain offers a variety of new opportunities for the industry through its unparalleled potential; eliminating mediators to centralize operations, reducing complexities for ecommerce businesses to resolve their long-term challenges. However, it’s important to mention that this technology is the foundation of cryptocurrency payments which makes it more important for the e-commerce domain. It would be appropriate to say that blockchain is poised to change the way transactions are made. In continuation, both traditional selling stores, as well as e-commerce businesses, should be prepared for radical changes. Our focus will set on analyzing the impact of blockchain technology on e-commerce businesses in coming future. But prior, we need to clarify some important questions about the Blockchain technology. Those buzz will be helpful for you to spend on the services of a professional shopify development company in an effective manner.
What is E-commerce Blockchain?
A traditional ecommerce store always has a large number of customers, inventory and transaction data, which requires adequate management & storage for effective results. In blockchain technology, this situation is addressed by combining transactions in block form and connecting those blocks in the form of a chain. Here every block is stored on individual computers hereby making it secure & scalable.
How are Blockchain transactions verified?
Transactions in Blockchain has a legitimate process of verification. Every node has a complete history of transactions and whenever there is a new happening transaction, the node performs several checks to ensure that it’s a genuine one. The process starts with a signature validation and if not valid then gets denied promptly hereby making it impossible to falsify the authenticity. Hiring a professional developer is most suitable if you are new to Blockchain technology integration.
But prior to having a look at the unleashed potential of blockchain for the e-commerce industry, it’s required to understand the potential challenges and pain points it faces. The survival, sustenance and growth in E-commerce is difficult due to its complexity as a domain and to start here is a challenge in itself. Let’s have a look at some of the key challenges faced by the sellers on a day-to-day basis as well as in the long run.
The e-commerce industry is becoming highly competitive, with existing players offering similar products and services and more sellers are joining the bandwagon at a rapid pace. It requires businesses to adapt smart business models & technologies to sustain in the race. Another pain point of the sellers is the presence of a middlemen in traditional business models who shares a hefty percent of earning in the selling process. Also the sellers have to pay a transaction processing fees to facilitate payments for completing the transactions. This fee reduces the profits of sellers to a considerable extent and result in lower revenues.
Another key concern for these businesses is the protection of consumer data as they require to build the customer’s trust by assuring them about the complete safety of their personal as well as financial details. The implementation of data security regulations; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has made data security an important concern for ecommerce companies. This is prime reason for sellers to invest more in data encryption and other measures for preventing hacks.
There is an array of operations like supply chain, logistics, payments included in ecommerce business and management of these operations is a key challenge for the industry. From correct inventory replenishment, proper arrangement of shipping and delivery functions, to managing customer relationships are few of a lot things needed to be managed by the merchants.
And since all these challenges can be overwhelming the sellers from very start of online selling, they have been searching for a technology that’s capable of handling them all. Fortunately, blockchain technology is a suitable answer for all these questions and being a decentralized system, it offers a lot of benefits for the e-commerce domain.
E-Commerce Will Be Driven By Blockchain In Future
Regardless of all the positive impacts e-commerce industry has on the world economy, things have not been fruitful for the sellers in the domain because of the challenges since the origin. Also, it has been seeking for a secure technological backbone to support it and address the diverse challenges it faces. Luckily, the Blockchain technology is ready to give it the same today through an array of features:
Operational Efficiency:
The decentralized model in Blockchain makes it capable of assigning operations and drive efficiently. Smarter contracts are passed down to regulate the intermediates like logistics and payment processing partners. It facilities the integration with several management systems to streamline the overall workflow as well. Blockchain offers the clients complete ownership of their assets like digital storefronts, product photos, and videos, and reviews.
Assured Payments:
Another significant advantage is the transparency in transactions, which increases a buyer’s trust. Every transaction is taped in a shared ledger which cannot be modified by anyone. Users avail high-security, faster processing speed, and radical visibility along with traceability through decentralized system. Also cryptocurrencies lower the transaction costs for international e-commerce stores.
Bitcoin is a well-known and most utilized case for this technology. Online sellers can trust bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to get in-budget payment solutions and since there are no payment processes involved, currency can be accepted at a zero processing fee by the sellers. Additionally, blockchain offers a decentralization of marketplaces, letting the inherent costs going down automatically. It also provide better pricing for online retailers for the customers as the savings are passed to them.
Data Security:
Consumer data of an e-commerce store is always on a vulnerable point due to weak encryption, since well-encrypted systems can be hacked by the tips and tricks used by modern hackers. The presence of a decentralized ecosystem makes it impossible to hack from a single point, enabling sellers to safeguard the sensitive customer information and databases.
Since there are extensive benefits of e-commerce Blockchain making it imperative for businesses to grasp for massive growth. If you require transparency in business transactions and manage your consumer data reliably, this technology is the best solution for you.
Having a right technology partner is must for you to use this futuristic technology at fullest and take your business to the next level. At Pro Web - Unisys we develop robust e-commerce solutions to open unlimited opportunities and take your e-commerce business to the next level.
Blog Source URL: https://www.prowebtechnos.com/how-blockchain-e-commerce-makes-a-successful-combination/
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Developer brain dump, 16 Jan 2018

We don't talk about the price for a number of reasons, not least of which is if you'd seen my investment history you definitely wouldn't take advice from me, but... hey, yeah, I know a lot of you have just had a really bad day, and it sucks. Take some time to remember what's important in life, hug your family, get some rest, come back to it tomorrow.
Jackson has tweeted he's not intending to be involved with Dogecoin in the future: https://twitter.com/ummjackson/status/952391368067858432 , so lets talk about that for a bit. There's no status change in Max, Patrick or myself as a result of this. It does flag up a need to be better with single person failure risks, though; Jackson has the only control to the dogecoin.com domain, I have the sole access to the @dogecoin_devs Twitter account, etc. We're discussing plans to mitigate these risks currently.
Technical stuff we're working on:
Basically - there's a lot of testing happening while we kick the hell out of it to make sure when it ships, it's robust.
Longer term, we're expecting to see a demo of the Doge-Ethereum bridge early next month. This is developed by an external team (and has its own specific bounty in Ethereum). If it works as expected, we'll then draw up a timeline for merging into Dogecoin; I anticipate we'll need a soft fork for this, and we'll handle comms around that when we know more. Examples of where this is useful is letting us do things like replacing the existing dev fund (which works on a simple 2-of-3 basis) with something much cleverer that can do pay-out based on complex voting requirements.
Patrick reports he's seen issues with Bitcoin Core 0.15 (around handling of the UTXO set). I want to have an internal release of 1.15 for testing 1.14 with before 1.14 goes out, but we may skip doing a full release and go direct to 1.16. Bitcoin Core 0.16 is meant to be out in May, so Dogecoin Core 1.16 would ship after that.
Things we need:
I'll get another update out over the weekend, but it may well be "We're still working out what's wrong with the fee schedule". Meanwhile, stay fluffy!
Edit: Oh, and you can see 1.14 progress as things are reviewed, at https://github.com/dogecoin/dogecoin/pulls
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10 Reasons Why BLUE is about to 10x

I came across BLUE in this thread last week, and I spent a couple hours researching BLUE further. I’ve decided to invest and wanted to share my research with you guys.
  1. The company is developing a patented trustless 2FA system. Meaning if your private key is ever stolen, nobody can immediately steal the tokens in your wallet. Enhanced wallet security could accelerate mainstream adoption and institutional investments. Put simply, the extra level of verification just makes sense. It fills a real need in the space, especially as more and more unsophisticated investors enter the cryptocurrency market.
  2. Vitalik Buterin has now twice tweeted about the need for both better security and formal verification smart contract auditing (most recent tweet being this week). The field of secure cryptocurrency payments is a completely new idea and is definitely something everyone can see will be a burgeoning topic in the near future. Just look at Quantstamp’s valuation, and they are only addressing one aspect of crypto (smart contract) security.
  3. They are about to release their Metamask BLUE wallet prototype (beta signs ups open today in the Telegram, which will add novel security and user interface functionality for Metamask’s current 300K users. They will get notified when sending money to scam addresses, or when they are buying tokens that have flawed smart contracts, and the user interface will be a lot less confusing for inexperienced crytpo users. Further, BLUE will have an automated smart contract auditing functionality that integrates with the wallet through the SDK, unlike Quantstamp which is currently only semi automated aka mostly manual. One difference is BLUE’s algo assigns a score/rating upon each purchase, whereas Quantstamp is mainly focused on auditing smart contracts for ICOs. In contrast to Quantstamp, BLUE’s total addressable market are the millions of individual wallet users whereas Quantstamp’s paying customers are limited only to companies in need of code auditing.
  4. Long term adoption prospects for BLUE are attractive. They are attempting to become the “VISA of Blockchain” meaning any huge ecommerce website that wants to secure cryptocurrency payments for their users are going to want to have the BLUE insignia and services on their website. It’s important to distinguish that BLUE is not a payment token, but rather a security protocol that integrates on top of a wallet, or other payment platform. Major ecommerce websites like Amazon and Shopify, who process billions per year, will require a secured payments company to provide some confidence to their users before they completely adopt cryptocurrency. First to market advantage sets up BLUE for success in partnering with these household brands.
  5. The team has been anonymous but recently declared in an interview that they are going to go public with their identities, as soon as 12-21-17. Their team members have extensive work experience in payment security at companies like Visa, Apple, and Square. One of their lead developers was also in the executive level of an ecommerce company that does over $1B annually. Team seems pretty solid, and reading through their telegram leads me to believe they are focused on shipping product right now, versus hyping the price -- they know the value will follow.
  6. BLUE announced they are way ahead of schedule and are about to release their SDK which is platform agnostic. Again in contrast to Quantstamp, BLUE’s security features will be available across all wallets/platforms that integrate it. BLUE can be functional for Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Stratis, and XRB wallets etc. The team is already developing partnerships with some major platforms that will become public in the near future.
  7. BLUE has been a top volume coin on Ether Delta for a while now, they have applied to larger exchanges and it is my opinion that they are the next candidate for listing soon (no way to predict when though). Even though they were recently listed on CoinExchange, I’m looking at Kucoin and Binance specifically. (this is 100% personal speculation and not coming from the team)
  8. Even though BLUE has very ambitious goals, and looking to hire rapidly, they did not raise any money through an ICO, which sets them up for compliance with the SEC. Rather, they released all the initial community owned tokens through an airdrop a couple months ago. The company started at a zero dollar valuation and is quickly gaining attention on the interwebs, currently at $6M and increasing at a healthy pace. People have been claiming it’s a scam or pump and dump company, but the growth has been pretty consistent and they are just now beginning to garner attention. Their telegram grew by 1000 people in the last 3 weeks. It is very unusual to start as an airdrop company, especially because BLUE could have pretty easily raised $20M to $30M during an ICO. Per the team members, they didn’t need money from an ICO to fund their initial development.
  9. The lead developer is present in the Telegram, and the community is super active as well. They are coming up on 2500 telegram members after a couple months and $BLUE is just now starting to populate on twitter. It is only a matter of time before more people discover this coin :)
  10. Lastly, the company has something planned for 12/21/17 as stated in their telegram and website. They have not confirmed exactly what the announcement is yet, but its being hyped in the Telegram, and based on context clues it sounds like it’s either the release of the Metamask Blue SDK, a team member review, or possibly both.
I have about 20% of my portfolio in BLUE now but I think that position could easily grow to represent 80% of my portfolio in a couple months once people start hearing about it. It takes a while to build awareness, and this process is just getting started. Let me know what you think, I’m open to your criticisms and ideas. Thanks for reading guys.
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NANO weekend summary! (5)

March 03, 2018
This is the follow-up on https://www.reddit.com/nanocurrency/comments/7zxdnnano_weekend_summary_4
The week of David Hay & his project in Venezuela and Charlie Lee addressing the NANO community
And now, before we go to our live cam, let's please switch to our foreign correspondent Beto Silver in Brasil. Beto, you cover NANO in Latin America's biggest country, reaching out to over 208 million people. How has NANO been doing over there this week? Please give us your weekly report:
plus: Meet-up Nano Brazil - São Paulo on Thu, March 15, https://www.reddit.com/nanocurrency/comments/7zjrmw/meetup_nano_brazil_s%C3%A3o_paulo
Thank you very much, Beto!
And now, in order to fully grasp NANO's current status after this eventful week we are turning to the live broadcast coming in from our RNN
Have a joyful weekend, everyone!
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Beardo: Grossing $30k/mo selling beard hats

Hi /Entrepreneur, this is Pat from Starter Story, excited to share this new interview with Jeff from Beardo.
Here's the interview - hope you enjoy:

Hello! Who are you and what are you working on?

Hi, my name is Jeff Phillips and I am the inventor of the Beardo beard hat. We started out with one product which is our patented hat with a detachable beard (the Beardo), but have since launched hundreds of unique products and have even moved into branded promotional products.
Beardo really started out as a bit of a gamble and we never really took it that seriously. I knew the Beard hat was fun and functional and that I really liked it, but my friends weren’t so convinced that others would feel the same and actually purchase it.
I really just trusted my gut and went for it. I am glad I did because within the first 25 days of launch we had sold out of our entire years stock of 1,000 units, and pulled in over $40,000.
What our product looks like

What's your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

I suppose I get my creativity from my Dad and Grandpa. They both were always looking for ways to improve things and generally just liked working with their hands. I’ll never forget the day my dad designed a ‘can crusher’ so that our recycling didn’t take up so much space. He never wanted to put it to market or anything like that, but just wanted it for himself. When he saw that someone had released one a few months later and was probably making millions on it, he was pretty annoyed!
Like Dad and Grandpa, I am constantly thinking of crazy inventions and edits around the house to make life simpler. It’s not something I can turn off, so I started writing my ideas down in a journal. I guess it was just a matter of time until one of us went into mass production with a crazy invention!
The Beardo came about organically and out of sheer necessity.
At the end of 2006, I was snowboarding in Whistler, and it was an absolute chiller of a day. We had made our way to the top of a run called ‘7th heaven’ and I was certain that the wind was going to be the end of me.
I had this old brown knit scarf in my bag and had tied it around my face to stay warm. About halfway down we stopped on the side for a bit of break and instead of taking off the scarf, I just spread a hole in the knit and popped my water bottle through to take a drink… one of our group cracked up laughing because it looked like a real beard!
I got back to where we were staying, cut the scarf up to refine the beard a bit and the first Beardo beard was born! I used it a few more times until I got some better prototypes knit, and the true form took shape into the World’s only hat with a foldaway, detachable and adjustable beard! I did keep the original though and I have been meaning to get it framed to hang on my wall!

Describe the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing the product.

Though I didn’t have any design experience, I had run a few small businesses before and knew a little about graphic design as well. I also had a couple degrees (B.A and a film and TV diploma) that gave me a lot of great experience and the know-how to do things myself. All of these experiences really came in handy while designing the beard hat because it helped limit the startup budget.
When this really started to take off, I was living in a friends garage to save a bit of money. We had no internet and things were pretty tight. Getting Beardo off the ground with trademarks, patents, and web design was costly, so again I did a lot of it myself and leaned on friends for help when needed.
I remember that I used to drive around the suburbs with my laptop open trying to find a wireless internet signal that was unlocked! Most of the designing, patents, and trademarks were created in my wagon. I remember one house must have picked up on what I was doing because I had been in front of their place for a week when they started to peer out the window and the next time I went back the free wifi was no more.
The design process was pretty straightforward though, it was easy enough to get an actual knit prototype made and from there I went off looking on Google for manufacturers. My early focus was to stay in Canada, but after seeing the quality issues with the first round of samples and a price tag of more than I could sell them for, I had to look elsewhere. I ended up finding some great companies in asia who specialize in knitwear and went back and forth for a while before deciding that they were a great company to work with.
After getting the patents, trademarks, website design and the first batch of beard hats, I had spent about $8,000 and was ready to launch. I still wasn’t sure what would happen, but I figured that at worst case, I could take the beard out of these really nice knit hats and sell them to a store for cost. That was my backdoor if the whole thing crashed and burned.

Describe the process of launching the online store/business.

I’ve seen a lot of changes since I started Beardo and there are definitely a lot more people launching sites and small brands. I think it’s great and it makes things that much easier to get going, but it also means you have a lot of competition and you need a point of difference. Luckily for me, I had created a unique product so I didn’t have to contend with any similar businesses.
The best advice I can give is that before launching you need to have a rollout plan in place. A lot of people think that getting the site and product made is the hard part and that all you have to do is wait for orders to roll in. In reality, the launch and promotion are the hard parts. Before going live, you should be ready to contact media (local and otherwise), start advertisements, run promotions, send out free samples to bloggers and influencers and keep pushing and expanding your reach every day.
For example, one major undertaking was to search for direct email contacts for all the magazine, Newspaper, TV, and University newspaper editors that I could find. Then one by one, I hit them up and try to get a story, collaboration or even a paid ad.
Below is a short list of some of the neverending projects I would also work on in those early days:
Now I am not saying that you need to have everything ready to go before you launch, but you need a rough plan. Truth is you’ll never launch if you try to get everything all lined up. it’s going to be messy and constant and that’s ok. Just roll with it and keep planning and pushing.
I had a pretty good plan in place but was really surprised when the first order came in - it was from South Korea! It seems my planning had worked and Beard hats were quickly picked up by global bloggers and the media, which was unreal! The best part was, after only one live-to-air interview on the Canadian news, it quickly went viral and more and more bloggers and ‘cool product’ sites started listing the Beardo.

What has worked to attract new customers?

Without a huge media boost, it can be tough to get new customers. I would always keep a list of ideas I had, or things I saw that other brands were doing that seemed to work. That pretty much became my neverending to-do list.
The MOST exposure and returns we have seen were directly resulting from being featured by the big fish like ‘Good Morning America’, our Kickstarter, or our appearance on ‘Dragons Den’ and also having exposure from celebrities.
A company called FAB (daily design deals) liked our product so much that they used it in their online campaign in 2011/12 which resulted in HUGE social media growth and a lot of sales. One thing leads to another though, so the more exposure you can get will almost certainly lead to more and more. It’s kind of a snowball effect, and that’s what you want.
Out of everything we do, social media and SEO are consistently the best returns for us.
When you set up your website, the first thing you should think about is SEO, and making a list of all your top keywords is just a small part of that. There are some really great google SEO guides out there and I recommend that anyone starting out should take night classes or online course for the basics, like: SEO. blogging for business, HTML, photoshop, photography.
A good place to start for SEO are on the guides that Google provides.
SEO is constant and you need to keep on top of it. Not only in terms of your site changes, but also google is constantly changing their own algorithms and with that, suggestions to improve your strategy. One thing I would recommend everyone do is to start following @SEOMOZ and even signing up for a trial. You’ll learn alot about SEO really quickly and it’s a great way to look into what your competitors are doing too.

How is everything going nowadays, and what are your plans for the future?

I joke with friends that I thought Beardo would be a short-lived business, and beard hats would be a fad that would be dead in 12 months. I don’t think anyone thought it would do so well, or be around so long. As long as I am still meeting people who have never seen it yet, there is always room to continue.
Today, Beardo has warehouses in 5 countries and has a range of over 140 fun and functional winter headwear products and we are always coming up with new ideas! We do have plans for new products, but they are top secret!

Through starting the business, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

As I said earlier, I have seen a lot of changes in the e-commerce space and I think the number one regret I have is not blasting Facebook ads more.
When I first started advertising beard hats on facebook it was just to grow the fanbase as the objectives today simply didn’t exist. I started out with about $10-20 a day and at a cost of about $0.01- 0.02 per fan - it grew really fast!
Back then I thought $70-140 a week was quite a lot of money to spend on advertising, and kinda thought things would stay the same… I was dead wrong. Facebook changed their algorithm and cost per reach, which basically means to get that same fanbase growth you would have to spend thousands a day.
It’s also now nearly impossible to speak to your own fans through organic reach with your posts without paying, so that’s a big bummer. Back when we had 10k fans, we would get 500-1000 likes per post. Now we have 330k and are lucky if we get 10 likes. We should have been focused more on channeling our fans into email subscription as it allows for a direct method for contact.
I think there is no real model for success that covers all brands and products, you really never know what will work and what will fail and just because something works for one brand doesn’t mean it can be reproduced.
You should try everything and don’t be afraid of failure and definitely don’t get hung up on failure. Move forward and try your next idea. If you are out of ideas, Google, follow others or ask around. I think a major attribute of a successful entrepreneur is not just driven but creativity and the ability to think outside of the box, so trust your weird ideas.

What platform/tools do you use for your business?

We now use Shopify because it is nearly impossible to crash it! We have tried and have even had hundreds of thousands of concurrent visitors on the site with no issues. Not even a flicker.
One of my friends just had her bikini site crash last night because she wasn’t prepared for a big rush of visitors and it’s been down for nearly 15 hours now. Do yourself a favor and go with Shopify.
We also use the Product Upsell App through Shopify as well as discounts, reviews, and BitPay which allows people to pay using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We also accept Paypal and Shopify payments too.

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources for your business?

I really liked the 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris. It’s a bit of fiction, but gets you thinking out of the box!
Besides that, I don’t really look for business motivation. I am more interested in design inspiration, so I just look at lots of strange art, and try to travel as much as possible to open my mind to new ideas.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just starting out?

If you are looking to start out online, you should remember that simple is better. When designing your website try to make it as streamlined as possible. That goes for product design, packaging and ads as well! Simple is better and trial and error is the key, so keep testing.
Some issues I see are things like spending too much money before you have even started. These days you can start with an idea and turn it into millions before you even have product!
Just look at Kickstarter.com. It’s a perfect place to launch and trial your product or idea to see if others are even interested. If it gets funded, perfect! If not, you hopefully haven’t spent too much and can move to the next idea. We did a kickstarter of our own in 2013 and it was the reason we were able to launch our line of ski masks!
You can also start out on the cheap by selling on a platform like Etsy and try to grow a fanbase and revenue that way before blowing your paycheque on a fancy website.
Things like patents and trademarks are important but easily done without spending tens of thousands on legal fees. Trademarks are especially easy, so before getting a lawyer, check it out yourself!
The most important thing is to trust your gut and go with it. There are lots of people out there with great ideas but who are too afraid to start.
Interview at https://www.starterstory.com/beardo-beard-hat
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Useful Beginner's Guide to Syscoin

What is Syscoin?

Some have described Syscoin (SYS) as the Shopify, Amazon and Ebay of the blockchain world. Syscoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that offers near zero cost financial transactions, incredible speed and provides businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely. Syscoin isn’t just about money and trading, it has the ability to attract various business types thanks to its native set of features geared towards business on the blockchain. From eBay traders and High Street shops to Medical applications, Insurance and Gaming, Syscoin’s decentralized network benefits everyone!   Syscoin is developed by Blockchain Foundry (BF). BF provides blockchain technology based services, projects and products for a wide variety of use cases with the stated aim of disrupting markets by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. Syscoin is mainly known to be the first cryptocurrency to offer a fully decentralized marketplace based on blockchain. What is lesser known is that this is only a part of what Syscoin offers.   With the introduction of Masternodes in February or March 2018 SYS will be transformed from just a ’marketplace coin’ to a completely ‘utilitarian coin’. The Masternode infrastructure allows the addition of decentralized databases and file storage, increased transaction speed to surpass POS/Visa/Mastercard capabilities, true Turing complete smart contract capabilities for unlimited business logic, sidechains, application layers and an identity layer. This will all be accessible through an API, rather than a new language, enabling nearly any developer to create any blockchain application they can conceive. This will usher in the next generation of blockchain applications - made for new or existing businesses - by conveniently offering everything available from the blockchain space today. In simple terms think Dash + Ethereum/Lisk + Monero + Nano + Storj + Particl capabilities all in one coin!    

SYS Origin

The blockchain as conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008 envisioned a peer-to-peer electronic cash network that would prevent double-spending. A year later, the blockchain became an integral part of bitcoin, serving as the latter's public ledger of transactions. Although Nakamoto's reference client mentioned a decentralized marketplace service, the subsequent implementation did not incorporate this due to a lack of resources.   Syscoin was initially described in a 2014 draft whitepaper that envisioned Decentralized Marketplace Creation, Decentralized Smart Contracts and Documents, Decentralized Certificate Issuance and Transfer, and Decentralized Data Storage and Retrieval, as among the services that it would offer upon its release.   Syscoin aimed to bring Nakamoto's vision of a decentralized marketplace back into the blockchain, among the other commercial-grade services it aims to deliver to clients. Other services that Syscoin plans to provide include secure data storage and transfer, and unique user aliases that link their owners to the services controlled by the alias.   The early Syscoin wallet was superseded by the release of Blockmarket Desktop 1.0 on September 12, 2017, marking the culmination of Syscoin's vision of a fully decentralized marketplace with a desktop GUI based on the blockchain.   The planned release of Blockmarket Web, a fully web-based version, and Blockmarket Professional in 2018 takes that vision one step further, as more advanced seller stores become a reality.    

The Team

The Team that NEVER quits! Before the launch of Syscoin (Q3 2014), there was a presale ICO by Moolah (as a partner), which turned out to be detrimental for Syscoin. The project raised around 1,000BTC for development but the Syscoin Team only managed to access 250BTC which were used for price support. Moolah (Ryan Kennedy) absconded with the bulk of the ICO funds and the Syscoin team were left with ~30million Syscoin at a price around 400 satoshi. Even after this tragic event, the devs didn’t quit and continued to work on the project without stopping. The case against Moolah is still on-going. See the article from CoinDesk here: http://www.coindesk.com/uk-court-syscoin-injunction-moolah-750-btc/.   What is this detail telling us about the dev team? While some crypto projects are just scams and bring little to no innovation, they’ve proven that they are in it for the long term - ably demonstrated by the fact that they continued to work despite their funds being stolen. And now that hard work is beginning to pay off with the entire team going full-time for the first time in January 2018 and new developers being hired following VC funding for BF.
View Team Page.    

Blockchain Foundry Products

BF Products    

What is Blockmarket Desktop?

Building on the World's First Decentralized Marketplace, Blockmarket is the newest generation of Syscoin's Desktop wallet with a complete, state-of-the-art marketplace built-in where you can securely and reliably buy and sell any items you wish. Entire stores can be created directly through the marketplace where you can sell your own products or re-sell others’ products for commission. Use of blockchain technology eliminates middlemen, credit card fees, maintenance fees, downtime and political interference. Persons are literally able to buy or sell anything to anyone, anytime, anywhere on Earth! Blockmarket Desktop was launched on September 12, 2017. Download Blockmarket Desktop 1.2    

Key Blockmarket Features

- Decentralized Marketplace

The marketplace platform provides a decentralized and high redundant channel for selling goods and services. Features include: • Price Pegging to currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CNY and BTC • Bitcoin and Zcash as payment options • Arbitrated Escrow • Encrypted Messaging • KYC/AML Compliance • Images • Unlimited Inventory Items  

- Name Aliases

Wallet addresses for cryptocurrencies generally consist of a unique string of between 27-34 alphanumeric characters. Such an address isn’t easy to memorize. Although the addresses can be added to an address book within the wallet, Syscoin has taken the user's convenience one step further, allowing you to create a unique Alias for your wallet address, such as a name, title, or characters specific to a username. These can be used to send SYS from home, to a mobile wallet, to work, to friends, to common suppliers or to repeat customers easily, without requiring any memorizing, writing it down, copy & pasting or emailing yourself the address.  

- Digital Certificates

Using the cryptography of the blockchain persons can issue, authorize, and exchange digital certificates of any kind. With Syscoin anyone can issue provably-unique certificates with text or ASCII content to one or multiple parties on the Syscoin blockchain. These certificates can be authenticated by anyone via Syscoin’s cryptographic proof of work. This allows for the creation and free exchange of any kind of digital asset such as ownership certificates, warranties, receipts, tickets, certifications, diplomas, software licenses and more.  

- Integrated Exchanges

Integrated Crypto exchanges - Flypme and Changelly will facilitate exchanging 30+ cryptos for SYS, directly within the Blockmarket wallet.  

- Security Audit Verified

Blockmarket was successfully and independently security audited by Digital Boundary Group and was deemed low risk. View Audit Results.    

Blockmarket Desktop – Quickstart Tutorials (16 short vids)

BM Desktop – Quickstart Tutorials    

Blockmarket Web – (The Key to Mass Adoption)

BM web will bring SYS’s existing decentralized marketplace and all its features into a web-based version, enabling ease of use with a simple email and password login (grandma friendly) without any need for downloading a wallet or waiting for sync. Blockmarket web will be launched in Q1 2018.   This launch will be accompanied by a marketing campaign roll-out that seeks to build brand recognition with audiences within the existing crypto ecosystem and more significantly with the broader, global, non-crypto audience. For this reason Ballistic Arts, a full-service marketing agency was retained by BF. BF Engages Marketing Agency    

Primary Target Market + Value Potential

The primary target market for BF’s Syscoin/Blockmarket web flagship is the retail e-commerce industry. This sets up their decentralized marketplace to rival such commercial giants as Amazon ($648B market cap), Alibaba ($453B market cap) and eBay ($43B market cap). According to eMarketer’s Worldwide Retail and Ecommerce Sales report, global retail e-commerce sales for 2017 were $2.3 Trillion. This is expected to reach an estimated $4 Trillion by 2020 reflecting the rapid growth within this sector.   To perform a very simple assessment of the Syscoin/Blockmarket web’s potential let’s assume that a 1% portion of the forecasted $4 trillion market is captured, which represents $40 billion in revenue. Assuming a sales to market cap ratio of 1:1 for simplicity, the circulating supply of 531 million SYS, with a $40 billion market cap yields a price of roughly $75 per coin. However, with masternodes that limit the circulating supply and token utility that extends beyond retail e-commerce, the SYS price could likely reach much higher. Please note that these are just very simple assumptions and projections for this exercise, however the real world driven potential that this project has is clearly evident.    

Key Syscoin Developments

- Z-DAG: Zero Confirmation Transactions with Double Spend Protection (WORLD’S FIRST)

View Developer’s Twitter post View Syscoin’s Twitter post  

- Masternodes

Ability for world-class transactions-per-second performance to scale-out with added nodes (theoretically 100k TPS per 1000 Masternodes, 300k TPS/3k masternodes, etc). In later releases, masternodes will also process smart contracts and facilitate sharded+encrypted offchain file-storage (with onchain anchors), among other touted functionality. They should also result in steadying the price movements - less volatility as holding will be incentivized.  

- Masternode Rewards + Min. Hardware Specs

Masternode Rewards + Min. Hardware Specs Masternode ROI Calculator  

- Smart Contracts

Scalable Ethereum Virtual Machine: Allows Turin complete smart contracts to be executed following the ethereum protocol at a much faster speed and at a fraction of the ethereum gas price.  

- Assets & Token Issuance

With its token issuance service, Syscoin allows anyone to create a custom asset token which can then be sent directly to anyone else on the network. This facilitates a variety of use cases including ICO token issuance, supply chain management, reward points, and loyalty programs.  

- Anonymous Transactions

Anonymous transactions: via mixing/shuffling at user-specified denomination. Afterwards, additional tech will be added in the near future which will further compound the degree of anonymity provided -Add ValueShuffle running on top of the masternode layer and you have the world's most advanced privacy tech in any coin. This brings true money fungibility to Syscoin and the missing link for true economic sovereignty. View Developer’s Twitter post.  

- Instant Send

Transactions can be sent and received instantly. This represents a similar sending capability as Dash, but is a step beyond- A type of backend node locking will allow an instantly received sum to be sent immediately, without delay, and without network risk of double-spend.    

Why Invest in Syscoin?



Merchant Pilot Program    


Development Updates

White Paper

White Paper.pdf Note: It is anticipated that the whitepaper will be updated by the team in the near future due to recent developments    


Roadmap 2017-2018.png    

Blockchain Application Development Architecture

Blockchain Application Development Architecture.png    

Feature List 2017 & 2018

Feature List 2017 & 2018.jpg    

Where to Buy

BittrexPoloniexUpbitTux ExchangeLivecoinYobitAEXBittyliciousChangellyFlyp.me    


• Block Market Wallet 1.2 – Windows and Mac. Download from https://syscoin.org/ • QT Wallet for Developers: Download from https://github.com/syscoin/syscoin2/releases/tag/2.1.6Coinomi – Syscoin MultiCoin Wallet (only supports send/receive)HolyTransaction – Syscoin Multicoin Web Wallet (desktop & android)    

Need Help or Want to Contribute?

If you need help for an important wallet issue or if you want to know how you can contribute in promoting Syscoin Join the Slack channel where the SYS team and community members are active, helpful and responsive.    

Credit To

Other Sources

https://syscoin.org/ https://twitter.com/syscoin https://www.blockchainfoundry.co/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syscoin    

Last Updated

This post was last updated on Feb 10 2018.    


This post was created particularly to aid those who are new to Syscoin. Please note that the content provided within this post is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as investment advice.
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Buying in China and selling in USA. The New American Dream | My Story

Hi entrepreneur I've followed this sub for quite a while, I enjoy the (rare) good posts, and I'd like to tell my story and hope you takeaway some useful knowledge. I was a 2009 college graduate, so I didn't even have a chance to join the workforce in any meaningful way. Entrepreneurship is just natural to me and I hope I can sustain it over a lifetime
My entrepreneur journey began selling football tickets during college at U of Florida. Imagine an 18-year old white kid standing next to the veteran scalpers and hawking tickets. It was the best experience I could imagine. I think of it as rejection therapy Learning to not be afraid of a 'no' is a very important part of being an entrepreneur. After college, I started buying and selling tickets online using TicketMaster and Stubhub. Selling tickets could be its own thread, it's such an interesting space. There are fortunes being made buying tickets to in-demand events online. It's just rather tedious (imagine entering 50,000 captcha phrases a year) Also, scalping tickets online doesn't provide 'value' to anyone. I read the domain parking thread today and it makes me proud to be making money by delivering value, not withholding it for profit.
I grew tired of tickets and decided to visit a friend in China. I stayed for 6 weeks and bought some watches to bring back for gifts. One watch was especially cool and people asked about it everywhere I went. I got back in touch with my friend in China (who was just teaching English at the time) and he traced it back to a supplier. I thought I needed an investopartner so I contacted the only rich guy I knew and he gave me $4,000 to be my 50/50 partner. I ordered 800 watches for $3 each, and paid some guy $3,000 to make me a website.
I scrapped that site in less than a month and built my own on Shopify. If you can operate your facebook page, you can setup a Shopify account, it's stupid easy. I set the price at $65.
It gives you so many advantages. Better customers, less returns, room for wholesale/distributors, and a higher perceived value. Anyway, I created a fun brand around this. We did fun photoshoots, ran contests in the community (facebook ads were really cheap back then), and we really gained some customers. In a stroke of good luck, I got in touch with a Groupon rep and they agreed to run a deal for my watches. I was one of the first products to run on Groupon. (Remember, Groupon was mainly for services like spas and meals at the time) This went well initially, and they slated me for a Black Friday national deal. They sold 7,000 of my 'deals' in 3 days. Turns out my supplier back in China was just a trade company, and he couldn't pull off a deal of my size on his 'credit' He almost completely screwed up the whole deal, and it was literally one of the lowest points of my life. In the end, I fulfilled about 70% of the orders successfully, and the other 30% basically told me I ruined their Christmas and got refunds. Funny thing was, Groupon still paid me out the entire amount even though there were almost 2,000 really upset customers (an omen that Groupon did not have their house in order and had their own crash coming) This company was called TIKKR by the way. The site is still up but I'm not really in business anymore. I might try to revive it someday. But I could see the writing on the wall. There were at least 50 companies I knew of that sold the exact same watch, including Walgreens which sold it without a brand name for $4.99. I dropped my price and got what I could out of it, but I needed a new idea. Also I had returns and warranties like mad and it cost me a ton of cash, the watches were just cheap...
I honestly don't remember how it came about, but I became aware of bamboo sunglasses being a thing. I was approached by my China friends to start something together. We were hanging out in Chicago that summer (2012 I think) which happened to be Groupon headquarters. I had a friend who worked there, and he got me access to their sales floor so I just kind of hung around and bothered people until I found the girl who sold fashion accessories.
Lesson 3 To get that big break, sometimes you just have to hang around until something happens to you. Not sure if that really qualifies as a legit 'lesson' but whatever.
I got her to agree to run us on a national scale. She told us to prepare 10,000 units for sale. I don't know how, but we got $180,000 together between 3 partners . The China guys, the Groupon insider, and me. (Actually I do know how, I used my TIKKR money with a big boost from Bank of Mom. Hi mom!) The China guys handled production, I handled branding, marketing, and everything else and the Groupon guy was the Groupon guy. I came up with Woodies (and I even bought Woodies.com for $4,000 from some Canadian dude who was selling hockey stick chairs) The idea came from the old Woodie station wagons where the frame was made from wood. I rented a few cars for the photoshoots I was obsessed with Ashley Sky at the time and I had the crazy idea to hire her for a photoshoot. I contacted her people and to my amazement, she was only like $600 for a day and she had 100k instagram followers! I figured we would make that money back with one post from her. The Groupon sale went live and we sold like 4,000 instead of 10,000.
Lesson 4 Be optimistic in general, but be realistic when it comes to forecasts.
I can't remember how many times I had a deal setup where I was like, yea I'm going to pay off all my student loans with this deal. It was usually mildly successful, but after all the bills were paid off, I wasn't as far ahead as I thought I would be. It reminds me of the Old Man and the Sea. You land this HUGE deal, but by the time you drag it to shore, a bunch of little things have brought it back to size. Overhead, customer service time, returns/warranties, new orders, customs fees, shipping really add up. So with that 'poor' sales showing, the China guys ran into their own cash-flow problems. Groupon guy and I were forced to buy them out basically. But we had a real business with real customers and we were rolling. We now had $140,000 capital base after paying off the China guys, not enough for a big order, so I noticed Kickstarter was really blowing up, and thought I could bridge our cash-flow with a blockbuster kickstarter campaign. This is where things get pretty interesting. I got it in my head I wanted to hire Kendall Jenner for this campaign. Somehow I tracked down her modeling agency and eventually her direct manager. They quoted me $100,000 for the day. I created a Pinterest board and sent it to her and asked if she would do it for $25,000 plus a bunch of incentives and they said YES! I was completely thrown off and not sure what to do. I ran some projections and thought that I could make up most of that money if we raised a lot of kickstarter money. I hired Ashley Sky, Damaris Aguiar, Kendall Jenner, Aygemang Clay, Lyall Aston photographed it, Sagette Van Embden videoed it, Lina Palacios styled it, Mary Guthrie was hair and makeup. It was a giant production. I couldn't believe it. I flew everyone out to Malibu, CA using Southwest Airlines buddy passes! Imagine Ashley Sky and Damaris Aguiar (so hot) standing at the Southwest ticket counter like wtf is standby? I'm over here sweating bullets hoping we don't get stuck in New Orleans and I look like a fraud. Actually I fought those type of feelings a lot during this period.
Lesson 5 Don't ever put yourself down.
Entrepreneurship is a crazy, improvisational dance. Sometimes I would look around at my competition and think they had it figured out, they were following a plan, they were 'professionals' and I was just doing my best to pretend. That's BS, we're ALL making it up as we go! Don't put this process on a pedestal, fake it til you make it! Anywho, I rent out a Malibu HQ using Airbnb and rented a van for the day. I still can't help but laughing when I remember this scene: I'm driving a large van with Kendall Jenner, Ashley Sky, Damaris Aguiar, and some bros, in the mountains of Malibu, I'm driving kind of fast around the curves because we're late for the call time I set for us. I'm wearing a captain's hat because that was my thing during that time. and Kendall's manager scolded me for taking the turns too fast. Fun times
Here is how the campaign turned out
So, I got Kendall to agree to Instagram/tweet/facebook the kickstarter campaign, but what I didn't realize is kickstarter is not mainstream and it just didn't convert. I raised like $30,000 in revenue against a cost of like $70,000. I can't say whether I would do it again given hindsight. It has led to great brand recognition because Kendall has kind of blew up and become a mega celebrity. AND her management let me write that contract so I have rights to those photos forever. One tweet by her got me close to 20,000 email subscribers which has been a stream of income ever since. (Shoutout Mailchimp!) *Monkeyrewards fyi Since then, I've been trying to come up with new designs, build on the brand, and leverage the list that came from Kendall Jenner's gravity to make sales. It's pretty seasonal, coming mostly during the summer and Christmas season. I have some big plans for 2015, but I have to keep them quiet for the time being, maybe there will be a follow-up post this next year
All that was a year ago and Woodies has had some good times and some slow times. I got into wood watches which have been really good sellers. I started selling on Amazon *affiliate, which has been a great boost to the bottom line.
Keep in mind that during this whole time I barely took a paycheck, and moved back in with mom in Tulsa, OK during a dry spell. I don't spend a lot of money, I have zero savings (except for a few Bitcoins) I actually travel most of the year, I'm in Thailand right now writing this to you. So to summarize, I've been an entrepreneur for a long time, and my success is best characterized by a few BIG wins, and mostly small, gradual losses. In between, my life has been great, I get to travel, work remotely, perform autonomous, creative work, do photoshoots with hot models, and learn a lot about myself and the world around me. I wouldn't trade it back and I'm optimistic about he future
Tech that makes all this possible:
Shipwire & Amazon FBA (Amazon FBA > Shipwire if you're wondering)
All Google Products: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Forms, Analytics
Xero for accounting
Shopify for e-commerce
[Fiverr](Fiverr.com) to boost online reviews
Alibaba for finding suppliers. Once you find them, visit them, and invest in a relationship with them
Mailchimp for Email marketing (the best thing going in my opinion)
Flexport for freight forwarding, definitely changing the game
Other takeaways:
Wholesale business and international shipping are both great if you like to waste huge amounts of time chasing small amounts of money. Stick to domestic until you're really big-time.
Never commit to big upfront costs. Always start small and test
Have a solid accounting system and data management system. It'll come in handy when you need it
I've got to shout out my friend and one-time employee Joanna (she just started OnceBitten ) I was rarely as productive as when I had someone else keeping me accountable and adding great ideas and hard work to the process. I guess the lesson is if you're going to hire somebody, make sure they're really, really good and pay them well
Things I haven't quite solved yet:
Customer Service management (I hate answering emails for real)
CRM like Salesforce or something (is this necessary guys?)
I could go on, but I think this is enough. If you're still reading this, I'll answer questions if anyone wants to ask about business in China, solo-travel, branding, ecommerce, etc I'm not an expert in many things, but I know a little bit about a lot
See you at the Beach!
Cory Stout, Owner Woodies
A couple shout-outs: My other entrepreneur homies doing big things! RevelryDresses(group orders of sorority dresses)
OtisandEleanor(bluetooth speakers from bamboo)
OriginalGrain(wood watches, prob better than mine :) )
edit: Just want to say I'm enjoying hearing from you all. I'm doing solo travel right now, so it's nice to connect with other entrepreneurs out there
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